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"Jeff, stop being obnoxious."

The younger Hardy looked up at his older brother, quirking a brow. "What am I doing?"

Matt slipped his shirt over his head as the rest of the guys in the locker room either got dressed or undressed for promos. Jeff was sitting on the wooden bench against a row of lockers, munching on an apple and talking to Hunter at the same time, who was putting some stuff away in his locker.

"You're talking with your mouth full; it's disgusting."

While the brothers usually bicker, it's very lovingly, and they always make sure to let the other know that. But recently, Matt's been in a shit mood and was doing his absolute best to avoid taking it out on other people, but sometimes Jeff could be so annoying.

Shawn watched Jeff's pretty face go from thoughtful to defeated, his green eyes dulling a little. He had stopped telling Hunter the story he was speaking of before.

"Relax, Matt, he was talking to Hunter, not you," he hadn't meant to make it sound harsh, but it was true.

The brunette turned around to glance at Shawn over his shoulder, but brushed him off. He knew all three men were protective over Jeff, so he couldn't exactly blame Shawn for stepping up.

He looked down at his little brother sadly, and messed up his hair. Jeff smiled up at him as Shawn overlooked. That was their secret language - it was like all was forgiven just now without so much as a spoken word.

But he couldn't help but feel jealous.


Hunter and Shawn were in their hotel room after shooting the promos, both pretty wiped out. Shawn was lying down on the bed with his hands folded behind his head and Hunter was looking for a change of clothes for the shower.

"Have you noticed how Matt's been acting lately?" Shawn asked his best friend.

Hunter scoffed, "You mean, how he's acting like a chick with two vaginas on her period? Yeah, I've noticed his persistant barking."

"You think he gets on Jeff's case a lot?" He chose to ignore the other man's joking.

"I guess," Hunter shrugged, "I mean, he took a swing earlier today from Matt. Why are you so concerned?"

Shawn shook his head but didn't answer, and turned on the bed, his back facing Hunter.

The older male rolled his eyes, "Christ, you guys are such girls."


Jeff gently tugged at his lower lip with his teeth, clicking the pen in his hand nervously.

He wanted so bad to talk to Matt to find how why he was acting so weird lately, but he was never good at confrontation. It was Matt who did all the confronting between them, and Jeff felt like even if he tried, Matt would still put him in his place in the end.

Which was exactly was he had to stay strong.

He saw his brother walking down the hotel hallway with Adam, both of them coming back from having lunch with John Morrison and Chris Jericho. Jeff lept up from his spot sitting in the lobby and chased after the pair.

"Matty," he called, and they both stopped to wait for him to catch up.

"What's up, Jeffro?" Adam said, smiling.

Jeff smiled sweetly up at him in return, "Hi, Adam." Then, he turned to his brother, "Matt, can I talk to you alone for a second?"

The brunette raised a brow at his request but nodded anyway, waving goodbye to Adam and following his younger brother back into their hotel room nearby. Jeff was seriously squirming in his own skin. Oh, God, he should have prepared what he was going to say first.

They entered the hotel room, Matt closing the door behind him, "What did you want to say? Sit down," he said, motioning to the bed.

He sat down on the side of the bed and watched Matt continue to stand, almost towering over him. Great, that's an awesome belittling technique.

"You sit down too," he suggested, but Matt shook his head.

"No, I gotta leave to meet up with John soon. So make it quick," the older Hardy said.

All of a sudden, Jeff wanted to back out. Everyone has their bad weeks, right? Why should it be a big deal if Matt had one?

While he was lost in thought, Matt observed him clicking his pen persistantly, and knew he only did those annoying things when he was nervous or scared.

"You okay, Jeff?" he asked, concerned.

Jeff was pulled from his thoughts when his brother spoke, and nodded quickly. "Yeah... are you?"

Matt blinked at him. "Uh, yeah, Jeff, I am. Is this going anywhere?"

