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Series: Chrome Shelled Regios Pairing: Layfon/Nina

Disclaimer: Dont own the series. (ah, i would so love to though~~ XD)


1. Secrets:
Layfon never liked that Nina kept secrets from him, but he would wait until she felt content enough to tell him.

2. Shared secret:
Layfon and Nina confessed their secrets to one another. Both of them were happy to know they were not rejected.

3. Damsel in distress:
Nina didn't like being the damsel in distress. She would fight instead of watching someone else, mainly Layfon, fight. She did not mind if he protected her, but she would have liked to be the one to protect him.

4. Jealousy:
Nina could feel the pain in her chest as she watched Layfon talk with Felli. She'd ignore it though. She shouldn't feel something that could in turn make her selfish.

5. Reunion:
Everyone noticed how layfon went back to his old self once reunited with Nina.

6. Flirt:
When it came to flirting, these two are rather clueless, but the smiles those two give each other when training could not be more obvious.

7. Choice:
It was her choice to fight, but that didn't mean Layfon had to agree with it.

8. Note:
It would of been nice of Nina if she left him a note letting him know that she had gone somewhere.

9. Smile:
Layfon always had a smile on his face. That smile went away though once Nina went missing.

10. Abandoned: Layfon felt abandoned when Nina didn't train with him. This feeling reaccured when she went missing. He ignored it though, for he knew she would disapprove.

The moments they have in the anime and the manga/novel always make me smile XD I had to write something~~~ Cause I cant draw XD

Anyways~~ Thanks to tenshi_kasumi for going over this and letting me know of the mistakes :3.