Chapter 1: Vampires

"Bella a nice man has come to adopt you." told me, happily. I looked up at her and my eyes grew wide.

"Really?" I asked. They never took 6 year olds. They only ever adopted the babies.

"Yes really. Go pack, hurry." She smiled at me. I quickly got to my feet and dashed up the stairs to my room. I didn't share with anyone. I didn't have any friends either so it wasn't like I was leaving someone behind. It was so odd. I never thought anyone would choose me. Who would want the odd child that had 'disappeared' at the time of her parents 'death'. I knew the truth mom and dad had been murdered.

I forced the thought from my mind. I didn't want to let the memory ruin today! I was going to be adopted! I would have a real family. I would have a dad again!! As long as he wasn't like the man that had come to my house that night everything would be fine. I shivered at the memory. When my stuff was loaded into my little bag I ran back down the stairs. One good thing about my lack of friends was that I didn't have to worry about long good byes. I had only taken ten minutes to get ready.

I saw an older girl standing there too. "Jessica, is also being adopted Bella." I nodded gleefully. I was getting a sister! I'd never had a sister! Then he walked in. My new dad and someone else…

"Hello girls. I'm Charlie Swan and this is your new brother Adam."

"Hi," I said waving. He seemed nice. He had come a few times before but I had never spoken to him.

"How old are you Bella?" Charlie asked, curious.

"I'm going to be 7 tomorrow." I replied.

"Bella may be 7 but she is much brighter and far more mature than the other children her age." assured Charlie. He nodded pleased.

"How old are you Jessica?" He asked turning to her. Shouldn't he know this already? He was adopting us.

"I'm 14," she said, proudly.

"Well then, you both get a big brother, because Adam is 17." He smiled hugely at us. Jessica was blushing but I was…wary. I wanted a new family but something about them was off. It was weird… I smiled at them all the same.

"Are you ready to see your new home?"

"Yes!" Jessica blurted out, eagerly. I nodded practically bouncing up and down in excitement. No matter how strange they seemed I was looking forward to my new home.

"Good bye then girls!" called as we walked out of the building. We walked to the car slowly and got in. Charlie drove really fast. We drove for an hour before stopping we had to have been at least 100 miles from the orphanage. It didn't bother me. Port Angeles seemed like a nice city. We lived just outside the city limits.

When we got out of the car Charlie grabbed my hand. I stiffened instantly. It was cold, very cold. Just like that man's hands had been. The murderer's hands… I looked up at him. His eyes weren't the nice warm brown I had seen earlier. They were red now, bright red. I gasped in horror and tried to pull away from him. His grip was strong. I didn't even budge. I struggled in his grip. Charlie was strong and tall. Adam laughed loudly and I stiffened once more. That was the murderer's laugh. Adam had killed my parents. I thrashed more violently and Charlie let me go. I ran over to Jessica. She was confused she didn't know what was happening. She didn't know what Adam had done.

"Girls after you throw your stuff in the room. I want you to clean the house or no dinner." He said harshly. Not a single friendly note in his tone. We nodded and ran off to do what we were told. We weren't fools. We were servants now.

The house was huge, but it was also a mess. We had gotten there at noon, it was midnight now and we had just finished cleaning. "Good job, girls." Charlie commented, fondly. He led us to the kitchen and made us sandwiches. We devoured them greedily. "What do you say?" He asked.

Okay, stop reading right here if you can't stomach abuse stories or skip to chapter…4 and skip the first few paragraphs of that chapter (at least that's wahat you should do when I post that chapter…). There is rape and abuse and most of it is in this chapter. You have been warned.

"Thank you…Charlie." I tried, hopefully. He moved so fast I didn't even see it. I just felt his hand connect with my cheek before I was hurled backwards into the wall. It took a minute for the pain to even register. When it did I was screaming. It hurt so much. Jessica was screaming too, terrified. I stopped. It was too loud. Charlie grabbed me by the hair. He forced my head back, making me look him in the eye.

"I am your father now and you will address me as such!" He yelled, threateningly. "Am I understood?" His red eyes seemed to glow with the force of his anger. It was extremely scary.

"Yes, dad." I said through clenched teeth.

"Good," He took his hand from my hair and moved it to my shoulder. It burned. It felt like it was on fire. I screamed and writhed under his grasp. So much pain…He was enjoying it. A smirk covered his face as he watched me. "There you're healed." He said after what seemed like an eternity. "I want you two to go to bed, now!" He hissed at us. Wait, he hissed? What was he? A cat? Jessica grabbed my hand and ran toward the room. I went with her gladly. Anything to get away from his red eyes…

She was shaking. I tried to calm her. Eventually I managed it and she fell into a fitful sleep. I stayed awake slightly longer, watching the door. I was tired though and I fell asleep soon after Jessica.

