Some spoilers had indicated the Sam was having dizzy spells and passed out on the job... so this is my take on it. It may surprise you, but I hope you will continue to read. I had fun writing it but also a hard time due to the content.

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Takes place August 2011 (Jason and Sam history is the same as the show)

"Hey" Sam said answering her phone to Jason

"What's going on?"

"Working. Why?"

"I wanted to know if you want to meet up later?"

"Yeah. I have to go, I'll call you la"

"Sam…" Jason said as he heard the line go out. Meanwhile Sam, had passed out and lost control of her car, making her hit a tree and then fall into a ditch. Luckily, Michael was driving by, and saw the whole thing, he called 911 and got out of his car to see what happened. He thought the car looked familiar, but wanted to make sure whoever it was, was okay.

"Shit, SAM. Can you hear me? Where are the dam paramedics?!" Michael yelled. Finally he heard some sirens and stood in the road to wave them near the car.

"Do you know the victim?"

"Yeah. Her name is Sam McCall. She is family. Can you help her?"

"We think so, stand back."

"Do you think I could ride in the ambulance with her?" Michael asked

"AH, it is against medical policy, but you did call us. Hop in"

Sam was brought to GH and Michael stayed by her side. The injury from the crash required a routine surgery. When they were prepping her for surgery, Michael called Jason.

"Hey Jason, its Michael. When you get this call me back right away, it is important"

Michael realized he needed to reach a family member, since Jason was unreachable, who to call?


"Kristina thank God you answered. Sam got into an accident, if Alexis is around you should tell her to come to the hospital"

"My mom is working with Diane on some big case in Philadelphia. I cannot reach her. She said all emergency's should go to Jax."

"Well this does not concern Jax. I will call Nikolas"

"No, he is busy with Liz stuff. What about Jason?"

"I tried already, no answer"

"Okay, call Spinelli. I will get Keifer to drive me to the hospital, as soon as I can"

"Keifer, really? Whatever that is not important now. Bye"

Maxie/Michael Phone Call

"Spinelli, it is Michael"

"This is Maxie, is everything okay"

"Sam is in the hospital and I cannot reach anyone. Where is Spinelli?"

"He and Jason are in the office talking, I was told to wait out in the restaurant"

"Well you need to tell Jason, that Sam is going in for surgery"

"I cannot interrupt. I will be there in 5 minutes and leave a note for them. Sam is one of my best friends"


Spinelli opened the office door to get Maxie and leave but realized she was gone

"Maybe she got tired of waiting. We can finish our talk then" Jason said

"Wait she left a note:

Spinelli: Michael called and said Sam had a car accident. She is having surgery, if you need to reach me, I will be at the hospital... Love your non-bride.

" Stonecold, did you receive a call from Michael?"

"My phone was on silent. Yeah, he left a message. How did you know?"

"He was calling about Sam"

"Were they doing something with the boat today?"

"No, he called because Fair Samantha had car accident."

"I need to go."

"I am coming with" Spinelli said running after Jason

The Hospital

"Michael, Michael. What is going on" Maxie yelled following

"Sam just went into surgery. Robin said she would keep me updated."

"Did you tell Jason? I called Kristina, she said Alexis is out of town and Kristina would be here as soon as possible"

"Good. Call Kristina and tell her to stay home. Jason would handle everything when he gets here" Maxie said to Michael

Maxie and Michael sat down and waited to hear news, thankfully Maxie saw Spinelli and called them over to her and Michael. "Is Fair Samantha okay"

"We have not heard anything yet. No news is good news sometimes" Michael said staring at Jason

"I need to find Robin"

"Jason. Sam will be fine. I am just worried about how she got into the car accident. Something seriously went wrong. It was bad." Michael said

"Hey, thanks for being patient. Sam is out of surgery. Everything went great. Now, we are just trying to figure what made her crash." Robin said

"Can I see her?" Jason asked

"Yeah. Room 120. Be careful, she is just waking up"

"Yeah." Jason said and ran down the hall


"Sam, are you awake"

"Yeah, getting there. How did you know I was here?"

