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This is my second Harry Potter fanfiction. UbiquitousPhantom and QueenOfLunacy (check out my Favorite Stories list) inspired me for this series of short stories where each title starts with another letter of the alphabet. I wanted to do the same with one of my favorite - though unconfirmed :) - Hogwarts couple: Scorpius and Rose.

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A for Amortensia

Scorpius Malfoy was the most sought-after boy of Hogwarts. He was rich, he had pedigree, he was Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and probably the best Seeker Hogwarts had hosted - quite ironically - since Harry Potter. He was smart, always dressed with taste, he was the best student of his prom without trying too hard. But most of all, Scorpius Malfoy was unbelievably handsome, a perfect mix between his father's silver-blond hair and fine features and his mother's warm smile and sparkling grey eyes.

He could have any girl at school just with his looks – and he didn't bother not taking what they offered him.

One could have called Scorpius Malfoy a womanizer. But no one did, because he was something more than just this. He didn't really go after girls – it seemed girls willingly chose to fall into his arms, like fireflies who would willingly fly into a spider's web. And girls knew what to expect from a relationship with Malfoy: a brief moment of spotlight, a few days of hope and daydreaming – would they finally be the one for him? – and, eventually - inevitably - an end.

Because Scorpius Malfoy had never fallen in love. Despite his dating the prettiest, most popular girls of Hogwarts, he had never felt love for any of them. You know, love. The feeling that sends butterflies flying in your stomach, that makes you feel as if you've been Petrified, that makes you sweat and stammer whenever the object of your affection is around. Sure, the symptoms of love wouldn't be appealing, if they weren't so worth the trouble: happiness, comfort and laughter forever with the one you love.

But Scorpius Malfoy didn't know any of this. He had only read the first chapter of the book of love, the one about the symptoms, and he had found them so unpleasant that he had sworn never to experience them. And thus, never to fall in love.

Which is why everybody at Hogwarts was so surprised to wake up one day and find Scorpius Malfoy in love with Rose Weasley.

At first, people didn't notice it. There had been only a tiny change in Scorpius's behaviour. He didn't look at girls anymore – well, other girls than Rose Weasley – he declined the offer everytime a pretty girl tried to ask him out, he didn't laugh at the lame macho jokes his friends made anymore.

Then people started noticing that something different was going on. Scorpius stopped eating as a normal sixteen-year-old boy should, and instead he spent breakfast, lunch and dinner times dreamily looking at a certain red-haired girl sitting at the Gryffindor table.

Nobody was there when he first spoke to Rose, and no one knew what he told her.

But from then on Scorpius Malfoy would always be seen sitting next to Rose Weasley in every class they had in common, and at those times he looked nothing like anybody had ever seen him look: shy and fragile and incredibly happy.

And as people had never seen Scorpius Malfoy in love - and as to them he could fall in love with anyone but Rose Weasley - they assumed there was only one explanation for this incredible phenomenon: Amortensia.

Yes, that was it, people thought. There couldn't be another way such a thing could have happened. Rose must have slipped a few drops of Amortensia in Scorpius's drink or something. Because in a magical world, magic was the explanation for everything, even feelings. And girls started bitching about Rose, and discuss how she had no ethics, and how she was fat and ugly and stupid – she wasn't – and how Scorpius would never have fallen for her if there hadn't been a love potion to force him into this. And boys started mocking poor Scorpius Malfoy who was sooo in love when they were above such degrading feelings – they weren't, they were just jealous – and how Rose could do anything she wanted with him now. And the rumor spread around the castle faster than Peeves fleeing the Bloody Baron.

But Scorpius didn't care and Rose didn't notice.

Nobody was there when they first kissed, and no one knew how they truly felt for each other.

Only one detail was certain: Amortensia had nothing to do with them falling in love.

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