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-00Spirited Away00

The wind blew gently as I looked at the school in awe. My old school was never as big as this one. My name is Hikari Higurashi, I had just moved to Castanet Island to live with my brother who was now out of school to work at the farm where we lived. I wanted to help my brother but I had to finish my last year of school, which I didn't find very pleasing. I had to leave my friends who threw me a party the day before I left. I had two weeks left before the end of the school year so to me it was a lovely time to go to a new school. I begged my brother to skip the last two weeks but he told me that I needed to check out the school and get used to it. I sighed quietly and walked toward the building. When I walked into the office, I noticed no one was at the school yet. Guess that was what I got for listening to my brother. I went over to the main desk and saw a girl probably around my brother's age sitting at the desk. Her hair was brown and her bangs were parted at one side, she wore what looked like a maid outfit. She looked up at me with big brown eyes and smiled.

"Hello. You're the new girl right."

I smiled "Yes."

"Good. Its nice to see a new face around waffle island. Let me look for your schedule."

She got up and walked to the back of the room. I waited quietly, I heard footsteps coming out of a different room, I guy around my age walked out of one of the back rooms, he walked over to a desk and looked threw some papers without even noticing I was there. He wore a regular school uniform that all the kids wore here, he had bright blond hair and ocean blue eyes. I stared in awe, he was very cute looking, suddenly he looked over at me. I stood frozen as we stared at each other for a few moments, his eyes stared at me like daggers. The girl at the desk walked back out, he broke his gaze from mine and looked toward her.

She grinned "Oh Gil, this is Hikari. She will be in your class. Did you say hello?"

All he did was grunt, pick up the pares he was looking at and walked out of the room. I thought about what I said, he was very cute, but his attitude ruined his looks all together.

She mumbled "What a jerk." then turned to me and smiled "Don't be bothered by Gill. He is what we call 'anti-social' at first but he is okay when you get to know him."

"How do you know...?" I asked shyly.

She giggled "I don't, but if you think about it, everyone has to have a soft side."

We both laughed a bit, she continued "My name is Elli, I work here most of the time so if you need anything let me know." She handed me my room number and my uniform.

"Thank you."

The halls started to fill with kids. I looked ready to go here, I had my books, and my uniform. Usually I like to look slightly different so I a navy ribbon in my hair. I looked at the paper with my room number, I guess I wasn't looking and I bumped into someone. We both dropped our books, I quickly dropped to the ground to pick up mine, and the person's books.

"I...I'm sorry." I looked up and met a familiar pair of blue eyes. I blushed slightly from embarrassment and handed him his books.

"Just watch where you are going." His voice was cold, then turned and walked away. I went back down and picked up the rest of my things. Someone knelled next to me and picked up my last book. I looked up to see a boy with messy peach hair and violet eyes.

He smiled gently "Sorry about Gill."

I looked at him still "Um...its okay."

"My name is Chihaya. You are the new student, our teacher told us about right?"

"Yes...I'm Hikari."

"Nice to meet you." He looked at my room number "Looks like we are in the same class."

"...With Gill right? Elii told me I was."

"Yeah, you'll get use to him. Come one I'll tell you about our class."

He told me all the kids in our class, the class was for certain students who got a certain grade point average. I learned that Gill was the son of the mayor of this town, which was probably why he was so stuck up in attitude. He had the highest grade in the class and never talked very often. I learned that every summer our class made a trip to an island off of Castanet. It sounded exciting to me. We both walked into our class and sat down. The teacher came in once the bell rung, she looked at me and smiled.

"Looks like we have a new student."

She had short orange hair and purple eyes.

"My name is Colleen. I'll be your teacher. Do you mind coming up here and introducing yourself."

I walked up in front of the class and smiled "My name is Hikari Higurashi. It is a pleasure to meet you all." I did a small bow. I heard a few of the guys mumbling. I became slightly nervous and blushed slightly, I walked over to my seat and sat next to Chihaya. I sighed and noticed who was the one behind me, it was Gill. The world loved me today. School went by quickly, I scribbled some notes, Colleen had a test planned and said i didn't have to take it, I said I could and I noticed that Gill tensed up. I was a straight A student at my old school, maybe he saw me as a rival or something. After school Chihaya walked with me for a bit, we talked about there usual days. Chihaya wanted to be a chef so he moved here because of a lady named Yolanda, who I learned was Colleen's mother and a girl in our class named Mai's grandma. Yolanda was a great chef and Chihaya became her apprentice. We made it to his house and then my cell rang. It was Yuki, my brother.