"Michael found your car crashed"

"Oh, yeah. I was driving. I just felt this dizziness and lost control"

"Did you eat anything today?"

"Yeah. I had lunch right before I talked to you. What happened"

"The doctors are not sure"

"Jason, I feel sick. Help me out of this bed now"

"Okay, okay. Just breathe." Jason said helping Sam to the bathroom. "I am going to get Robin"

"Sam, how are you feeling."

"Sick to my stomach. Robin, I threw up blood. That is not a good sign"

"Let us get you back in bed and then I will call Dr. Webber in"

Sam curled up in her bed, feeling dizzy again she grabbed Jason's hand. "Everything is going to be okay. I will not leave you"

"Jason, I have been feeling dizzy all this week. I was just thinking"

"Shh, it is okay. We will figure this out"

"Sam, I'm Dr. Webber. I do not think we have met."

"Well, I have done quite well staying out of the hospital last year." Sam said, making Jason laugh

"I can see that, well I would like to introduce you to Dr. Niles. She will be checking out your hip"

"Wait, it has been over two years."

"You got into a bad accident Sam. You got caught on the steering wheel. They had to cut you out of your car."

"Okay. Bring it on"

"Mr. Morgan, you will have to leave the room"

"Sure. I'll be back when you are done"

"Excuse me Dr. Webber, could I ask you a question about Sam?"

"I will answer it to the best of my ability"

"Why is she having dizzy spells and the blood in her vomit?"

"Dr. Scorpio, is looking into that. We have a couple doctors that are looking after Sam. I did the surgery, Robin is overseeing Sam's case and Dr. Niles is here to check out her hip"

"So, you cannot tell me anything"

"Yes, looks that way. When Dr. Niles comes out you are free to go back in"

The doctor finished looking at Sam and Jason came back in. "So, what is the diagnosis?" he asked

"All is well. She said it was a miracle nothing happened"

"That is good. So, did she know anything about the dizzy spell"

"No. Jason, I am fine. I probably did not get enough sleep.

"Why didn't you say something" he said "How about you sleep, so you can get out of here"

"Will you stay" Sam said pulling the covers down and moving over so he could fit

"Yeah." Jason shut the door and closed the shades, then crawled into bed with Sam. She turned toward him and kissed him. The kiss grew passionate and before they knew it, Jason was on top of her kissing her neck and shoulders. Sam took it a step further and Jason could not say no and began making love to Sam, even though someone could walk in at anytime. About a half hour later, both Sam and Jason were asleep in each others arms. Jason woke up around 7:00 and got himself together to go call Maxie like he said he would.

While Jason was making phone calls, Dr Lee came in. "Why are you here?"

"Sam, Robin called me in to discuss the dizzy spells and vomiting"

"Oh. Okay. Are you saying that I am pregnant?"

"We believe so, but we have to run some tests" She said

"Well at least I am married this time around" Sam said thinking about her wedding to Jason in May

"Oh yes, I never was able to congratulate you on that"

"Thanks. Can we do these tests before Jason's gets back?"

"Of course. I will have someone up to get you shortly"

She was released from the hospital under strict orders, but still did not know if she was pregnant.

A few days later Sam was vomiting again and decided to tell Jason, despite her concerns. "Jase, are you busy?"

"I can take a break. What is going on?"

"I have news. Not sure if it is true, but I figured I should let you know"

"Okay" Jason said taking Sam's hand to sit down on the couch

"I think I am pregnant"

"That is great, isn't it?"

"Well, Dr. Lee is not sure, the test are coming out funky. I called her about feeling sick again and she said she had news. Do you want to come with me?"

"Yeah. I have a meeting, but I can skip it for you"

"Jason, go to your meeting. I will call you with the news"

Dr. Lee/Robin/Sam

"So what is the news?" Sam asked Dr. Lee, but then looked confused as to why Robin came in shortly after "What is going on?"

"Sam, you are not pregnant. I am sorry if you go your hopes up"

"I have learned never to get my hopes up after a while. Plus I figured if I was, the chance of survival would be slim to none"

"Sam, did anyone come with you today" Robin asked

"Can someone please tell me what is going on, you are sort of scaring me"

"I have talked with Dr. Scorpio and Dr. Drake about what happened. Sam you are sick."

