Ahhh, what do we have here? It seems to be…. A NARU-FEM KYUU HIGH SCHOOL FIC!!!! ……or so I like to call it. Don't know if theres an official name for the genre, but whatever. So, it will be pretty straight forward, but I won't say more than that. Don't wanna ruin the surprise! Anywho, this is my first High School one, and my first Naruto X FemKyuubi one, so If it comes out terrible, cut me some slack. And now, on with the show!!!

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Naruto leaned back against his girlfriends locker, wondering where she could possibly be. He hadn't heard from her all weekend and he was worried, as they usually at least texted every day. 'Where's my Hina-chan….' He thought, and immediately he started suspecting the worst. He decided to try to clear those thoughts with memories on how they first started dating…


Hinata had finally gotten the courage she needed from a pep-talk from her cousin, Neji, who lived right next door to her. She came to school confident, seeking out her object of interest, Naruto. She spotted him walking down the halls, and immediately pulled him to the side. "Huh, Hinata-chan? What is it?" he questioned her. She felt her resolve start to fade, so she decided to just do it before she ran out of courage. "I LOVE YOU NARUTO-KUN!!!" she screamed at him, and immediately everyone in the halls turned to stare. Hinata blushed a deep red, not enjoying the attention. Naruto just stood there, staring at her dumbstruck. 'She….loves….me?' he thought to himself, and smiled, which did not go unnoticed by the violet haired girl. "So…..will you….g-go….out with m-me?" she asked him nervously. He looked at her smiling his foxy grin, and said the words that would start their longstanding relationship. "I don't know if I love you yet, but I do like you, so yeah, I will go out with you!"


That was two years ago, his freshman year of high school. He smiled to himself, thinking of how much things had changed, and how much he loved her. He honestly couldn't think of life without her now. The previous thoughts of the worst happening came back (he was a bit paranoid about these things) and he tried to distract himself yet again. He decided to observe his surroundings, and see if that would work. His school was standard, with the usual row of lockers lining the walls. They were painted a leafy green, to help symbolize his town. The walls were plain white, with the occasional red-painted symbol of Konoha, his home. He noticed a few of his friends walking by, and he gave them a grin and waved. They looked at him solemnly, and with….pity? He shrugged it off, he'd ask later. He leaned back up against the violet locker, one of only two lockers that differed from the usual green. His was orange, simply because he'd spray-painted it so many times; even after the janitors kept painting it back; that they had just gave up and let him keep it that way. The violet one was his girlfriends, as that was obviously her favorite color. He had practically demanded the principle, Sarutobi, to let her have it that way. He had agreed, on the condition that Naruto paint it himself and clean up the mess.

'Ojii-san…' Naruto thought, and his thoughts shifted to the older man. Sarutobi had been the third principle of this high-school, as it had not been around long. He had retired, but Naruto's dad, the fourth principle of the place, was fatally wounded protecting some students during a school shooting while Naruto was only a few days old. This brought Hiruzen out of retirement in honor of Minato, and back to the principle position. He was one of the only men to befriend Naruto as a child, as Naruto didn't have any friends growing up, always being the odd one out with his spiky blonde hair and his strange whisker-like birthmarks, and Sarutobi, being a good friend of his mothers (Naruto's breathe hitched for a moment) held a great place in his heart. He had pitied him, and talked to him and gave him help whenever he could, going as far as to take him out for ice-cream when his mother was busy to make him feel better. Naruto looked up to him like a grandfather.

'And now he is…..my adoptive grandfather…..since the accident…..' he stopped him thoughts before he started crying again. It did no good, and he didn't let ANYONE see him cry…..except for Hinata on one occasion.

He was drawn out of his thoughts by the sound of someone approaching. Yeah, the hall was crowded as students rushed to get to their first class of the day, but he had sensitive hearing. He looked up, and saw his English teacher, Kakashi Hatake, walking towards him. As he approached, his thoughts now turned toward the mask wearing teacher.