The next morning I woke up to see Adam standing there watching me. When Jessica woke up, a second later, he was gone. "Are you okay?" She asked worriedly. I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. She was the one that had been hysterical last night not me!

"Ya, I'm fine." We didn't move from the room. We stayed put. An hour or two later Adam came into the room. Before I could do more than flinch he had our arms tied behind our backs and the loose end had each of us tied to opposite headboards. Adam eyed us…hungrily? That was odd but it seemed true. The way he looked at me was so odd. Like I was special, not meant to be wasted. It was really strange. Jessica was looking at him in horror. She knew better than I what was to happen; she had stayed in other homes. I remained blissfully innocent for only a second longer, because Adam came over and started…touching me. Not like tapping me on the shoulder, but more like caressing my face. He ran his hands along my back and then shoved them up my shirt. He lingered over my barely formed boobs. My eyes had grown wide to match Jessica's but unlike her I wasn't mute.

"Get your hands off me!" I said making my voice as fierce as a seven year old can manage. He laughed at me as he continued groping all over my body. I shivered in fear. He backed away from me and moved to Jessica. He did the same thing to her and started kissing her. She tried to pull away, but he forced her head to stay in place. Tears were running down her face. I could see fear in her eyes. "Leave her alone!" I screamed at him. I turned to me quickly, smiling.

"You can take her place." He said shrugging. He assaulted my lips fiercely. I didn't know what to do. I tried to fight him off but tried to hold still at the same time. I didn't want him to do this to Jessica, but I didn't want it to happen to me either. My struggles were useless anyway he was very strong. Both of them were stronger than anyone else I had ever met. I didn't stop trying. He kissed me harder than before. I gasped in surprise and he forced his tongue into my mouth. It felt like a slimy worm! This was so weird. I didn't like him! I was too young to do this!! He ripped my clothes off. My alarm grew. What was he doing? Why was he doing this? He smirked as he took his own clothes off.

"You can't do that to her! She's seven! You can't rape a seven year old!" Jessica yelled. Adam just laughed. He forced my legs apart before he moved on top of me. I shivered. He was freezing! Something cold and hard bumped against my leg. My arms were starting to hurt, I was laying on them…

Then pain. It felt so strange. There was something inside me. I knew other people must do this but not with a stranger. This was rape the way Jessica said it made me realize it was bad. He wouldn't stop. It hurt so badly I screamed. He kept at it for a long time. I was whimpering in pain the entire time as Jessica watched in horror. Regret and fear blazed in her eyes.

When he was done he got up and got dressed. Through my blurry tear vision I saw some clothes land in front of me. With swift movements I re-clothed my body. I glared at Adam. "I hate you!" I said, forcing my voice not to start shaking. He laughed.

"That was fun, thanks Bella. Oh, and Happy Birthday." He said cheerfully. He left the room slowly. When he was gone I sat back down, over come. It was so hard to hold it together. It was almost as bad as when my parents had been killed. They had killed them, no wait. It had been Adam! I shivered. I stopped the tears though; I didn't need them to know how much he had hurt me. That never helped. Like with the bullies back at the orphanage. The more you showed how much the scared you the happier they were and the more they bothered you. I went to Jessica slowly. It hurt to move. I was so sore. I undid the knots in her rope. She wrapped me in hug.

"You stopped him from doing that to me. I owe you Bella. I'm so sorry that happened to you though." Jessica said hugging me tighter. I maneuvered out of her hug.

"Its fine Jess; I'm fine. We're going to be all right." She nodded. I could see worry in her eyes. She didn't voice it though. We stayed in our rooms the rest of the day. They didn't come until it was dark, nine. Charlie dragged a girl in by her hair. She looked about 16.

"Why is she here?" I asked bravely.

"She's dinner." Charlie stated calmly. My forehead creased in confusion. What? She was a girl not a piece of meat! Charlie turned to the frightened girl and sunk his teeth into her neck. She screamed loudly. Sucking noises came from Charlie along with moans of longing. I thought I was going to be sick. He was drinking something from her…blood that's what it was! He was killing her. She was growing weaker. Her struggles were slowing. Ignoring my sore body's protests I backed against the wall horrified. This time I felt my age. I was just a kid, a really scared kid. Jessica was the one who spoke now.

"Stop, let her go! You're killing her!" She yelled, her voice shaking. Charlie finished the girl and cast her aside like she was an old toy. I shuddered. She was dead. Her eyes stared at me. They were blank but her face held a fearful expression. It wasn't a pleasant combination.

"You're the one who wanted her. You deal with her." Charlie told Adam. He shrugged.