"Okay, something I can get over right" her voice became worried

"We are not sure yet." Robin said "Do you want me to call someone?" she added

"Umm, no. What is my diagnosis exactly?"

Dr. Lee looked down and then to Robin. "Sam, you have liver cancer"

"As of now, it looks terminal" Robin said quietly

"I feel sick" Sam said and ran to the nearest bathroom

Robin came in after her and pulled her hair back. "I do not think you should leave the hospital like this. Can I call you someone? What about Spinelli or Maxie?"

"No, I will be fine. Do you mind if I just wait here a while"

"Sure, let me put you in an exam room"

Sam sat in the exam room for about an hour, and then finally decided to leave; she needed to be near the water. Sam got a call from Jason on her way out of the hospital. She answered it, so he would not worry.

"How is everything?"

"No, baby. They misdiagnosed my symptoms. Just the flu."

"Are you disappointed?"

"I do not need a baby to keep me happy. If I was, that would be great, but I am fine"

"You do not sound fine. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. I am going to be at the office late. So I will see you when I come home?"

"Okay. Love you!"

"Bye" Sam said. Jason thought she sounded weird and called Spinelli to keep an eye out for her tonight

Sam stopped at the docks and set near the edge. She heard a noise behind her: it was Carly and Josslyn. "Hi"

"Hi, Sam. Beautiful day isn't it"

"Yes, it would be a great day to be out on the water"

"So how are you?"


"Sam, what is going on" Carly said as she put Josslyn in her 'big girl stroller'

"I cannot tell you, even if I could make the words come out"

"If you need me to keep it a secret from Jason until you are ready to tell him. I can."

"No, I am fine. Plus I already told him. Mind as well tell you then: Dr. Lee thought I may be pregnant and I am not, I just hope Jason is not disappointed"

"He could never be, when it comes to something like that. He knows the risks"

"Yeah. Thanks. I should get going to work"

"Bye Sam"

"Bye girls" Sam said waving


Sam got home at midnight and saw Jason waiting up for her. "Hey, why are you still up"

"Wanted to wait for you"

"Do I have myself a great guy or what?" Sam said as Jason laughed putting his arm around her waist and walking up the stairs

"What would you do if someone you knew had cancer and it was terminal?" Sam said to Jason as they were lying in bed

"Be there for them if they needed me"

"So you will be there for me… if I ever needed you"

"Of course."

"Good, cause I think I would need you"

"Sam, are you okay"

Sam sat up in bed and looked down at him. "I am great, I love you"

"I love you too" Jason said as they cuddled into each other again

About two weeks went by since Sam found out. Her and Jason were doing great, she was solving a bunch of cases and every now and then felt pain and sickness. Sam woke up early one morning and found hair on her pillow. She could not stare at her brush full of hair anymore and decided to go for a run, she had to stop in the park, feeling light-headed and weak. Michael came across her "Sam are you okay?"

"Oh hey. I forgot to thank you personally for finding me when I got into that accident"

"Yeah, well you have saved me enough, it was time to return the favor. You do not look so good, is everything okay"

"Not really, and I do not know who to tell, because they will over react and I cannot take that"

"You can tell me. I am much better at keeping other people's secrets than my own" Sam laughed at his comment

"Are you sure, this is big news"

"Only if you want to let it out"

"Okay, well about two weeks ago I found out that I have terminal liver cancer"

"I do not know what to say."

"Me either. I have no idea what to do. I feel bad for not telling Jason, but I cannot have him pity me. I just wish this was a nightmare I could wake up from"

"Do you want to go get breakfast as Kelly's"

"You Michael, are now my favorite person to talk to. You do not dwell on anything or make a bad situation try to seem better" Sam said

Michael smiled "I try my best!"