He always wore his mask, no matter what, and no one knew why. As far as he knew, no one had seen him without it, so no one actually knew what he looked like. He was the 11th and 12th grade English teacher, and his class was somewhat of a joke. It consisted of him giving them the instructions, pages to look things up, and work to do right at the beginning of class. He would then settle back into his chair, and pull out a 'novel'. This 'novel' was different every day, but no one was fooled. Everyone knew that he had his favorite porn series hidden in the books, but no one had the heart to rat him out to the principle. He was too nice and…well…cool.

"Good morning Naruto." Kakashi said.

"Good morning Kaka-sensei!" Naruto was in a semi-good mood at seeing his favorite teacher, and was wondering what he could want.

Kakashi looked at him, and said in a serious tone, "The principle would like to talk to you. Don't worry," he added, seeing Naruto's worried face, "It isn't for anything bad."

Naruto nodded, and his anxiety grew. Kakashi was never serious about things, and here he was, on time in the morning, AND serious!!! Something bad was going down, and he had to find out what. He gave a quick mental apology to Hinata for not waiting at her locker for her, and hurried off with Kakashi. He noticed along the way, that everyone in the halls was quiet, and all looked solemn. "Kaka-sensei," Naruto began, "why is everyone so sad looking?" Kakashi just stared at the boy.

'He really doesn't know….' He thought, and flinched as he imagined the reaction the blonde would produce when he heard the news. They reached the office and Kakashi waved Naruto in, quickly turning and bolting away. He didn't want to hear the sounds Naruto would make. It would make almost any man in the vicinity fall on the ground and weep themselves. But Kakashi would be surprised if Naruto DIDN'T totally break down. He shrugged off the thoughts and hurried to the other end of the school, hoping to get his ears out of the range of Naruto's voice.

Naruto walked into the office and sat down in the chair set for students in the office. "Hi Ojii-san!" he said cheerfully. "

Hello Naruto…" the older man said sadly. Naruto, upon hearing the old mans despairing voice, studied him more closely. He had a downcast look in his eyes, and his looks were truly showing his age now. He'd always looked, as their gym teacher Maito Guy put it, youthful. He looked up at Naruto with regret, sadness, and despair in his eyes. Naruto was suddenly afraid again.

"Ojii-san….what happened? Your not sick, are you?" he asked frantically.

Sarutobi shook his head sadly, and spoke in a voice laced with sadness and regret. Regret at having to deliver this news to Naruto. "Naruto….i'm sure you've noticed that Hinata is not here today…"

Naruto nodded. "But what has that got to do with anything Ojii-san?"

Sarutobi shook his head slowly, and looked up to deliver the blow which would surely change his adoptive grandson forever. "Naruto…..Hinata died over the weekend in a car accident…"

Naruto stared at him, his brain being sluggish. He gave a nervous laugh, denial kicking in. "That's a good one Ojii-san….shes just sick or something! I'll call her when I get home!" he exclaimed.

Sarutobi looked at him, his eyes filled with pity. "Naruto….it's no joke. She pushed her sister out of the way of an incoming car, which hit her. She was badly injured Saturday, and died in the hospital several hours later…..she's gone Naruto."

Naruto stood up and backed against the wall, looking lost. He looked around frantically then glared at his grandfather. "Stop….STOP LYING TO ME HIRUZEN!!! SHE CAN'T BE DEAD!!! SHE WOULDN'T LEAVE ME!!!" he bolted out of the room, not wanting it to be true. He ran right into Hinata's father Hiashi, who had showed up per request from Sarutobi to knock it into Naruto's head his girlfriend was gone. "Hiashi-sama….." Naruto sobbed, "tell them it isn't true….tell them Hinata's not d….de…"

Hiashi looked at the boy sadly, he hated seeing him like this. He had made his daughter happy, something she hadn't been since her mother had died. He honestly hated seeing the boy like this, but bullshit wasn't the answer. The truth, however nasty it was, had to be told every time. "I regret to say Naruto…..but she is in-fact dead. I was with her in the hospital…."

