Yet another lunch 'date' more or less.. poor BeachHead and CoverGirl just can't catch a break.

* * * *

BeachHead sat in his office and sighed at the stack of paperwork. He really did despise having to sit in an office. He knew for a fact that Duke and Hawk both hated paperwork as well.. and they did more of it than he was saddled with. Even Flint didn't like paperwork.. although Beach occasionally did intentionally send a few extra things just so Flint had to deal with them. He believed in spreading his suffering to those that irked him.

Reaching up, he ran both hands through his short hair and scratched his scalp. Then puffing out a loud breath, he pulled out the next set of performance reports to begin filling out the information on each soldier under his PT program. Each report was updated with weekly information from his own notes he kept. He could easily track who improved, who had plateaued, who was slacking off and even who was recovering from injury or illness. Learning how far he could and should push each person as an individual was a tricky art form. A few of the Joes were in top form, unable to progress any further and those few individuals he simply made sure they didn't slack off. A few were always back-sliding if he took his attention from them, and those were often assigned extra PT to make them reach the goals HE set.

His nose twitched slightly and his attention wandered ever so slightly to note that it was well after lunch. He really should have taken the time to go get something to eat. Breakfast was a long time ago and he'd run it all off on the obstacle courses chasing a few errant greenshirts through the worst of it when they'd made a few disparaging remarks about him standing off rather than running the course himself. Once they'd been chased through it four times with him appearing every bit as fresh on the fourth trip as the first, he'd let them know he himself ran the danged course twice each morning just to be certain all was in order. It prevented stupid accidents when things began to break down or pranks had been installed on his course without his knowledge. So far he'd found untied ropes on the rope swings, loosened boards on the A-frame and walls, slick spots on ramps and even on the leaning logs, and this morning, trip wires that HE hadn't installed.. although he'd ended up leaving two that were in really odd spots that had sent him flying unexpectedly into the mudpits one early morning. Those tripwires had caught most the Joes unaware, with BeachHead watching carefully to see who jumped over them without prior warning. Thus had Shipwreck and Clutch gone to the grass to perform punishment PT for an extra hour. Since he'd waited until well after the entire team had run the course, the two miscreants were puzzled at how he figured out they were responsible. He wouldn't let on that they'd jumped two of their sneaky tripwires that he'd removed. The only ones who would know those had been there would be the ones who installed them.

When everyone had shown up and found the drill instructor covered in muck, no one had batted an eye. Half the team truly believed he soaked in the mud of his own free will on a regular basis. CoverGirl had raised an eyebrow and exchanged a puzzled look with LadyJaye. Since he'd given every appearance of being in a truly foul mood, neither of the women had asked him about his mud soaking.

Sighing to himself, he used the end of his pencil to itch over his ear a little. It had taken a good twenty minutes in a hot shower to get the sticky itchy mud off of himself. A fresh change of clothing and he'd tossed his body armor into a corner to scrub later on. The lightweight Kevlar vest served as well for his time in the offices. The body armor could wait until the afternoon. Usually he wouldn't have even bothered with the shower, except that he knew his whole afternoon would be spent behind the desk. Dirty he didn't mind.. but itchy while having to do boring reports would drive him insane.

Burying himself in the paperwork, he concentrated on getting it done, rather than his grumbling stomach. He had gone a week without eating before and he wasn't about to fold up and die due to missing lunch for a couple of hours.

"Hey Beach?" The hesitant greeting made him look up at the door of his office. CoverGirl poked her head in with a slightly worried expression. "Uhh.. it okay if I brought you some lunch?"

He nodded. "Sure thing Barbiedoll.. I appreciate it." A short motion encouraged her to enter the room. "I'm starvin', just swamped in paperwork." Moving a stack of folders aside, he made space for the lunch plates.

She looked him over suspiciously as she set down two covered plates. "You don't look muddy.. or angry anymore."

He gave a slight shrug. "I ain't angry.. and I took a shower. Ain't no reason to go bein' miserable in my office all afternoon." Sniffing at the plates, he did wait politely for her to seat herself in his extra chair. "What'd ya bring me?"