The younger decided to just fake it out for as long as possible, "You know what? - it's nothing. Forget it. Go meet John, I'll talk to you later."

He threw his hands up in annoyance and stared down at him, "Jeff, you obviously brought me here because you had something on your mind. What is it?"

Starting to feel a little bit guilty when he saw Jeff's downcast expression, he messed up his hair again like he did earlier and sat down beside him. Jeff watched him from the corner of his eye, but didn't know what to say anymore.

"Hey, look at me," Matt ordered softly, and green eyes met brown ones for a long moment, "You know you can tell me anything. That's what I'm here for."

"It's literally nothing, Matt, I swear. Just forget it," Jeff insisted pleadingly.

The older stood up and smoothed his shirt down, "Okay, but whenever you want to talk, I'm always here for you. Got that, baby bro?"

Jeff nodded in understanding and watched his brother leave the room. He felt so stupid for chickening out, but he knew Matt would make him feel even more stupid for going through with it. Matt has a way of easily flipping his emotions and moods around like breakfast pancakes just by the tone of his voice or a look in his eyes.


"Why hello, baby Hardy."

Jeff whipped around to see Hunter dangerously close to his face, a smug expression written all over his features. He felt the blonde's heavy arm curl around his shoulders, pulling their bodies flush together.

"You're in a good mood," Jeff muttered, trying to get him to loosen his hold, but he only tightened it.

The older male chuckled, his large chest rumbling. "I'm always jolly, Jeffy-boy. You should know that by now," he said, and paused to lean in and sniff at his blonde, pretty hair, "You smell nice."

Jeff giggled, pushing the larger man away, "How random are you? Don't tell me you've been drinking already."

"Nope," Hunter sighed, seemingly stretching his arms, but then hooking an arm around Jeff once again tightly, "Perfectly sober."

The younger male didn't doubt it. He didn't smell any alcohol on him, but also because everyone knew he was naturally goofy, even more so than his on-stage persona. Shawn, however, was a tad quieter than he was on stage, but when around Hunter, anything was possible.

"So anyway, Shawnie and I were wondering if you and Momma Bear wanted to go out with us to the bar a little later."

Jeff shrugged the best he could with The Game's massive arm weighing his shoulders down. "Matt's out with John right now and I don't know when he'll be back. But I'll go."

Hunter nodded in understanding. "Cool. I guess we'll just hang out until it's time to go to the bar."

"Where's Shawn?" The younger asked.

He hesistated before answering, appearing deep in thought. "Actually, he was with me when we were trying to find you or Momma Bear Matt. I think I lost him."

Jeff giggled more at that, and Hunter peered down at him, "Hopefully, someone will find him and post flyers saying, 'Lost Gopher. Or Groundhog. Blonde and steals from people's gardens. Reward:
twelve cents.'"

"I heard that, you asshole."

Shawn was strolling down the hallway towards them, his award-winning smile shining. Jeff pulled away from Hunter's grip to give the other man a big hug around the waist, which he returned.

"Alright, I'll throw in an extra gum stick as a reward. Satisfied?" Hunter joked, high-fiving his best friend.

He smirked, and peered down at the youngest blonde. "You coming with us, babycakes?"

"Yeah," Jeff replied, smiling, "Let's go."


After arriving at the bar, it was already packed with wrestlers. Shawn could vaguely make out CM Punk talking to Chris Jericho, Mark and Kane drinking together somewhere else, and more.

Hunter had called Matt on his cell, and he said he'd meet them there with John Morrison and hopefully if he could find him, Adam. Jeff and Shawn were already drinking when Hunter came back to meet them after talking to Matt.

"Matt said he'd meet us here," he said, sitting with them.

"I'm gonna confront him," Jeff proclaimed, downing a shot, "He's been really nasty lately."

Shawn scoffed, "You sure about that?"

Jeff nodded firmly, "I just need some alcohol in me. It gives me back the balls that shrink away whenever he comes around."

