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Tell me, Master. I know I asked you before, but what would you have felt if you were betrayed? Someone you loved like a father? Do you remember him? The man that captured me, and tortured me insane, right after you accepted me?

He's back.

Though I do admit, I thought I was going insane. I mean, wouldn't you, too? Someone, you knew to be dead, is suddenly talking to you? He's dead, Master. He should be. I should know.

Especially since I was the one who killed him.

--From the Private Journals of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wans' Point of View

Loit Getus' voice grinned through the speakers. "Surprised? You couldn't get rid of me that easily."

"But-but…" I sputter, shock making me incapable of speech. I swallow the shock, and continue. "Why are you here? What do you want?" I croak.

"What lovely questions," he says in a mock pleasant tone. "And they shall be answered soon enough. But first, I need you to board my ship."

I realize now that everyone has gone silent, and is listening to our conversation. I almost tell them to continue what they were originally doing. But I know they won't listen. They'll either work quietly, trying to catch snippets of our conversation, or they won't listen to me.

"Why?" I ask. "Haven't you had enough of me?"

I hear him laugh. "Oh never, my dear Obi-Wan. We need to continue where we left off."

I swallow hard. "And if I don't board your ship?"

"Then I blow everyone on that ship of yours to smithereens."

A gasp resonates from the crowd.


For a moment, I think Qui-Gon has arrived. But logic hits, and I know he won't be here for an hour or two more. I turn to see the Senator.

"Yes?" I ask my voice hoarse.

He walks through the crowd, and stands before me. He blinks slowly, and immediately, I understand that he'll respect my decision, no matter which it'll be.

"Well?" Getu asks, impatient.

"I…need time. To decide." I wince at how weak I sound. "Please," I whisper.

He pauses. "One hour. If I don't get your answer within the hour, your whole entourage is dead."

I sigh, relieved. "Of course, Getu."

"Of course, Kenobi." I hear him grin once more. "Still keeping the habit, I see."

I snarl at the speaker, and cut the connection. I turn to look at Senator Hayoti, a plea on my face. He nods, understanding.

He leans forward, and whispers in a technician's ear. The tech. nods and races off. Hayoti turns to the crowd. "Obi-Wan is to be left alone until the hour is up. If he needs help, you are to give it to him. Understand?"

The crowd nods, and trudges back to their posts. I race away, darting around the masses of beings. I race inside my quarters, slamming the door shut. I lean heavily against the door. How? How can he be alive? I killed him. He's dead…he's dead.

I close my eyes forcefully, heaving a sigh, and slide to the floor. Now what? What would Qui-Gon do?

Qui-Gon. His name is like a beacon of hope. I fish for my com-link, and dial his number. "Qui-Gon, Master, please answer. This is Obi-Wan." I wait for few moments, but no reply. "Qui-Gon, this is Obi-Wan, please answer." Still no answer. I beg the Force for him to answer, but it seems ignorant of my pleas.

After just a few minutes, I'm practically hysterical.


You can only imagine how I felt, dear readers. Qui-Gon wasn't answering (to this day, I still have no idea why), the lives of the crew were on my shoulders, and the only option out was to go with the man I hate with a passion.

Not, that, I hated people on a regular basis. I was a Jedi. I controlled my hate-to a point. I never forgave him for what he did.

And I know you're wondering what the heck Getu did to me. But that will all be explained with due time.


After giving up all hope of my Master answering, I ask the Force what to do. It answers.


"Yes?" His voice seems to echo throughout the cabin. He sounds eager. Hopeful.

I take a breath that rakes my whole body. "I'll come. Cease your fire. I'm coming."

I hear him laugh, and speak to someone. "See? I told you he'll come. He and his kind always care for others safety." He directs his words back to me. "Though he didn't always."

"Because you made me, Getu," I growl.

He chuckles. "Getting angry, are we? Not very Jedi like, now is it?"

I cut the connection and turn to the Senator. "Can you do something for me?" He nods. I hand him two items. "Tell Qui-Gon that I won't need those anymore. Tell him, I don't think I'll be able to resist, because I know he's grown, though I will try. Tell him, I may die. Tell him," I take a breath, "tell him, that I trust him, and I know he'll find me before that happens."

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