"I brought you beef stew over rice with white beans and cauliflower and some bread." She lifted the tray lid and watched him begin to drool. "I didn't have them put cheese sauce on the cauliflower... I didn't think you liked it." She pulled the second plate to herself and uncovered her own plate of salad and a smaller helping of the beef stew over rice. He was already digging into the food. "Geez Beach.. slow down. You're going to choke."

"Naw.. " He swallowed again. "Won't choke.. this's really good, Courtney. Thanks. I woulda thought you'd bring me a sandwich or something.. not a whole danged meal." He stabbed up some of the cauliflower bits. "I don't mind cheese sauce.. not a huge fanatic over it like Scarlett or nothin' but it's okay."

She shook her head watching him put down four times the food she had on her plate in less time than it took her to work through her salad. He used the bread to wipe the surface of the plate so clean it squeaked on the last swipe. "That was one good lunch. Thank you." A quick lick of his fingers and he eyed her plate. "Ya gonna finish that, right?"

"YES!" She pulled her plate a bit closer to herself. "You just leave my lunch alone."

"I ain't gonna steal yer meal." Going back to the files, he pulled out the next sheet and the correct file to go with it. His clipboard of notes was set next to his elbow so he could begin writing down all the various information. Once CoverGirl finished her own lunch, she stacked the two plates and covers and watched him as he wrote and flipped papers around. Finally he looked over at her. "Ya just gonna watch me do paperwork?"

"Sure. I'm off for the rest of the day." Giving him a brilliant smile, she twisted on the chair a little bit, tilting her head in that adorable way that caught every male's attention without fail. Beach, completely oblivious, bent back over his forms and she frowned slightly. "So.. what time do you.. get off?"

"About six or so. I gotta do a full security inspection patrol some time this afternoon though." He never even looked up from the desk and she shifted herself a bit closer to him in the chair. There was the barest glance up from him. "Sorry.. I can't really stop and talk all that much right now. I gotta get all these updated by monday."

"That's okay.. I'll just stare at you." She did just that, watching him try to act like it didn't bother him. "Did you know you have silver hairs?"

His hand went up to smooth at his unruly hair. "Yeah.. that's a scar. Hair came in the wrong color on it." His face colored slightly, showing his casual tone was a lie. "You ain't making me go gray quite yet.. although PFC Mouth might be..."

Giving a soft laugh, she leaned forward and put a hand lightly on his forearm. "Oh.. it's fine Beach! It's not that big of a spot.. you could always dye it if it bothers you. But it's way up on top of your head.. I doubt anyone notices it." Slipping her hand up and back down his arm, she felt the hairs stand up under her touch.

He shifted a bit but notably left his arm under her hand. "I don't care about a few gray hairs. Sure ain't gonna dye it."

She reached to ruffle the top of his head affectionately. "It's not gray.. it's silvery. Besides, there's not that many.. I bet I could pluck most of them.." She suddenly stood and yanked a few hairs, making him jerk back in surprise.

"OW!! Dang it woman!" He rubbed the top of his head and glared up at her from his seat. "Don't be pulling my hair out!"

She showed him the half dozen hairs she'd snagged. "Just the silver ones." Bending over slightly, she smiled at him, resting her weight on one hand on his desk. "Awww.. I'm sorry Beach..." Her face lowered a little more so she was looking at him from just higher than his face. "Should I make it up to you?"

He swallowed and absolutely forbid his eyes to drift lower to the nearly exposed cleavage in front of him. "I need.. to.. erm.. I mean.." Without his permission his gaze dropped and he gritted his teeth as she leaned just enough to let the shirt open slightly. "I can't.. I.. "

"What's wrong Beach?" Her soft voice didn't pull his eyes away.

"I can't even think with ya.. standing here.. like this.. " Finally he managed to tear his gaze away to look up at her, just as she licked her upper lip slowly. "Uhh.."

She bent and kissed him lightly. "Can't have you not thinking..." He grunted softly as she lifted one thigh to straddle his legs and her rear touched down on his knees. "Is this better?" She faced him boldly, a slight naughty smile quirking one corner of her lips up.

