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Hana and her three dogs walked with her husband's entourage. They had crossed from Fire country into his domain of River country about an hour ago. They had been heading steadily closer to the ocean since then. The salt had bothered her sensitive nose at first but she had started to grow use to it over the time, although there was still a little twitch every time the wind shifted in a way that brought an abundance of the substance towards her.

She stole a glance at her still covered husband. He was such much a mystery to her. She didn't know his name, his likes, his dislikes or anything about his past.

"Hana, I know this has all been a rush to you and everything has happened fast, but I will treat you like a good husband would and I hope you will grow to love me. Everything you want to know will be explained in a little over a month's time. For now you should look upon your new home," the mysterious man spoke as the crested a hill to look upon the delta and village before them.

The delta had many different islands that made up the village. A ferry took people from both sides of the river to an island in on the upper part of the river that seemed to be a warehouse and market district. The next several islands seemed to house some factories and poor residential areas, the next few had the upper class and clan homes, although many of the residential islands seemed to have a sparse population. The farthest and hardest to get to held the tower and other administrative buildings along with the shinobi academy and shinobi library. All the islands had walls that got progressively thicker and taller the more towards the tower. Small bridges connected each island through an armored gateway.

Hana stood impressed with how the village was constructed and attempted to walk on the water towards the tower when a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"You don't think we made it that easy to pass our check points, did you?" asked the amused sounding River Lord to the slightly embarrassed Hana.


It was the first night in the family room of her new home and she did not know what her husband was expecting but she had been informed that he needed an heir soon and as such she would need to be bedded by him sometime.

"Hana, I want to first tell you that my need for an heir is not as prevalent as I led the Hokage to believe. All will be explained when we go back to visit Konoha just after the Chunin exams. Now then, the reason I wanted this marriage to go through so fast was so that I could take you out of Konoha because it is about to get invaded and I did not want any unfortunate accidents to happen," River Lord explained.

"But I should be back there helping if that is true," Hana replied.

"I could not risk that. Plus they will be prepared and I am sending some help. We will return after the conflict and then I will explain myself to the Hokage and my mother-in-law," he replied.

"Now I will be gone for a while organizing our forces and other things. I want you to get to know the village and to train with some of the jutsu from the library. If you are interested I can our head medic help you learn some more techniques," he continued.

"Thank you, but could I rest for now?" she said to the man.

"Sure, your room is down the hall on the left, mine is across the way," the man replied before heading towards the kitchen.


(One Month Later)

"Daimyo-san, I have need to talk to you about some very important things," said the River Lord as he barged into the palace room that his shinobi had secured.

"Why have you done this? War will follow!" yelled an enraged Wind Daimyo at the man who was now sitting in front of him as the man's men surrounded him.

"But war is already here. As of an hour ago the army of Suna attacked Konoha along with a village led by Orochimaru. This means Wind has attacked an ally of River and therefore is at war with my country. I am attempting to end the war with very little bloodshed by taking out the opposing leadership. At this moment my men have secured all the important parts of you city and the majority of your samurai and shinobi forces here were caught before my men even came here. Now as I see it you have a few choices; one is to defy me in which I kill you and bring in you eldest son, who if he defies me will be killed and the next child will be brought in until we find a future leader who will do what is necessary; two is you can sign this document signing over all territorial, economic and military might to my country where I can make you a governor and you can live peacefully. By the way I have also taken advantage of the fact that Suna sent most of their men away and I am also holding negotiations with them at this time, so do not think rescue is coming," stated the smug robed man in front of the angered and distraught Daimyo.

"I have no course but to sign I see," the man said.

"Just how it was suppose to be," was the reply.

"May I know the name of my new lord?" the man asked.

"But of course. I am know as the River Lord, I was once the Bane of Konoha, the Demon of the Northern Border, the Deathly Wind Reaper is what Grass still calls me, but those are all titles. My name is …"


(One Week Later)

"Our plan seems to have worked well River Lord. Many Suna shinobi were captured between our forces, including their demon host. Oto was crippled and Orochimaru himself was injured by me," said the blonde Hokage.

"Yes and I have some news for you that I believe would best be heard if your wife and my mother-in-law were here," the robed man said.

"What news is that?" the Hokage asked as he leaned forward looking at his guests before him. The robed River Lord just tilted his head to the side towards his wife before replying.

"That is best left until they arrive."

The Hokage nodded and sent for the two requested people before the room was left in an uncomfortable silence, which the River Lord seems not to notice if his humming was any indication.

When the two women arrived and sat on the couch the River Lord finally began.

"First of all I will say that Suna and Wind Country are no longer independent political entities."

Everyone else in the room blinked and looked wide eye at him.

"During the invasion I secured the surrender of the village and the country it resides in with a strategic strike at the council of Suna and the Daimyo of Wind. Both are now a part of River Country. With that said I will be taking the Suna prisoners back to their new home, although I will be leaving fair compensation with Konoha for their loses at their hands. I will also be lowering all my exports to this country to help you get back on your feet," the River Lord said.

"This is very interesting. Did you plan this from the beginning of our talks?" asked the Hokage.

"A little before but I would expect you as a shinobi would understand the use of some under handed tactics. Besides what did you lose? A traitorous ally. What did you gain? A much stronger ally and better trade. I think of this as a win-win for everybody on this side," said the man in an amused tone. The Hokage reluctantly nodded to the man's assertion, he just didn't like getting played.

"Now for the big announcement," The River Lord said to the confused looking group. "Hokage-san, will you pull out your copy of the treaty and read Section H subsection 5 for me please."

The Hokage searched his desk before pulling out the document and looking for the part he was asked to look at. "If either village has, prior to the signing of this document, accepted into their ranks a missing-nin either hunted by or from the other village the shinobi or kunoichi in question is to be taken out of their bingo books and have all their sins to the grieved village forgiven. Henceforth the shinobi or kunoichi in question will not be hunted or sought after and any attempt to do so is cause for reparations to be paid to their village and family… Why bring this up?"

"Only because I wish to tell you something you may find fascinating. My real name was formerly Naruto Tate. You revealed I was your son and renamed Naruto Namikaze and as per my request when I married I became Naruto Inuzuka, your newest ally and husband to one Hana Inuzuka," said the newly revealed Naruto after he had thrown off his hat and undone his bandages.

Naruto then smirked and looked at the red haired woman on the couch and said in an insincere voice "Miss me mom."


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