"Are you saying that you're scared of Matt, Jeff?" Hunter asked, chuckling.

The younger Hardy hesitated before answering, and the two older blondes shot eachother knowing looks. "I am not. He just belittles me a lot."

Hunter shrugged, "Whatever."

A while later, Hunter excused himself to go greet and talk to John Cena, who just came in, leaving Shawn and Jeff alone. By then, Jeff had consumed a little bit of alcohol, but Shawn was trying to stay within the limit he allowed himself by the end of the night.

"Can I ask you something?" Jeff asked suddenly, "Have you and Hunter ever gone out?"

Shawn blinked at the question, "Of course not. That's like dating my brother."

"He doesn't flirt with you?" His voice was ridden with disbelief.

The older male shook his head, quirking a brow, and Jeff leaned back in his chair, "That's weird. He flirts with me all the time."

HBK let his eyes roam across the bar to Hunter, who was laughing at something John Cena was saying. He definately wasn't someone who throws flirts around like it doesn't matter - Shawn knew him long enough to gather that. Was his best friend interested in Jeff or something? His stomach made a dropping motion at the thought in disappointment.

He dared to ask, "Do you... like Hunter?"

Jeff seemed to reflect on the question for quite some time before replying, "Nah. He's cool, and my really close friend, but I don't like him like that."

Something inside of him made him let out a low breath of relief, but he didn't know why. He's always found Jeff attractive - anyone who thought otherwise was either blind or stupid - but he never really noticed the crush he was developing on the younger Hardy until now.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Jeff quickly drank a shot and muttered, "Shit, there's Matt."

The older Hardy made his way to their table with John on his heels, and clapped Shawn on the shoulder. "Hey, man. How goes it?"

"Good. Hey, John," Shawn forced a smile.

John forced a smile back, then switched a real smile to Jeff, who returned it sweetly.

The night was going pretty well after that, when everyone got a little alcohol in them to loosen things up. Even Shawn found himself enduring John's presense at the table. Hunter had returned, and they were all having a good time.

That is, until Jeff downed enough alcohol to be able to call Matt out in front of them.

"Glad you ironed the knot in your boxers, Matt. You were starting to get really unbearable," Jeff said casually.

Shawn ran a hand down his face in exasperation, and Hunter looked on with amusement.

Matt turned to his brother, confused. "What are you talking about, Jeff?"

"Like I said, you were getting annoying and nasty."

The older Hardy looked to their friends for more sober guidance, and Hunter was happy to intervene, "Jeff was talking about how you've been really bitchy lately."

Matt twitched slightly, more like a furious wince. "You thought I was being bitchy?" he asked his brother.

Jeff nodded simply, setting his glass of alcohol down.

"The only reason I was being bitchy was because you were keeping me up all night for two weeks straight," Matt said, annoyed.

Now, Jeff was the one that was confused, "How am I keeping -"

"You sleep-talk!" Matt accused, "I swear, you'll be having detailed conversations in your sleep! It's the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard."

Jeff's mouth fell open in shock, "You're a liar. I think I would know if I sleep-talk or not."

The brunette rolled his eyes. "As if you're going to wake at the sound of your own voice, Jeff."

Thouroughly insulted, Jeff stood from his chair, "Fine, if my supposed 'sleep-talking' keeps you awake all the time, then you should have no problem if Hunter and I switched rooms!"

At this point, Jeff was hicupping and slurring his words from the alcohol. Hunter was extremely amused, almost laughing out loud. John was kind of lost, and Shawn was rubbing his temples at the situation. It's insane how alcohol can make brotherly banter rise to such drama.

"I would love that," Matt muttered moodily, taking a sip of his beer.

Jeff didn't hear him, and plopped back down on his chair. "Fuck you, then. I'll sleep with Shawn from now on."

Hunter had to excuse himself, dying of laughter.


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