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Naruto understood many things. It would be surprising how many things he knew. He knew the majority of the village hated him but did nothing to outright harm him for fear of his father. It would not be a shock to many to find out who Naruto's father was, they looked almost exactly alike. But people would still be shocked that Naruto knew his father was the Hokage seeing as they had never met as father and son.

Naruto lived by himself in a small and grungy apartment that everyone else had moved out of. The one thing the apartment could boast though was a perfect view of the Hokage monument, which Naruto hated.

Naruto hated a lot of things. He hated his father and mother. He had never met them but he had seen them. Both ignored him and instead doted on his twin sibling, though he had given up his hate for her, seeing as she never knew of him. He hated his name that they had given him, he was Naruto Tate (Maelstrom Shield) and he had been trained to protect the village he despised and he had hated as far back as he could remember in his seven years of life.

The one person he cared for in any manner, even if he knew the man would never return the feelings, was his teacher Itachi Uchiha. The man was cold and indifferent with him but he was also that way with everyone and the fact he was treated as a person by the man, even if the man was cold, had endeared him to Naruto.

Naruto realized something though. He was being set up for a fall, probably by the advisors who had always wanted him dead or to lose all his emotions not just trained to go on ANBU missions.

He had been told to enter the Uchiha district and report to Itachi. The strange thing was that he had been told to enter through the front and not sneak in, that was his first clue. The second clue was when Itachi started killing his family. Naruto had no love of them but he realized that he was meant to take the fall for Itachi's actions or be killed by his mentor.

The one thing he realized was that for every disaster there was always a way to come out ahead and Naruto decided to try to come out ahead on this one.

He formed a shadow clone and gave it all his explosive notes before it went back out the main entrance and made sure it was seen by several people to enter his apartment. He formed a few more clones to get as many children gathered up as possible, they would help him as they grew and developed. The last set of clones he sent to start extracting as many sharingan eyes and jutsu scrolls as there were available.

He noticed Itachi leaving over the walls of Konoha and quickly left with several scrolls storing who and what he needed. After he got outside the walls he created and dispersed a clone to send his message and waited until a large explosion was heard from the area of his apartment.

He chuckled silently at the opportunity Konoha had granted him.


"What happened tonight Hokage-sama?" asked Hiashi Hyuga.

"Several things. Firstly The Uchiha clan was nearly destroyed. The lone survivor we have found is Sasuke who is the younger brother of Itachi and is currently in a coma. Itachi has been implicated through a few witnesses and his behavior prior to the massacre. But there are several issues besides the obvious that have arouse from the situation. Almost all of the clan that had active sharingan's had their eyes removed to harvest them. There also appears to be five children age four to six that are missing from the body count that we hope to find hiding somewhere," the blonde Hokage stated to the stunned crowd.

"The other issue that has arisen was that Naruto Tate was seen entering and leaving the Uchiha compound during the massacre. But shortly before we discovered the slaughter the boy's apartment was demolished, as was the entire surrounding block. Witnesses currently place Naruto in his apartment, as do the security seals. It is currently thought that Naruto went to see Itachi and interrupted the killing. Hoping to buy himself some time Naruto was placed into a very powerful genjutsu and made to leave and then commit suicide to provide a further distraction to Itachi's get away. This is all in the power of the sharingan and what makes it more likely is that Naruto was Itachi's student and so Itachi would know how to handle him properly," Minato finished to the stunned council.

"So you mean to say we have lost one of our most powerful shinobi's who in turn killed off his powerful clan and the village's weapon?" said one of the stunted council members.

"Yes," Minato said before everybody started yelling and cursing.


"He's gone Kushina. Gone!! I never got to explain or make amends to him," cried the Namikaze head in the arms of his wife who was holding back tears as well.

"Do you think he would've understood? I can't help but think he would just blow us off for what we did or try and kill us. Not that I don't think we would have deserved it," Kushina Namikaze said.

