Melinda brought the baby blue comforter close to her face, taking in the scent of the wild flower detergent before laying it on top of the bed. She smoothed out the corners while Jim put the pillows down.

"I'm so happy grandma is staying with us." Melinda said as she tossed the last pillow to Jim. "I've wanted this to happen for so long, ever since I was little, Jim! I know it's not the best of circumstances but…"

"I get it Mel, you're excited!" Jim laughed, smiling at her.

Melinda returned his smile. "I must sound stupid, being so excited about my grandma staying, but I can't help it."

"Are you Melinda?" A voice said.

Melinda turned around and saw a thin girl with mousey brown hair and tired green eyes looking up at her.

"Yes. Who are you?"

"Where's Sarah?" She asked, ignoring her question.

"She went into the light. That's where you belong too."

The ghost girl took a few steps back.

"No! The light is bad, it will hurt us. Bad things happen in the light!"

"The light is a good place, nothing bad can happen there." Jim said softly.

The girl's eyes widened. She had been unaware anyone else was in the room.

"You-You can see me?"

Jim nodded.

She turned back to Melinda and took a few steps towards her.

"Sarah's mommy is worried about her. She thinks he took her somewhere to work, she's scared that he burnt her out."

"Burnt her out?"

"Yeah, it has been happening more and more lately. He takes some of us to work for him and he'll work and work you until you burn out and disappear into the shadows." She explained "Her mommy is so worried and… and I am too!"

The girl cried and cried. Melinda took the girl in her arms and embraced her.

Melinda felt cold instantly, as if she were hugging an ice burg. That cold feeling began to spread through her body; it raced up her arms and down her legs. It was as if all the warmth in her body was being sucked out of her.

The girl let go and looked at Melinda in shock.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't want to make you cold too!"

"It-it-it's o-okay-y-y." Melinda said, teeth chattering.

The girl began looking around rapidly and began wringing her hands.

"No… No! I wasn't trying to… I-I-I didn't mean to!" She cried to a voice that neither Jim nor Melinda could hear.

"No! Please! Anything but that! I promise it…."

A black hole took place and the floor and sucked the girl in without a sound.

Melinda wrapped her arms around herself and began shaking hard.

"J-J-J-J-Jim, h-h-h-help." Melinda said barley above a whisper.

Jim grabbed the blankets from the bed and rushed over to Melinda's side. He wrapped the blankets tightly around her shaking body before picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

He set her down gently and looked at her. Her eyes were buzzing around rapidly, as if was looking for something and her lips had turned blue. He put his hand to her freezing cheek and said,

"Mel you're gonna be okay. Everything is alright."

Melinda felt a tug inside her, she knew then the ghost had more to say. The tug took Melinda in and she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes she was standing in a dark room, lit by only a few lanterns. She was surrounded by children, some of them as young as four and as old as thirteen. She turned around and saw hundreds maybe even a thousand ghosts all huddled together.

As her eyes adjusted she noticed she wasn't just in a room, it was some kind underground tunnel.

Then a dark cloud flew over the room and everyone turned to the front.


A blot of lighting came from the cloud and where the lighting struck stood a ghost. A rush of cold ran around the room.

It was him. He still used the body of Jim's grandfather.

"Who wants to work for me today?" He laughed

No one said a word.

"I guess I'll just have pick myself... Let's start with the children!"

He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

All of the kids looked at each other nervously. Some older children hid younger ones behind them so they wouldn't get picked.

In another second he appeared again, without a sound, only inches away from the group.

"Who should I pick?" He mumbled as she scanned the group.

"You!" He boomed, pointing at the tall boy next to me.

The boy looked to be about twelve. He reached behind him and pulled the little girl he had hid behind him off and went forward, tears fell from the girl's eyes. Another girl took her by the hand and hid her behind her own body.

"You! You!" He yelled once again, pointing at two girls.

Then an evil smile shone on his face.

"Go back!" He ordered the two girls "I want these three!"

Three small children went upfront and one of them was Sarah.

Once they were seen blood chilling shrieks and cries came from the crowd.

A woman ran from the crowd and to the front.

"Please, don't take my Benny! I'll take his place!" She begged.

"You DARE challenge me!" He barked, going towards her.

She ignored him. She grabbed her son and started running as fast as she could.

Melinda felt a tug inside her. She let it take her. She was ready to go home, so she closed her eyes.

When she opened them again though she wasn't home, she was the woman, running for her and her son's life. She was beyond exhausted; this was the last thing she could possibly do.

Then he grabbed her shoulder. She froze, she couldn't think of what to do. She put her son on the ground.

"Run Benny! Keep running!" She begged.

"But mommy, what about…"

The he had spun her around and looked her in the eyes. He saw the woman's deepest thoughts, dreams and precious memories. The day she got married, her son's birth, the car accident and her intentions of telling her son about the new baby that same day.

"RUN BENNY!" She screamed with the last of her energy.

With that he slapped her across so hard she cloassped.

Then Melinda felt that tug again, without hesitation she closed her eyes and the tug took her.

She opened her eyes, relived to see the welcoming baby blue walls of the guest room.

"Melinda!" Her grandmother exclaimed, standing up from her chair bedside the bed.

Melinda's mother came quickly too, stand on the other side of her.

"Are you okay Melinda?" Her mother asked.

Melinda nodded.

"I'm okay." Melinda said, taking a shaky breath.

"What did you see sweetheart?" Her grandmother asked.

Melinda explained to them about being in the tunnel, burning out ghosts, seeing him, what happened to the kids and about him destroying that woman's mind.

Melinda's mother sat down in a chair shocked, she couldn't think of anything to say.

"How did he take over her mind?" Her grandmother asked.

"He just looked at her, right in the eye. He watched her memories and destroyed them." Melinda told her. "But at the time they felt like my memories. I could feel myself slipping away and at the same time terrified for my son. I can't even describe how horrible it felt…"

Her grandmother sat back in her chair and let the information sink in.

Melinda snuggled up her in blankets. She wasn't shaking anymore, in fact she was starting to get a little hot. Melinda was just glad to be warm again.

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