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December 23

Penname: kyla713
Creative Original or Derivative Fiction: Derivative

Rating/Warning(s): T

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Prompt: Dialogue Flex: "All they see when they look at her is…" Write something.

We sat silently, waiting. Her head was bent down and her hands folded in her lap as if in prayer. This was the end of a long road for us, and these last few minutes were excruciating.

Never before had I been so enchanted by a client, seen so much passion behind everything she did. When I'd initially been presented with this case, I thought it was a hopeless cause, as did the people who brought this case on.

All they see when they look at her is a disabled woman in a wheelchair, incapable of taking care of even herself since her husband died. And now his entire family was going after her for the custody of their three children.

They didn't see the woman who overcame every obstacle in her life, and still managed to keep these children clothed, fed, clean and taken care of. And it was for that very reason that I sat in this seat today, my hands tented in front of me and awaiting the judges decision.

She was one of the strongest women I had ever met, and unfairly misjudged. In a split second, she'd lost her husband and the use of her legs in that car accident, yet she never crumbled. Endured months of physical therapy and court dates, and still never lost her drive and determination to hold onto her children and continue to live.

The judge re-entered the room and we all stood as she simply raised her head. I heard her take a deep breath and felt her hand grip mine as the judge began to speak.

"Upon careful examination of the evidence, I find no just cause to remove the Black children from their current place of residence. The defendant has proven herself to be a capable and loving mother, with the best interests of her children in mind. Therefore, it is this courts ruling that they remain in the custody of Isabella Black."

Her hand began to tremble as the tears fell down her cheek, her fingers tightening their hold around my hand and looking up at me with relief filling her features. "Thank you, so much."

Releasing her hold on me, she rolled past me toward her children who were practically climbing over the divider between them and their mom, hugging her tightly as she made it through.

And with that, she left the courtroom and my life, but not without leaving her mark.

She was the first and only client I'd ever fallen completely and hopelessly in love with.