"I don't know. We can only hope we can make it up to him when we pass on," Minato said as he cried for his fallen son he could never hold. He promised to at least honor his son with his addition onto the monument as a Namikaze and a eulogy that identified him as his son.


(Five years Later-Wave)

Kakashi lead his team and client towards the bridge that was under construction. His team had the top two student overall and the worse student overall. He was sad to say that the best student he had was Sasuke Uchiha who was arrogant and trying to get with his sensei's little girl, the arrogant child wanted her for breeding and even said so. His other students were female. One was the Hokage's, and his sensei's, child Akina Namikaze who looked much like her mother but was much too serious for her own good and also seemed to have a curiosity about her because of her insulated life. She had become somewhat introverted after the fact she had a brother she never knew got out, she had been angry with her parents but had forgiven them eventually. The last of his students was a pink haired girl named Sakura Haruno. She would have been one of the better students if the academy hadn't switched to better physical requirements a few years ago but she was coming along fine in his opinion.

As he approached the bridge and saw some extremely thick mist and was immediately on guard for what could happen before he heard some laughing coming from the mist.

"So the Konoha shinobi did show up, just like you said they would Zabuza. My proposal is still on the table, all you have to do is defeat me and you get all the money you'll ever need, otherwise you join me," said a figure off to one side, away from the other two figures that Kakashi identified as Zabuza and the hunter-nin.

"And I have said that once my employer releases me I'll have our little fight," the bandaged man said.

Kakashi looked over at the new comer who did not seem to be in a threatening position leaning off to one side. What shocked him was the person looked as old as his students but was challenging a former member of the seven-swordsmen and the swordsmen was taking it serious. The figure though was covered in a cloak that hid anything to identify him by but the voice was distinctly male.

"Oh, sorry Hatake-san. Zabuza seems to be a bit stubborn and won't listen to reason. Please keep him alive as he is to be my trophy from this adventure but other than that you can do what you want," the figure said.

Kakashi just glanced his way before refocusing on Zabuza after one last glance at his genin before the battle began.


Kakashi was lining up for his kill shot towards the former Mist-nin. He had to hurry up because his two good students where either knocked out or nearly there from Zabuza's apprentice. As he charged his chidori the strange figure that had been lounging until know moved to his side.

"Don't go doing that, I thought I told you to leave him alive," The boy said before breaking Kakashi's arm, causing the jutsu to fail. Kakashi was kicked away before clapping was heard on the bridge.

It was revealed that Zabuza had been betrayed by his employer. Before Zabuza or his helper could do anything though. The cloaked figure stepped forward.

"Leave these guys to me; I also came here to take care of this pest problem. He was causing a little trouble for my village and so he is my target," the figure said before withdrawing a metal collapsible staff from beneath his cloak and charging.

The next few minutes could only be described as a slaughter of the thugs. Only Gato was left and he was quickly finished off before the person flipped through a few hand seals and all the bodies burned to ash.

The boy came back to where Zabuza and now Haku was and told them to pack up as they were coming with him. Both nodded and went to their hideout to prepare. The figure looked towards the gawking figures on the bridge and all the villager's who had shown up.

"I will now bid you all ado as I must raid Gato's bases for anything and everything I want. Just so you know the River Lord saved you today and if you want a repeat performance do not hesitate to call at Derutagakure (village hidden in the delta(hopefully like river mouth)) in River country," the figure called before leaving. The Konoha shinobi and their client went back to the bridge builder's home to rest.


The Hokage was very disturbed about this River Lord who had created a hidden village in what was considered his backyard without his knowledge and had apparently recruited two powerful people under his command in Wave and was now coming to the Chunin exams if the forms he had before him were correct. Deruta was sending two teams with Zabuza as one jonin-sensei and this River Lord as the other. The letter also said they came to talk about possible alliances but nothing was concrete.

Minato just sighed before rubbing him eyes tiredly and waiting for the headache of his job to leave him.


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