I opened my cell and right away I heard him yell "Where are You?!"

"Um...at a friends house."

"Well get over here!"


"Don't ask questions! Just get over here!"

I sighed "Sorry...my brother needs me."

"Its fine. See ye."


I ran as fast as I could, I knew it wasn't very important, I just didn't want him nagging me to death. I slammed into to someone who I ended up on top of.

I moaned from the impact, I looked up and saw none other that Gill.

Why always him?! I shouted in my head. I noticed he was blushing like crazy, and so was I. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever.

"Um...can you get off?" he finally said in a annoyed tone.

I scrambled off of him and picked up the book I was holding. He held out a hand to help me up. I was surprised, that was the nicest thing he has done for me ever. I took it and he lifted me up then he said "Again, watch where you are going, next time you do that I won't be as nice." He whipped around and started to walk. I stared at him, then without turning his head, he yelled "Weren't you in a hurry for something?" as if he had eyes in the back of his head. Then it hit me that Yuki wanted to talk to me.

"Oh!...Thank You!" I shouted, and ran toward my house. I froze in front of it and tried to catch my breath.

"Hikari?" I heard a annoyed mumble.

I turned to see a small black and white calf and Yuki trying to lift it up.

"Help me...please." he said.

I giggled and grabbed some grass, I walked into the house, got some milk and ran back out. I lured the calf into the barn and gave her the milk.

"How did you get a cow?"

He wiped sweat off his head "This guy named Cain at Horn Ranch gave her to me. We can milk her, and even ride her when she gets older."

"That's so cute."

"I knew you wanted to take care of the animals we get...so here you go."

I hugged him "Thanks Yuki."

He sighed and looked at the almost past out calf "So what will we name her? She is yours after all."

I thought "Cream."


"I think it's a cute name."

"Okay then. I'm naming the next animal though."

"You won't name it Yuki."

He pouted "Why?"

"Its stupid."

"Sheesh! You can be so unfair at times."

I smiled "I know, but without me, you would be in some deep water."

"Name one time."

I stared at him "Remember the incident with the chocolate and the horse radish?"

He turned as pale as a ghost "I told you not to mention that again."

"You told me to name a time-"


I giggled "Okay."

We sat at the dinner table talking about our days. I heard a knock at the door, Yuki was silent for a second, he got up and walked to the door. In the door way was a small, plump old man. He wore a blue suit and had blue eyes, his hair looked like the top of a sundae.

"Hello Yuki."

"Oh...Hikari come here."

I walked over, the man was super small, I wanted to giggle a bit, but I held it in.

"Hikari, this is Mayor Hamilton. Hikari is in your son's class Mayor."

"Hello Hikari, its nice to meet you, Yuki has told me a lot about you."

I smiled "It's nice to meet you too. Castanet is a very pretty place."

"Thank you, you should also thank your brother for making the land like this."

I learned that Yuki had rung some bells to bring the beauty and power back to Castanet.

"So Hikari, how do you like the high school?"

"It's very interesting, thank you."

"Gill has told me about you to, you are the first girl to actually catch his eye."

I stared at him "What did he say?"

"Oh nothing bad." he was lying "I'm sure you know how to get to his heart."

He winked, I just stared, he was trying to get me to seduce Gill?

"Anyway, Yuki here is the list of festivals that will be going on for the year, you can also watch Harmonica station as well if you would like."

He was definitely trying to get me to seduce Gill, Yuki told me that he was on Harmonica Station to announce festivals going on in Castanet.

"I hope you enjoy Castanet High Hikari."

I smiled slightly "Thank you."

That night I tried to sleep, I had my own room, thanks to Yuki for upgrading his house. Gill was a weird guy, he would be mean...yet nice to me at the same time. I looked at the way he treated the others and knew he treated me differently, I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I sighed and moved around in my bed till I found a comfy spot to sleep. I knew this year would be full of surprises.

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