Sam and Michael had breakfast at Kelly's and then walked back to the park toward the playground. They sat on the swings and talked about her treatment and worst case scenarios. Michael helped Sam realize she needed to let more people in. She agreed and they started walking toward the Penthouse until Sam felt dizzy and Michael drove her home. "Uncle Jason, are you here"

"Michael, NO. I am not ready yet"

"You agreed" Michael said giving her a stare

"Fine. JASON, are you home"

Sam heard Jason come down the stairs and Michael asked Sam if he wanted her to stay. "Just for a little bit"

"What is going on" Jason said looking inquisitively at the two.

"Sam needs to tell you something important, and you must hear her out fully before you open your mouth"

"Michael knows?"

"Yeah. I needed practice"


"We should sit" Sam said ushering Jason over to the couch next to Michael as she sat on the chair "Jason, I have…" Sam paused

"You can do it, we practiced"

"Okay…Ummm, there is not good way to tell you this and I am sorry for not telling you sooner, I myself am still digesting it"

Jason went to reach for Sam's hand but she pulled back

"I told myself I was not going to cry… Jason I have liver cancer, and it is terminal" She got up fast, because she could not look at Jason's face.

"Sam, you did the right thing, I should get going. Call if you want to talk again. We could do breakfast again." Michael said looking at Sam and then leaving

"Thanks" she called out after him

Jason walked up behind Sam and pulled her into a hug. "I will be there for you, I promise"

Sam looked up at him and leaned up to kiss him. "I"

Jason stopped her "You do not need to explain. I just wish I was there for you"

"I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Can you come?"

"Of course. I love you"

"Can we have Chinese food for dinner or pizza"

"Chinese is perfect. Are you working?"

"I finished up all my cases the past week and have directed all toward Spinelli, I figured Robin would tell me I could not work any longer"

"Okay, well I do not have work. So why don't we just hang out here. Watch some television?"

"Sounds perfect"


"We do not want to sugar-coat this. It is not good, but there is an experimental drug that can take away the terminal diagnosis. Perhaps after chemo, you can be in remission. It is in your blood to beat cancer and other illnesses" Robin said to Sam

"Jason, if it is okay with you, I want to go the experimental route?"

"Sam, this is your body"

"But it is our lives"

"I am with you all the way, no matter what the decision is"

"Robin, sign me up."

"There are side effects, I should tell you before you agree completely"

"No. Just start the treatment"

"Sign here and here. The hospital is not liable for the information you turned down"

"I know"

Robin walked in and gave Sam the shot. "You have to stay here for two nights, make sure you can handle it"

"Okay, can Jason stay"

"Yep. I will see you in the morning"

"How are you feeling?" Sonny asked walking in the room

"Jason call you?" Sam asked looking at Jason sleeping on the chair next to her bed

"He told me, I hope you do not mind"

"No, it is fine. He needed to talk to someone. He is probably mad at me"

"He is worried. Like everyone else"

"You, Jason, Michael and the doctors are the only ones who know"

"Michael knows"

"He was the first person I told, he helped me realize a few things"

"He is good at that."

"So tell me how you are doing"

"So far, so good. But I am worried about him" gesturing toward Jason

"You just need to fight this, and he will be fine"

"Well at least this time, he will have the power to make decisions on my behalf"


"Do you need to talk to him" Sam asked

"No, I came here to see you"

"Thanks, but I will tell him you stopped by". Sonny left and Sam stared at a sleeping Jason before she fell asleep herself. Morning came around 7:45 and Robin came in to check Sam's vitals.

"Everything looks good. Are you ready for the next shot?"

"Bring it on" Sam laughed

"I am surprised Jason is still asleep."

"Me too, but he needs to rest." Robin left and Sam watched T.V until Jason woke up around 9:00 a.m. "Hey, babe"

"I was asleep for quite a while wasn't I?"

"Yeah. You needed it. Speaking of needing it, you should go home and get yourself cleaned up. "I got my second shot about two hours ago, so all looks good"

"I cannot'



"Funny, well if you are going to stay here, you mind as well get in this bed with me"

"Sounds good"

Sam left the hospital once the drug seemed stable for her. The side effects were vomiting but no blood came up and her energy was better. She went for two shots every two weeks, by the 8th shot, they took away the terminal status and by her 20th shot, she was in remission. Jason and Sam were thrilled by the news.

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