Hey there everyone. This is a Digimon/Xiaolin Showdown crossover. You already know about my digimon RPG characters. Well, here's my character for XS. This also has a plot summary and Author's Note at the end.

Rochelle Karris

Age: Same as Raimundo and Kimiko

Affliction: Xiaolin

Element: Thunder (Basically, since thunder is the eye of the storm, she can control all the elements)

Lives: New York

Signature Shen Gong Wu: Eye of Dashi

Signature move: Storm Clap

Wudai Weapon: Lightning Klasp

More Info: Has some anger problems. Has some problems with her powers in this fic. Red-Head. Green anime style eyes. Funny. Regular clothing: 1st season: Short sleeved shirt (White) with long sleeved black netting, grey joggies, pink bunny in top corner, white trainers. 2nd season onwards: Close to Kimiko's outfit in 1st ever episode, only slightly different.


In Odaiba, Shinjuku and Shibuya, kids are being sent to a place for three months as extra credit. Our heroes, the (02, 04) digidestined and tamers are sent to the Xiaolin Temple and find out about the forces that they will soon have to face alongside the Xiaolin monks; Omi, Clay, Raimundo, Kimiko and Rochelle.


This is the only fan fiction which doesn't contain the original digidestined. The tamers and digidestined; 2-4; do not know each other in this. Everyone in schools across Tokyo; our main focus is Odaiba, Shinjuku and Shibuya; received a note, explaining where they'd be going for three months. This isn't in the plot because it can easily be explained here. The three months, BTW, are the summer.