"I wasn't planning on keeping her anyway. I was just thirsty." He grabbed Jessica. She struggled violently in a desperate yet futile attempt to escape his grasp. The laughed as they watched her struggle. He locked his lips over a vein in her throat and started sucking. She was flailing, pulling, crying, pleading, and screaming. She wanted to get away. I couldn't watch. I looked away from the horrible site in front of me. Charlie came over to me and jerked my head back to the scene before me.

"Watch!" He growled at me. So I was forced to watch Adam drain my new sister. He didn't take long. When he was done he shoved her next to the other corpse. Tears streamed silently down my face.

"Why us?" I asked. It was a good question. There were so many girls in so many orphanages…what made us *special*?

"Do you remember how your parents died?" Adam asked.

"They didn't die! They were murdered! You killed them, why?" I asked in a hiss.

"I was going to kill your mother, Renee, but she begged me not to. She said she didn't want you to die. She was pregnant you see. So I told her I would return for you in a few years time." I left her there in the dark crying." He mused. "I came to collect you on your third birthday. They refused to give you up. There were too many people around so I couldn't kill them and/ or just take you by force so I left. Your parents moved across the country and kept all of there information private and unlisted. They got a P.O. Box. Thinking that would make it so I couldn't find you. It did take longer than warranted."

"When I found them I did the simple thing. I killed them. They shouldn't have trifled with me. You were still too young to take so I simply disappeared. I came back for you though. Just like I told you I would that night 3 years ago." He chuckled wickedly. I shuddered at the memories That were fighting their way to the surface; I had worked so hard to suppress them in the past 3 years. It had been working pretty well up until now too.

"You're monsters." I told them cruelly. They laughed.

"Yes, Bella, we are monsters. Do you know what kind?" I shook my head. It wasn't possible they didn't exist.

"We're vampires Bella." Adam told me before exiting the room. I stood still horrified. They claimed to be something far worse than just evil.

Charlie came back in. "I forgot to heal you." He grabbed my arm and pain wracked my body. My back arched against the pain. This time was worse than last. I couldn't help it I screamed. Charlie's smile grew as he watched my pain play across my face. When he was done he left me panting terrified.

My mind started to process what they had told me. They were vampires. Adam murdered my parents and new sister. They were very fast, strong, and cold. They had red eyes and drank blood. They were monsters. I had read about vampires but they were nothing like the ones in the books...I was 7! Why did I have to deal with this?!

I curled up on my bed worrying. I made sure not to look at the corpses. What if I ended up like them? I pushed the thought from my mind and forced my eyes shut. I needed to sleep. It was hours before I finally managed it…

Thankfully when I got up the bodies were gone. I slowly left my room and headed to the kitchen. I was starving…after I ate I looked around cautiously. It was quiet. Nobody was home! If I was going to escape now was the time. I took one last look around before I ran for the door. My hand connected with the cool doorknob. I was going to make it! The hope that had just filled me vanished as I felt cold fingers close over my other hand. I turned, horrified, to see Adam hanging on to me.

"Did you really think you could get away?" He asked, shocked. I set my jaw defiantly. He threw me across the room. I flew a good ten feet before colliding with the opposite wall. I screamed out in pain. Charlie was at my side a moment later. His 'healings' hurt. How could it be helping if it hurt so much? When he was done he left us alone again.

"There is something you need to remember Bella. We are vampires! We do not sleep and if you ever try to run away from us we will find you! Do you understand?" I nodded quickly so as not to anger him further. He threw a book at me. A big workbook he also threw me a pen.

"There. That is what you have to know to pass 2nd grade. I don't want you to be stupid. We'll be moving to another town in a year and I don't want you staying back. Get to work!" He ordered. I got to it. It wasn't too hard. I liked to learn. I got ten pages done in an hour. I was just about to go down stairs when Charlie and Adam walked in.

"Do you have to stay the entire time? It kind of kills it." Adam whined.

"Yes, I do. If you want her to live I have to be in contact with her the entire time. You nearly killed her last time." Charlie said exasperatedly. Adam replied so fast I couldn't catch it. I would have to work on that. I didn't like not being able to understand them. Charlie came up to me, ripped my shirt off and held me down on the bed. My eyes grew wide. I tried to get away as Adam took his clothes off. Stupid vampire was so strong! I couldn't do anything! He ripped off my pants and under wear before he started just like last time. I felt like I was being ripped in two down there. I screamed loudly. Adam was nowhere near as 'gentle' as last time. After I felt the pain Adam was causing me I felt the pain from Charlie healing it. I couldn't stop screaming. They laughed the entire time, enjoying my pain. When they were done Charlie quickly left the room. Adam threw me some clothes before getting dressed himself. "Clean the house then return to your room!" He ordered me. I quickly went to do what I was told. I didn't even chance mumbling under my breath. He would probably be able to hear it anyway. I went down stairs to find blood all over the rug. The scent hit my nose like a battering ram. I couldn't help it. I fainted.