Naruto was just staring at him in mad grief, everything not fully setting in yet.

"Her final words to me…..were 'Tell Naruto-kun that I love him, and that I'm very sorry for leaving him like this. Tell him he should try to find someone else to make him happy, because he deserves happiness.'" Hiashi looked down, then back up. Naruto fell to his knees.

'No…..no…this can't be happening…but it all fits…..' his brain started to argue with itself, the logical side trying to make the emotional side see reason. 'She can't be dead…..but it explains why she didn't call all weekend…..but she wouldn't leave me……it explains why everyone was looking at me with pity and sadness……no…..she can't….not like mother….no…..No….'

"NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted to the heavens, and then released a scream so painful, it brought tears to the eyes of everyone at the school. Everyone bowed their heads, silently praying Naruto would survive this mentally, and emotionally. Naruto continued to scream for five minutes, before collapsing on the ground in the middle of the hallway, simply balling his eyes out. He was mad with grief, and he didn't want anyone near him. His Hina-chan….his world….his whole existence…..was gone. He didn't even get to say goodbye…or try to save her…..or be with her in her final hours….oh, how he wished it was he who died and she who lived…… His brain stopped, and a twisted part of him came to life. He staggered to his feet, and, being on the third floor of the building, ran towards the window, planning to dive out head first and end it all.

"NO NARUTO!" Hiashi yelled, and tackled him to the ground.

Naruto struggled, if heaven existed, Hinata was surely there, and he was good all his life. He could get to see her again! Two more teachers came running at Hiashi's shout, and saw Naruto push the larger man off and sprint for the window again. Both Asuma and Hayate, the smoking health teacher, and the sickly martial arts club instructor, tackled him and held him down.

"LET ME GO!!!" Naruto screamed at them, "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME DAMNIT!!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!" he started breaking down again, his brain past its temporary madness, and fell to the floor crying again. "It should have been me……me…..why…..Hinata…..I love you….WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" he stayed like that for another 20 minutes, Hayate and Asuma keeping a close eye on him, before he passed out in a puddle of his own tears. Asuma just shook his head sadly, and Hayate coughed.

Sarutobi walked out of his office slowly. He had listened to the transpiring events the whole time, but was too cowardly to come out of his office. He honestly didn't want to see Naruto like that, it was hell just LISTENING to it. He picked up Naruto and held him. "I'm going to take him home…. He said slowly. Asuma and Hayate nodded. "Hayate, watch my office while I'm gone, I'll be back in a bit." He carried Naruto to his car and placed him in the backseat.

The drive home was silent, except from the occasional sob from Naruto in his sleep. They arrived and Sarutobi picked up Naruto and carried him inside their three-bedroom house. He carried him to his room, and placed him gently on his bed. He then looked around the room, and saw too many reminders of Hinata. He gathered up everything and put it in a box, for when Naruto was ready to have them back up again. He sighed heavily, and looked at the sleeping blonde.

"I only hope you can find another to make you as happy as she did." He said, and walked out, needing to get back to the school. Naruto unconsciously rolled over, gripping his blanket to him. Hinata had slept last night with him, and her scent was still on the sheets. He sniffed them deeply in his sleep, as a single tear fell onto his bed. "Hinata…..chan…" he murmured, before gripping the sheets closer, and continuing with his fitful sleep.

There ya go! Now, before I get 1000 death-threats and angry mail for killing off Hinata, let me explain. First, Naru-Hina is one of my favorite pairs EVER. And I couldn't bear to have her with any other guy. Second, I figure she got Naruto for at least a bit, and third, it was required to make punch a hole through Naruto's heart. So please, if you're going to flame, don't do it about that. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Btw, this story was inspired by one of the greatest authors on here in my opinion, Mikie-From-Ireland. He has Naru-Kyuu and Gaa-Shaku ones, and they are honestly some of the best material I've seen. He's in my favorite authors, so if this is a regular pairing you like, check him out! Thank youuuu and see ya later!