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"So...you're leaving?" He stared down at me.

It had been a week since the Christmas fest. It took me a while to come up for what I had to say to him and here it was.

"Yeah...but...not forever...just a year and a half." I was scared. What would he do now? I kept tears back so he wouldn't think I was a wimp.

"Well...um...okay...I'm happy for you."

Was that all? Why did he only say that?

"Do you...hate me now."

"What? Why would you say that?"

"I...I thought you would be mad."

He stared at me for a few seconds then smiled slightly "You over think things like that. I'm not mad, I feel happy that you get to do something like that."

"You're...happy? Is that all? You...aren't mad."

"I'm not mad...but I am kind of sad that I won't see you for a while." He still kept the small smile on his face.

"Sorry..." I whispered. Tears started coming.

"Quit apologizing. It's fine, we will see each other again. Why are you crying?"

"I...didn't want to make you sad..."

He chuckled "Well...that's what happens when someone you love goes away."

I blushed slightly and wiped a few tears away "Part of me doesn't want to go."

"Well...you're going to, or else I will be mad. I'm not letting you throw away something like that." He put his hand on the side of my face and wiped away most of the tears.

I just stared at the ground, then he hugged me "I am sad that you're leaving for a while, but I know we are going to see each other again okay?"

I nodded, then after a couple of seconds he said "When you get back, you're going to have to tell me every detail of your trip."

I giggled "Got it."

It was finally the night before my trip. I looked through the rucksack, the backpack, and the suitcase to make sure I had to make sure I had everything.

"All set." I said with a grin. Then something caught my eye, I looked at saw a familiar sakura seashell on my vanity. I smiled and put it in my rucksack.

"Now I'm all set!"

Gill's POV

I stared at the ceiling for a long time. I felt a deep pain in my chest. Why was I so upset that she was leaving? I know I would see her again...though...a year and a half sounds very far away from now. I heard my phone beep and I checked it.

I'm all set for tomorrow :)!!! Are you going to be there when I go? I mean I know you are busy and all so I was just wondering ^_^'.


I smiled, she tried too hard at times. I texted her back and tried to sleep. Hearing from her always made me feel more relaxed, even before we were dating. I tried to think positive about her leaving. We would still text and call each other. I definitely will see her again. She will bring back a bunch of stories about her trip, and hopefully some souvenirs. While thinking about them, I started drifting into a deep sleep.

Hikari's POV

My alarm rung and I sprang out of bed. I know when I go to the dock, I would see everyone there to say goodbye. I got my clothes on and went out to the barn.

"Hey guys, sorry to wake you." Koji gave a nay.

I went up to him "Be good for Yuki okay? Don't give him any problems." I gave him a carrot.

I walked over to Cream "Make sure you move when Yuki tells you to." She gave a moo in amusement.

I went over to Miki "I can't wait to see you all grown up when I get back. Behave when I'm gone okay?" She gave a sweet little baa and laid back down. I smiled and walked out.

Yuki was waiting for me "Ready?"


While we were walking he decided to talk "I hope you have a good time."

"Thanks Yuki. Please don't hurt yourself with the drinks and stuff."

He grinned "Actually I'm thinking about quitting that habit, so you won't have to worry about me as much."

I smiled "I'd like to hear how it goes when I get back."

His grin grew "Don't worry, I'll be sober!"

I giggled. When we made it to the dock, sure enough everyone was there. When I told my friends about the news, they were upset that I was leaving but they were excited for me...it took me a few days to actually get excited about the trip.

My friends like Kathy, Lena, and Kotomi gave me hugs.

"You better bring souvenirs from your trip!" Was all Roomi said.

"Hope you have a good time Hikari." Chihaya grinned.

I smiled "Thanks!" Next thing I knew, he hugged me.

Mark then came up to me "Be safe okay? I don't want my farming buddy to get into trouble." He did a silly grin.

I giggled "Don't worry I won't."

I looked around and noticed that Gill wasn't there.

"He is probably just late." Yuki whispered.

"I hope so."

After saying all my goodbyes...except one person. The boat would be here any minute now and my mom wouldn't wait. Every minute that passed meant the closer I have to leaving...and less chance that Gill would come and say goodbye. I looked around nervously, praying he would come.

Gill's POV

"Son of a bitch!" I mumbled. I was late, Hikari would be leaving soon. I slipped a black shirt and some pants on and ran outside as fast as I could.

"Please still be there." I mumbled.

I turned a corner and saw the dock. I saw Hikari talking to a few of her friends. I felt relieved when I saw her. I ran over to them and ended up almost collapsing.

I tried to catch my breath, and managed to say "Sorry...I'm late..."

"Gill!" Her face brightened up. She jumped over to me and hugged me.

"Sorry for making you worry." I said.

Her grin grew "It's okay. I'm just glad you are here now."

"The boat is arriving!" Pascal shouted. We both looked over and saw a boat coming toward us.

"That boat is going to take you around the world?" Luke asked, kind of bummed.

I glared at him while Hikari giggled "No, my mom was going to pick me up. This boat is going to take me to where the cruise ship is."

He sighed "That's a relief. I really thought for a sec that your trip was a big rip off."

The boat finally made it to the dock and a women walked off the boat. She looked around early to mid thirties in age, but she was still very pretty. She wore a bright blue blouse and kaki capris. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and looked around the same color as Yuki's hair but she had Hikari's honey brown eyes. She smiled slightly at Hikari.

"Hello Hikari. It's been a while since I've seen you."

Hikari smiled slightly "Hi mom..."

When she turned to Yuki, Yuki tried to act all mature, all she said was "Yuki." with a nod. He seemed bummed after that.

She turned back to Hikari "Are you ready?"

"Um...yes...just give me a few seconds..."

She looked over at me, then back at Hikari "Okay. Yuki, can you help me with her things?"

"Um...sure." He took all her things.

Hikari turned back at me and reached into her pocket "Here."

She handed me a silver necklace with a blue crystal at the end "It was my grandma's. I use it for good luck...you can borrow it if you want."

I blushed "Why would I want it?"

She smiled "You want to become mayor right? A little extra luck can't hurt."

I smiled "Thanks. I keep it with me always."

Hikari's POV

After he said that he pressed his lips against mine. I was sad, I didn't want it to end, I didn't want to leave. There was no way he would let me stay though. When he parted he grinned at me.

I smiled back "Can you do one thing for me?"

"What is it?"

"Yuki wants to become...sober...can you make sure he does stop drinking."

He smirked "If he does, I'll make him suffer."

I laughed "Thanks." I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hikari...time to go." My mom said.

"Oh...okay." I turned to him "I'll...see you later?"

He smiled warmly "Definitely."

I grinned back, then turned and walked on the boat. I waved to my friends as we left.

"You have an interesting group of friends Hikari." My mom said "Yuki told me that you guys have a bunch of weird things happen when you are together."

I started giggling "You have no idea." Then I looked back at the island that was soon to be out of sight "And I have a feeling there will be plenty more when I get back."

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