"The rules have been decided! It's one on one!"

"Before we start, we're going to proceed with a quick mandatory medical examination. We must ask that you remain patient while we conduct this examination. Thank you," the speakers said.

"A medical examination?" Yusuke asked, looking confused. A demon in a nurse's outfit walked out, looking at Team Urameshi, studying them carefully.

"You… and you," she said, pointing at Hiei and the Masked Fighter. "Come with me please."

"I don't need any check up," Hiei sneered.

"That's not for you to decide," the demon smiled.

"Hurry up!" the crowd shouted.

"He's going to die anyways!"

"Get on with it!"

"Are you injured at all?" the nurse demon asked. "Your stomach doesn't hurt?"

"No. What kind of questions are these? Can I go now?" Hiei asked, annoyed. He'd rather have Yukina attempt to heal him than have this strange demon go anywhere near him.

"You seem to be very stressed. I think you need to relax," she said.

"Feh! I don't need this," Hiei spat, getting off the table. He took another step and before it could touch the ground, he pulled it back when he felt energy on it. He stepped back to find a force field.

"What- what is that?" Yusuke demanded.

"That's a force field," Kurama frowned.

"I'm Ruka," the nurse demon smiled. "Pleased to meet you. This force field of mine will keep you contained here until I deem you fit for battle."

"That force field is deadly," Kurama said. "The slightest movement can kill them."

"After examination, Hiei and the masked fighter are deemed unable to fight!" the speaker system announced. "They will submit to proper medical attention!"

"What? That's fixed!" Yusuke shouted, yelling at the announcer.

"I'm just the announcer! I don't know anything about this!" Koto squeaked.

'It's not necessarily a bad thing…' Kurama thought. 'Hiei and the masked fighter are unable to fight- this could work in our favor…'

"Two against five… Jin, you have it easy," one of the demons in cloaks said. Touya glared at Risho from under the cloak but he didn't notice.

"Nah, I don't think so," Jin said and Touya's eyebrows shot up as he tried to quiet himself from making a noise that would show approval to Jin's actions but he couldn't stop himself from smirking.


"Changed mah mind. I'll fight later," Jin said.

"You can't do that! Jin!" Risho said. "You're going!" He reached out to grab Jin's shoulder. Touya sucked in a breath.

"You know better'n that," Jin glared at Risho, grabbing his hand and applying pressure to it. Risho withdrew his hand instantly. Touya almost rolled his eyes at the immediate one eighty Jin pulled in personality, going from cruel to not caring as he flew over to the side of the arena and settled down to sleep.

'He must be waiting to fight Yusuke,' Touya smiled.

"Fine, I'll go," Gama said. Touya saw Kurama's eyes sharpen in recognition and he smiled, interested in the fight.

"Kurama…" Yusuke said, glancing at the fighter.

"I'd like to tell you I could fight them all on my own… but I don't think it will be that simple," Kurama said. "I'm going to shake them as much as possible… then the rest is up to you." He walked up into the arena without giving Yusuke a chance to say anything more.

Yukina was trying her best to rush down the stands to get to her brother. It was hard, with the demons leering at her and then ones who thought she was trying to steal a better seat. But she didn't care, making her way through the demons, even going as far as to freeze a demon here and there who didn't want to let her through.

"Gama isn't letting up on Kurama!" Koto shouted. "Kurama can barely get an attack in!" Hiei looked over to where his sister was coming down with a raised eyebrow.

"Yusuke," Hiei said. Yusuke turned, confused as to why Hiei was drawing his attention from the fight. He followed Hiei's gaze to Yukina and he nodded in understanding, making his way over to the demon, glaring at a few who tried to object. Hiei never took his eyes off his sister, filing the faces of the demons who were annoyances to his sister for later.

"Yukina?" Hiei asked but Yukina's attention was on the healer.

"Let me heal them," Yukina said determinedly. Hiei looked at his captor, daring her to object to his sister.

"I'm sorry, I can't allow that," Ruka said. "Why don't you go back to your seat and enjoy the fighting, little girl?" Hiei and Yusuke both bristled, neither hearing Touya's explanation of how Gama's magic affected Kurama. Yukina's eyes froze over.

"Why don't you let me heal my brother?" Yukina asked, staring the woman down. Hiei and Yusuke stood wearily, watching the stare down. When the crowd erupted into a cheer, only then did they turn around.

"Kurama!" Hiei and Yusuke shouted as they saw Gama lunging at him but at the last second, Kurama's rose whip moved, tangled in his hair, cutting Gama to shreds.

"What? With his hair?" Gama choked, stepping away from Kurama. "I underestimated your abilities…"

"This fight is over. Stop talking. Withdraw and get medical attention," Kurama said.

"It's not the end. I'm not finished just yet," Gama smirked.

"I'm still faster than you. Don't waste your breath," Kurama said. Touya's heart skipped a beat as Gama charged at Kurama. So he really did mean to...



"Gama?" Touya looked up.

"I'm going to die here," Gama said.

"What?" Touya demanded. "Gama, we'll win! We'll get the light-"

"No, Touya. You're a fool if you think we can beat Team Toguro," Gama chuckled. "No, I want to die here, on this island. Where the light is. And I want you to fight after me."

"What? Why?" Touya asked.

"You know my abilities remain active for ten minutes. That's time I want to give to you. I'll be damned if I give it to Bakken or Risho and Jin ain't gonna need it," Gama said. "Do you accept?"

"I accept," Touya said quietly after a pause.

"Be strong Touya. Your ice maiden will need you," Gama said, getting up to leave. Touya turned around instantly, about to question Gama how he knew about Yukina but he was already out of earshot.

"Stop! Do you really want to die?" Kurama demanded, avoiding Gama's attacks.

"We'll start the countdown!" Koto announced when Gama was on the ground, unable to get up anymore. Touya swallowed as Gama started laughing.

"You're done for," Gama said.

"How so?" Kurama asked.

"You paid attention to my paintbrush but you forgot about my blood!" Gama grinned. "The secret of my magic is in it. I took a risk but it was calculated. You're abilities are sealed!" Touya closed his eyes, steeling himself to be a warrior in the ten minutes Gama had left him.