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My gift to you,

so that you may change

what's been done.

Fire bursts around us, surrounding our vision. The only colors I see are red, orange, and blue. Fire, heat, and blades. I can only feel shock that you have come to this. And my failure, for letting you come to this.

My gift to you.

But don't forget me,

just change my ways.

I look down at you. You look proud. Proud that you rid the galaxy of a race. Proud that you are battling a friend. Proud that I'm shocked by your words.

My gift to you.

Please, don't hate me,

I regret what I've done.

You smirk as I stare in shock. Your blade is poised at my chest. But then your face softens, and you whisper.

My gift to you.

I wish to make things right,

for you to love me again.

My world is spinning, falling. Everything is a blur, fire and heat blending into one. Blades disappearing. Sounds are becoming awkward, and I think I'm distorting the words you speak.

My gift to you.

Everything turns black. I can't distinguish anything. Except your voice. It's the only clear thing.

My gift to you,

so that I may live another day.

And you may not be dead.