Chapter 1

Five Years Ago

This vacation is going worse than I thought it would, Sonny thought to herself angrily, as she watched Chad saunter away from the beach with, yet again, another blond bimbo.

"What was the point of this whole 'Mackenzie Falls and So Random' beach vacation?" Sonny muttered to herself. Although she knew the vacation was going great for her cast mates and the Mackenzie Falls people.

Sonny still hated the fact that everyone was beginning to get along, everyone except herself. She looked around as everyone, from both sets, were having some pretty good beach fun. They were all playing volleyball or splashing around on the beach, whereas Sonny was sitting all alone in a brightly colored beach chair.

"It's a good thing I brought a book," Sonny, exasperatedly, took her book, Perfect Chemistry, our of her So Random beach bag.

As Sonny was reading, she couldn't help but think of Chad. As much as she hated him, she couldn't help but try to deny the way he made her body feel. As long as Chad was in the same room with her, she would begin to feel her heart racing. Being at a beach did not help either. Seeing Chad in nothing but swim trunks made Sonny feel more turned on than she should. She felt more jealously than hatred when she saw him walking away with that slut. Frustrated, Sonny gathered her stuff and headed back to her hotel room.

To Sonny's surprise, she found her hotel room door slightly ajar. She stepped in cautiously, picking up a small book lamp in the process. She heard the shower running. I did not leave that one, she thought anxiously as she tried to remember when she last left her room. Crap, I left the door open, and of that she was sure. As she peered into the open bathroom, she saw a pair of swim trunks lying casually on the floor, with the initials CDC embroidered in them. Sonny felt herself blush a deep shade of red when she realized Chad was in her shower, naked. Suddenly, the water turned off and the shower curtain was pulled back. There was a slight look of shock on Chad's face, when he noticed Sonny standing awkwardly inside the bathroom with him. As soon as he saw it was her, his mouth went into the perfect smirk, completely unashamed of his body.

"Hey Sonny," Chad said casually to Sonny.

"Hi. . ." She trailed off.

Chad stepped out of the shower and took a proud step toward Sonny, noticing how she kept looking up and down his body.

Sonny felt her body feel completely alert as she stared at Chad. She began to stare at his lips, then moved down to his perfectly sculpted abs. Sonny had to breathe deeply to compose herself. She felt her knees wobble slightly because she had never seen a naked man before, and she knew Chad was all man by one look at his cock.

"Intimidated, are you?" Chad said, amused by Sonny's reaction.

Although standing so close to Sonny, who was wearing nothing but a bikini, made his body react in the exact way her body was beginning to feel. Chad was suddenly very horny as he looked down into her partially covered chest. He knew that Sonny must feel how horny he was.

"Chad, you're naked."

"And you, Sonny, are wearing too many clothes." He said while giving her his crooked grin.

"I'm only wearing a bikini," Sonny said, defensively.

"That is exactly my point." Chad said while winking at her.

Sonny felt her heart begin to beat erratically and was sure Chad could hear it too. Not only was her heart behaving weird, but she felt her crotch begin to pulsate, as she was getting more and more hot.

She took an uneasy step back.

"What are you doing in my room, Chad?" Sonny wondered aloud as she tried to ignore his body so close to hers.

"I lost my key card and your door was open."

"And so you had to take a shower."

"Didn't think you would be back so soon, although I'm glad you are." He took another step toward her, and let his hand trail down her neck, to the side of her ribs. Chad wanted nothing more than to take Sonny right then and there. He leaned in to nip her neck. Sonny had no idea what to do. She had only kissed guys before, never anything more.

"Let's make this interesting, shall we?" He muttered against her neck, as he began to bite her roughly, and then softly lick her. Sonny's breathing became uneven and the lamp cluttered noisily to the ground. He then reached behind her to grab the phone. Sonny watched as he dialed room service, momentarily sad that his lips left her neck.

"Can we have some chocolate syrup sent up to room 307?" Chad took a glance at Sonny who watched him with bright eyes and added, "Asap please." And hung up.