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Chapter Four

Bustin' Up In the Destiny Islands

"Hey, Kairi, have you seen Noi today? I haven't seen her at all," Selphie whispered to Kairi in their Music class. Even though Kairi was a junior and Selphie was a sophomore, there were some classes that allowed the grades to study together.

"I went to her house to walk to school with her but no one answered the door," Kairi told her, worried. "Maybe she's sick or something?"

"Maybe." Selphie seemed sad for a few seconds but brightened. "Hey, we should go visit her and cheer her up."

"She'd like that," said Kairi, nodding. "I'll bring Sora and Riku, too. It's no fun being sick in a new place." It was true. She remembered when she had come to the Destiny Islands, and a couple days after she had been there, she had gotten sick. It was no fun being in the house all day, especially when there was so much to explore and new friends to meet. "At least she'll know we're her friends."

Someone cleared their throat behind them, and both girls turned around slowly. Their teacher, Mrs. Niori, was behind them, raising an eyebrow. "Kairi, Selphie, do you have any idea what I just said…"


"It was…"

"STOP TALKING AND PAY ATTENTION!!!" the teacher roared and the girls shrank back in their seats. All of a sudden, the teacher then smiled, becoming quiet again, and returned to the front of the class.

"My ears…" Selphie moaned, covering them with her hands.

Later that afternoon when school was out, the four teenagers walked to Noi's house, and Selphie gasped. The house itself seemed dark and intimidating, not light how it used to be. There were no lights on in the house, and its presence seemed forbidding. "This…this can't be her house," whimpered Selphie, eyes widened.

"Yeah, this is it," Kairi said, just as worried as Selphie.

"Something's not right," Riku said, calling forth Way to Dawn.

Selphie gasped. "What is that?!"

"Selphie, you should go home," Sora coaxed her. "This might be a little dangerous."

The younger girl didn't ask questions, but nodded, and ran away. Sora called Oathkeeper to him, and Kairi called upon her own Keyblade.

"You sure you know how to really use that thing?" Sora asked her, concerned.

Kairi scoffed. "I recall saving your butt that day in The World that Never Was."

Slowly, the door opened, and Noi emerged. She was wearing a dark red tee shirt and dark blue skirt. The earrings in her ears were of black metal. All in all, she was scary-looking. As she stared at the three, there was no emotion on her face whatsoever. "Hi, guys, is there something you want?"

"Noi…are you okay?" Sora inquired.

She ignored him. "So, you guys have Keyblades, too?" Finally, a wide grin spread across her face. Holding her hand out, a light shone in her hand until a gruesome looking Keyblade appeared in her hands.

"I knew she was crazy!" Riku yelled, despite the situation, and faced the others. "And you guys didn't believe me! Score for the paranoid guy!" Sora shook his head at him and Kairi sighed.

"I'm not crazy!" Noi yelled at him, and lunged, not for Riku, but for Sora. Sora, who was caught off guard, would've been hit, but Riku was instantly in front, blocking him. "Get out of my way, pretty boy."

"What's your problem?!" Riku yelled at her.

"Yeah, Noi, we're your friends," Kairi said, worriedly. "Please don't fight us."

"Friends don't kill each other," Noi hissed. All three friends looked confused, and Noi rolled her eyes. "She told me it was your fault." She pointed at Sora, who raised an eyebrow,

"Me? What did I do?" he asked her, disbelieving.

"You destroyed me, you stole my memories, and you're holding someone I care about hostage," she raged, angrily.

"Wait…what?" He was still confused, and moved out of his warrior stance. Big mistake. Noi nudged Kairi out of the way, and again lunged for Sora. Sora immediately re-armed himself and blocked. "Noi, wait! Can we just talk about this for a second?"

"Did you talk to me when you killed me?" Noi slashed through the air and Riku hit her from the side, making her grunt from the pain.

"What are you talking about? We don't even know you," Kairi said from the ground where Noi had pushed her.

"And how could we possibly hold someone hostage?" Riku asked.

Noi stood still for a few seconds. "I don't know, but that doesn't mean you're not." Once more, she threw herself forward, but this time, she threw Missing Ache at them. It hit both Sora and Riku, also knocking them down. Striding forward, she mocked them. "By the way, my real name isn't even Noi. It's Xion. Did you know that before you destroyed me?"

From Kairi's mind, a voice gasped. 'What is it, Namine?"

But it was as if the blonde Nobody hadn't even heard her. 'Xion…but I thought…How?'

Kairi wasn't the only one receiving voices in her mind. 'Noi, that's enough. Go to the edge of this island and there will be a portal there that will bring you to me. Go there now.'

Noi looked around at the other three teenagers. Kairi and Sora stared at her in shock, and Riku glared at her again. 'But…'

'You'll get your revenge soon, but now is not the time,' the woman said in her head.

