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This is the last one-shot of the series... So thanks for sticking with me from A to Z! Hope you had fun with all the different stories and all the different Roses and Scorpiuses I wrote, cause I did.
I'm writing a new story about Rose and Scorpius. I'll put the first chapter on line in a few days. Let me know if you're interested in reading it and I'll PM you with the name of the story!

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter's written my JK Rowling, not LP Castle ;)

Z for Zest

Some people are different, you know. Some people just live their lives with zest when most of us just drag ourselves through the days. And when I say some people, I actually mean very few people. Because the vast majority of people I know – my parents, my friends, even my teachers, I'm sure – just… exist. They laugh, they cry, they work, they teach, they share some of my secrets, but mostly, they just take a certain amount of space and seem to just wait for something to happen to them before they die.

For a long time I thought everyone was like this. I was like this too. That is, until I met Rose Weasley.

Like all the best friendships, I can't tell you when or where it started. It doesn't work like this. One day, I wasn't friends with her, not that I didn't know who she was but I had never had the opportunity to actually meet her – and the next day, she was there.

Well, she is a little more than a friend. I think I have a little crush on her. I would never do anything and act on it because the most important thing for me is to have her around, and I don't want to lose her. It's common knowledge that people who go out and then break up don't stay friends. And I really, really want her to be my friend forever.

But I'm digressing.

Rose has a zest for life. I don't know where she got it – I've met her parents and they're great people, survivors, heroes, whatever, but they don't burn with the same enthusiasm, the same flame that shines in Rose's eyes. Rose doesn't just sit back and wait for things to happen or not happen to her. She makes things happen. She likes to create opprtunities and take them, and she also likes to be surprised by life and sometimes go with the flow – but when she does, she's fully aware and enjoying every tiny moment of it.

I call her Orange Zest. Because she's bitter and sweet, refreshing and rough, red-haired and pale-skinned, and she definitely brings a little something in my life, just like orange zest brings a different, fresh note in a chocolate cake. She laughs at me and calls me Lemon Pie, because she thinks I'm surprisingly sweet for someone so silver-blond and haughty-featured. I just hope she'll never call me that in front of my father.

It's funny how some friendships can settle in your life and change it so deeply you wake up one morning and you're not the same person – just because you have this friend in your life. This is how I wake up every morning since I've met Rose: I'm happy, whether it's sunny or raining, whether it's Monday or Saturday, whether I've had a bad mark the day before or not. I'm definitely not the same person anymore. I've changed. But I don't really mind, because I like myself better with a zest.

This one was about friendship... a little preview for my next story!

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