Sonny with a Chance of Adoption

Chapter 17

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Zora's POV-

Mackenzie just sort of stared at me. She looked both intrigued and frightened, and the boy with her didn't look much different.

"How do you know my mom and dad",she asked timidly gee for two outgoing parents she sure does seem quiet.

"I knew you parents back when we all worked together on our respective TV shows", I stated. "Before she had to leave with you of course." Was that the right thing to tell her probably not but oh well

"So anyway" I continued "where are those two crazies I haven't seen them in forever." I looked around this 11 year old girl couldn't be wandering around this city alone they had to be here somewhere.

"You don't know what happened with me and them and everything do you?" she said timidly.

"No" I said more quietly this time

"Well first off lets start with this they aren't here with me right now. In fact I don't think they know where I am right now." she said

"Well lets go get some ice cream and we can talk and then get you back with them." I responded

"Ok", she said but I could tell by the look in her eye that she had no intention of going back to see her parents.

"Hey Mack" the boy beside her said, "I have to go my mom is calling me and has been since I have been standing here. You'll be ok right?", She nodded her head. "Well I'll text you later then see ya.", he gave her a hug and then walked into a crowd where his mother must have been.

"Well", I turned to her shall we we walked a little over a block and I lead her into the ice cream parlor.

Mack's POV

Zora led me into the ice cream place and to the counter, she ordered a cone of chocolate with rainbow sprinkles while I got a cup of cake batter. Despite my protests she then paid for them both. We then sat down at one of the various booths in the place.

"So", Zora said "The last thing I remember happening with your parents is that Sonny left So Random and moved back to Wisconsin without telling Chad she was pregnant and then Tawni told me that she went out to see you two when you were about two. So what happened after that?", she questioned

"Well" I started "When I was about five, my mother decided that she had her life and her career to live so she put me up for adoption. I went to an orphanage and most thought that I was going to stay there until I was of age because nobody wanted to adopt a five year old. It wasn't too bad there I had friends, I went to school I danced and sung, I remembered my mom I still had no idea what I did wrong to make her not want me but that was the only problem that plagued me. I stayed at the orphanage for upward near 6 years. Then a few weeks ago I was told that someone wanted to adopt me and that someone was Chad Dylan Cooper. We met and talked so it all seemed fine. Then One day they took me to the hospital and made me take a DNA test the results were clear I was the biological daughter of Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Monroe. So I moved out here with Chad, then we got a call from Sonny who wanted to see me, she wanted me back and now she is here too. I don't know what to do or what to think I don't know if I should forgive her or not and Chad isn't helping any. I just don't know." The tears that had been building up spilled over and started falling into my already melted ice cream.

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