Without looking back, Noi ran off, carrying her Keyblade at her side.

"Wow, I think we have a problem," Sora commented, watching her go.

"Oh, yeah," replied Riku. "What's wrong, Kairi?"

Kairi was now standing, a hand on her forehead. Turning to the boys, she declared. "Namine knows who that is." In a flash of blinding light, the trio closed their eyes, and when they opened them, the blonde girl was standing before them, see through as if she were only a hologram.

"It's a long story, so please…brace yourselves. Roxas, you should be out here as well." In another flash of light, Roxas was there as well. "We need to go somewhere private. The island?" The others nodded.

The six of them were sitting in the treehouse as Namine began her story. "You see, in the Organization XIII, there weren't only thirteen members, but fourteen."

"Fourteen?" Sora asked. "Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the name?"

"Shush," Kairi nudged him to be quiet, but smiled slightly as she did.

"Her name was Xion, and she was Number XIV, the second Keyblade wielder of the group."

"Wait, shouldn't I have remembered that?" Roxas interrupted this time. "How come I can't?"

"Because your memories of her were erased, as was everyone's," Namine explained. "However, she wasn't exactly a Nobody. She was a Replica created from…" She paused. Although knowing it would embarrass two of her companions, she went on. It was time they got together anyway. "…from Sora's strong feelings for Kairi." Sora's eyes widened and Kairi blushed deep red. Both Roxas and Riku smirked. "She had to be terminated in order for you to wake up, Sora. I guess that's why she's saying you killed her. I don't know how she could be back. Someone very powerful had to have brought her back, and she seems to have a heart now."

"Maleficent," Both Sora and Riku breathed.

Naminé nodded, "And Roxas…"


The blonde was now very uncomfortable and fidgeted before telling him, "She was your best friend, Roxas, along with Axel. You were the last thing she saw before she…"

Now everyone was uncomfortable. Roxas glared at Namine in the silence. "Uh, Sora, can I talk to you?" Sensing the tension, Kairi turned to Sora, very shy. "Uh, Sora, can I talk to you again?" Sora blushed before following her.

Riku, not wanting to be left alone with whatever was going to be happening now, also left the treehouse, mentioning something about Wakka calling him.

"I had another friend in the Organization and you kept it from me," Roxas said, glaring at Naminé. "It would've been nice to know I had another friend."

Naminé couldn't look him in the face. "I'm sorry, Roxas, but I had no choice. No one could remember her, not even you."

Roxas turned away from her, and when he turned back, there was a silver tear on his holographic face. "Once upon a time, I thought I could trust you…I guess I thought wrong." He stood.

"Wait, Roxas!"

There was a flash of light and he was gone, back to his Somebody.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about Kairi?" Sora asked her, as she led him to the small island where the three always watched the sunset together. She sat on the tree branch and patted the space next to her, so he could sit.

Kairi wasted no time. "Sora, do you…like me?" Sora flushed beet red and Kairi grinned. "I knew it all along." She laughed. "You are pretty obvious." Sora chuckled, embarrassed. "Well, if it means anything, I like you, too."

"Really, Kai?" He faced her and noticed she had the prettiest azure eyes he had ever seen in his entire life.

She nodded, smiling. "My heart belongs to you, Sora, and it always will." She scooted closer to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. Hesitating, but only a little, Sora placed an arm around her waist.

'This is it. Go for it.' Sora thought to himself. He turned Kairi's head towards his and he leaned forward…a little too forward. "Ow!" They both shouting, rubbing their heads where they bumped into each other. "Oops," Sora laughed, even more embarrassed then before.

Kairi giggled. "Let's try this again." She leaned forward slightly, and finally, their lips met. Slowly, as they kissed, Kairi threw her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. For a good ten seconds, they stayed like that, in pure bliss, until Sora pulled away.

"You're wrong, Kairi," he said, softly. "I don't like you." Kairi seemed hurt for a few seconds. "No, Kairi, I don't like you because I…I love you."

Kairi looked at him, love in her own eyes. "I love you, too, Sora, and I'll never stop loving you." She kissed him lightly on the cheek, and they turned back to the sunset, holding each other and enjoying each other's company.

In Maleficent's mansion, Noi was asleep, floating in midair as Maleficent stood before her. As always, Pete was near her. "She'll remember everything as soon as she wakes up…except the fact that she sacrificed her life for Sora, who is now her greatest enemy. Only seconds now. Come, Pete, we have plenty to do to get her ready for battle."

They both left her, and almost as soon as they left, her eyes snapped open, only one word on her mind. "Roxas…"

There you are...Sora and Kairi's first kiss. I always pictured it sort of awkward, because Sora himself is awkward. I hope I did it some justice.