He really did need to breathe.. that was pretty darned important.. couldn't for the life of him remember why right at this precise moment.. instead he decided that returning her kiss was a better idea. Some small part of his still working brain told him he was lucky her rear was on his knees.. not shifted any closer to the rest of him. The rest of his brain got hung up on the fact that her very shapely rear was planted on his knees... that and the kissing.. the kissing was occupying a lot of his working brain cells.. she was doing these things with her tongue..


He slipped his hands to her sides, running them up her ribcage.. her hands busy running through his hair and then one slid down to the back of his neck to softly massage the taut muscles there.. all without either of them ceasing the whole kissing activity.. he fastened his lips to hers and tasted the flavor of her salad dressing..


His brain started yelling at him again.. something about that annoying noise on his desk. Courtney sucked at his lower lip slightly.. the noise was important.. really..


He pulled away slightly. "Phone.. " Swallowing.. he was proud of the fact that he managed to identify the noise. "I uhh.." Answering the phone.. yes.. must answer the phone.. how exactly did one answer the danged noisy machine anyway? He fumbled the handset off and held it up just as Courtney kissed the side of his neck softly. "Uhh.. nughhh... "

"Hello? This is Duke.. is BeachHead there?"

He cleared his throat and twisted enough to remove his throat from those soft moist lips. "This is Beachhead.. sorry." CoverGirl's breath blew under his opposite ear.

"Yeah.. I need to have.. " Duke voice faded to complete unimportance as Courtney nibbled his earlobe.

Even as his eyes started to roll up in his head, something about the loud noises in his ear from the stupid phone sank in to alert him that he really was supposed to pay attention to someone.. yeah.. on that phone thing.. Duke.. he was talking.. "Whaa... what?"

Now Duke sounded slightly confused. "BeachHead.. are you there?"

"Yeah.. Ah'm here.." He tilted his head around to remove his ear from the tank jockey's attentions. "Sorry.. Ah jus' didn't catch that." Ducking slightly aside, he avoided another attempt at his ear and hissed softly at her.

"I need to have that security inspection report first thing in the morning.. were you going to make the patrol this afternoon? If you wait until after your shift, you'll never get the report done by morning. And don't tell me you'll just stay up and do it, I hate when you get all cranky for morning PT." Duke was beginning to sound peeved.

Beach assured him he'd get it all done. "No problem.. I was gonna get that done before my shift was up."

Courtney's lips spoke softly into his other ear. "What else is 'up'?"

His brain left again.. he really wasn't all that sure where it went.. or if it was a severe issue.. he was functioning quite well without it around.. lips touched his softly and he responded for a second.

"BeachHead? BEACHHEAD?!? Do I need to come down there? Is there some issue with the phone lines again?" Duke's seriously annoyed voice cut through Beach's awareness again.

"No! Ah mean... no.. it's okay. Ah'm jus' a little distracted.. gotta lotta files on my lap.. desk! On mah desk.. jus' tryin' to get her all done so.. uhh.. so Ah can get that inspection done up right." A gentle hand slipped up into his hair and fondled through the tangles. "Ah'll get it all done.. "

"Okay.. I expect that report first thing in the morning when I get in. Flint has the night shift."

"Yeah.. got it.. Flint.. morning.. got it." Beach hung the phone up and looked at the woman seated on his knees. "Yer a bad influence on me.."

She gave him a sexy pout that made him want to suck on her lower lip. "So.. I should stop?"

"Oh..." He leaned in to kiss her again, slipping his hand around behind her back and feeling the solid muscles around the dip of her spine. "Nooo.. Ah think it's okay.. jus' fer a minute..." His voice had gotten husky and deep and he wanted so very badly for her to continue touching him and kissing him and.. he was about to get caught necking in his office with a subordinate. "Oh gawd.. stop.. someone could come in here and catch us.."

She let go long enough to nuzzle under his jaw. "I locked your office door..." Those incredible lips began to nibble along the tendons in his neck and he sighed and let his eyes shut to enjoy that really really nice sensation.


He turned his head to frown at the door where the loud thump had come from. "Whut was that?"

Courtney smiled. "Don't know.. don't care.. I'm a little busy.."

~knock knock knock~

She touched lips to his cheek as he looked at the door. "Ignore it.. they'll go away.."

~KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK~ "Sergeant major???" Williams' voice came clearly through the barrier.

BeachHead swore softly. "Dang that stupid greenshirt.. Ah'm gonna hafta kill him and then Ah'm gonna hafta to go dig a danged big hole to bury the danged body.."

Courtney gave a soft sigh. "Ignore him.. he'll go away.. it's not important.."

~KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK~ "Sergeant major!! You gotta come quick!" The urgency in the young man's voice was very genuine sounding.. BeachHead tilted his head as Courtney's lips brushed his throat again. Private Williams was high strung and got upset at unimportant things.. probably wasn't anything he really really had to deal with right this minute.

~KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK~ "Sergeant major PLEASE!! Buyour has the Wolverine and she's using it to run over bubblewrap to win a bet with Ace but then this Jeep was sorta in the way.."

BeachHead was nearly knocked out of his chair by CoverGirl leaping up. "WHAT?! My Wolverine!?" He scrambled up behind her as she snatched the door open to grab Williams by the front of his shirt and shake him. "WHO THE HELL TOOK MY WOLVERINE?!?"

"I.. I.. uhh... Buyour.. but but..." He turned with relief to the big Ranger as he emerged half a second behind her. "Sergeant major! You gotta go.."

"Yeah yeah.. I gotta go stop ya'll idiots from doin' more stupid crap." Beach watched CoverGirl sprinting down the hallway, appreciating the view even as he wondered if she'd managed to murder anyone before he caught up with her. "Take the dishes outa my office back to the messhall."

Williams looked at the office door and back at him as he dug his balaclava out to tug on over his face. "Dishes?"

"Yeah dishes.. we was havin' lunch a'fore ya had ta come interrupt! What the heck do ya THINK we was doin'??" His growling bellow made Williams nod frantically.

"Yes Sergeant major!! Sorry Sergeant major!!" Williams ducked into the office while the Ranger headed down the hallway at a trot.

"Danged stupid greenshirts.. Ah swear to GAWD Ah'm gonna tear someone's throat out today.." BeachHead turned the corner and broke into a run headed for the elevators. Flint stepped out at just the wrong moment and was nearly run down by the speeding Ranger. "GET OUTA THE WAY, FLINT!! MAKE A HOLE!!" Beach sidestepped and bounced off the wall with one sturdy shoulder to avoid bodily crushing Flint. "Danged stupid Warrant officer always gotta be right in my danged way!!"

"HEY!! GET BACK HERE! BEACHHEAD!" Flint's yelling was ignored. "What's going on!?"

Williams came trotting up to carefully bypass the irritated officer. "Sorry sir!! Sorry.. did Sergeant major come by here?"

"What? Yes.. he just nearly ran me over!" Williams nodded and took off, following after the same path. "HEY! What's going on!? Blast! Why doesn't anyone ever tell me WHAT'S GOING ON!?!!?"

Clutch came at a rather hurried walk from the secondary lifts. "OH.. hi Flint.. you really probably don't want to know.. you just really should probably not go up top.. not that I know anything.. I was down here.. you'll vouch for me.. right?" He continued walking.. turning to point back at Flint as he escaped the area. "Especially if say.. you know.. CoverGirl wants to like.. murder me.. if my name might happen to come up.. regarding authorization for her Wolverine.. I was down here.. you got my back.. right? If she kills me.. lots of paperwork for you! You wouldn't want that!" Clutch nodded and gave a smile. "Love ya man.. I'll just be.. hiding.. for the foreseeable future.. " The mechanic slipped around the corner, presumably to find a place to hide.

"What?" Flint turned to look back along the now empty corridor. "Wolverine? OH no.. no no.. I'm not involved in this.. I'm not even on duty.." He twisted on his heel to head back to his quarters. "Duke can deal with this.. not my problem." He was just glad the Pit was completely sound-proof so he wouldn't have to listen to the screaming.

* * * *

End Chapter

Ahh.. greenshirts.. you'd think there was some conspiracy afoot.. or a betting pool.. but nooo.. the Joe team wouldn't do something like that. Never. Especially not when it puts greenshirts at risk of dying at the hands of the Sergeant major. Really. Why are you snickering?