Two months. It had been two months since he had finally found his sister and rescued her from the Toguro brothers. He had wanted to kill everyone- everything- but her. She had wanted to hurt the brothers for killing her birds- no, she had wanted to do more than that... but she was the one who could overcome the madness and she would not let Hiei succumb to his demon nature. Yukina put her hand on her stomach as she touched her brother's forehead, wiping away sweat that was close to his Jagan.

Not everything had been bad about the Toguro brothers. The younger Toguro was surprisingly kind when he wasn't with his brother. His demeanor never changed much but... her hands brushed over the scars on her arms. It was better then some of the things they had done to get the jewels that her tears produced. And there was... her cheeks reddened and she shook her head, knowing Hiei was going to wake up soon.

Sometimes, she wondered if he hated her. Once, she even dared to ask him if he hated her. He looked at her like she had grown one million heads and said that she was the one person in the world who was safe from him, the one person whom he loved. He could never hate her, he said… but sometimes, she wondered how he couldn't hate her.

Yukina had made their life difficult. She didn't have it in her heart to kill or even eat meat. Hiei accepted it as a fact in life and became accustomed to gathering food that both of them could eat. On top of her eating habits, she was weak. Her only defense was a freezing cold and as a koorime, many tended to come after her. She knew they were wearing her brother down. Her healing magic could only work so often and they hardly had a chance to rest now. She relied on his strength to get them through everyday safe. Every time she had tried to take the easy way out, he had managed to stop her. She couldn't leave her brother alone in the world. Once he had caught her in the action of attempting suicide, he made her promise to stop.

And she still hadn't managed to tell him more news that would make their lives even more difficult.

"Yukina?" Hiei groaned, shifting slightly.

"Go back to sleep, Hiei," Yukina said.

"But… there's two- no, there's three," Hiei opened his eyes, his hand on his sword. He looked around and his Jagan flared open. She closed her eyes when his eyes settled on her stomach and his eyes widened when he understood what was going on.

Now she wouldn't have to tell him he was an uncle.