See, I told you I'd be back! To those of you that haven't read my other story The life of a younger Melinda , (I'd rather you read it though!!! :)) Here are the basics, Melinda is 13 years old and already sees the dead and her grandma is still alive. Melinda was trying to help Jim's grandfather cross over but a evil ghost took over his grandfathers body and almost .. (you have to read my other story to know) Melinda. Melinda got better but her grandma got sick and almost died. And the same ghost that tried to ... Melinda predicted to Melinda's grandma her and Melinda's death. Oh yes and Jim can see ghosts. (I know I told you my basic story plot but this story will make more sense if you read it!) Sorry if this doesn't make much sense!

Disclaimer: I do not own ghost whisperer!!!!

A day latter. latter.

"Hey Jim! I'm going to visit grandma, wanna come?" Melinda asked standing outside Jim's window.

"Sure! I'll be right down!" Jim said then closing his window.

Then a ghost appeared.

"Melinda! You have to help me!" A ghost said appearing right in front of Melinda.

"What do I have to help you with?" Melinda asked.

"No! NO!" The ghost yelled. "Please Melinda, save us! Save all of us!"

The ghost screamed as he was pulled into a black hole.

"Hey Mel, I'm ready!" Jim said.

Melinda just stood there, staring at the spot the ghost was at. Jim knew a ghost was there.

"Mel, what's wrong?" Jim asked.

"Oh nothing... Just this ghost, he was begging me to help him and some other people then he was pulled into a black hole." Melinda replied.

"Weird.. have you seen ghosts like that before Mel?"


"Come on Melinda!" Melinda's mother yelled as she honked the horn in the car.

Melinda and Jim climbed into the back seat.

"So what were you two talking about?" Melinda's mom asked in her you-better-tell-me voice.

"Making out." Melinda said trying to see if she could trick her mother.


"No ma'am. We were talking about ghosts....."

"Ugh! How many times do I have to tell you Melinda, he doesn't see ghosts!"

"Not to be rude , but I do see ghosts.."

The car ride was quite the rest of the way to the hospital...

Melinda and Jim were waiting in the hall for mom to finish visiting with grandma..

"Wow Mel, most of the people in the halls are dead, right?" Jim asked.

"Yup." Melinda replied.

"I wonder what your mother said means.."

"Me too.."

"You two can see wus?" A little ghost girl said.

"Yes sweetie." Melinda replied.

"So, why did you die?" Jim asked.

Melinda elbowed him.

"No it's otay Melinwa."

Then Melinda's mother came out.

"Your turn." Melinda's mother said.

"Can dat wady see me?" The little girl asked.

"Nope." Melinda mumbled.

"Hi Melinda! Hi Jim!" Melinda's grandma said cheerfully.

"Hello ." Jim said.

"So sweetie, how did you die?" Melinda said as she knelt down to the ghost girls height.

Well.." The ghost girl said when Melinda's grandma interrupted.

"Who are you talking to Melinda?"

Melinda didn't respond. She couldn't take her eyes off of the ghost girls blue ones.

"Wee!" The little girl said running around with a lollipop in her mouth.

"Now Sarah honey don't run with a Lolly in your mouth!" A woman said looking a lot like Sarah.

"Otay Wommy."

Once the mother left the Sarah started running around again.

Then she tripped over the rug and she landed face first, thus pushing the lollipop into her throat.

Sarah coughed as hard as she could trying to get some air but she couldn't. She couldn't call out or anything. All she could lie there.

A few minutes latter her mother came in the room

"Sarah, You've been really quite whats..." The woman was saying until she noticed her child on the floor not breathing.

"JEFF!"The woman screamed.

A man walked in the room to find his child not breathing and his wife on the floor sobbing."

Melinda came back from her vision with her eyes still on the Sarah then suddenly Melinda felt as if the lollipop was down her own throat. She tried to look around but everything besides Sarah was unable to move.

"Then I ended wup here." Sarah said not noticing Melinda choking.

"My parents blame themselves. I have to tell them not too."

Then Sarah looked around. "I need to wgo into the wlight spoon!" Sarah said in a panic then disappeared.

Then everything started to go in motion again and Melinda could finally hear someone besides Sarah yet Melinda was still choking.

"Melinda! It's okay! Just try to breath!" Jim yelled.

Melinda took a deep breath. She could breath.

Melinda gasped for the air she could now get.

"What happened Melinda?" Melinda's grandma asked once Melinda had caught her breath.

"A poor little girl choked to death on a lollipop." Melinda said.

"Aw.." Melinda's grandma said sadly.

Melinda's mother opened the door and said

"Come on guys! I gotta make dinner!"

"Bye grandma!" Melinda said.

"Bye dear." Melinda's grandma replied. "And Beth, I need to talk to Melinda tomorrow."

"Okay Mom bye."

The three went to the parking garage and drove away..