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Scene 1

I was standing on my front porch, holding a pizza and feeling like a complete dork, trying to figure out how the weekend of promised delights I had anticipated could begin with such humiliation.

It all began when I opted out of the latest family weekend in the city. The opportunity seemed to come at the perfect time. Our senior year of high school would end in less than three months, so something of a vacation mentality had already set in. We had both been accepted to the college of our first choice, Dartmouth, and would leave together late summer for New Hampshire. I was already looking around for a house or apartment for us to lease. I was very happy about that, and so was Bella. Any dismay Charlie may have felt about us heading off to college together seemed to be outweighed by his bubbling pride that Bella would be attending an Ivy League school. He bragged about it to anyone who would listen, and his mumbled acknowledgement of, "Oh, and Edward, too," always made me chuckle.

So, with the weight of those decisions behind us, and high school rapidly becoming a diminishing blip on our radar screens, it seemed we had no worries. So I jumped at the chance to be alone with Bella for a weekend, our first occasion to enjoy each other's . . . company without restraint since last summer. Neither of us wanted to waste a second. The monster was fucking ecstatic.

Still, I was a little taken aback when Bella, in a particularly coy manner, asked if I had any specific plans for the weekend.

"Well, my primary objective would be to make love to you until neither of us can walk – ever again," I responded, the roughness of my voice betraying my nonchalance. "I suppose we could stop to eat occasionally, just to keep our strength up." The monster frowned.

Bella gave a sexy little laugh and, lifting a leg over both of mine, straddled my lap. The look she gave me was a mixture of excitement and trepidation, before she leaned in and whispered, "Is it my turn for a fantasy?"

Shock registered before intrigue, elation, and stimulation each made an appearance, and, in the latter case, reared its . . . head. A greedy smile lit my face, and my brain instantly began the slideshow of fun I would have divesting Bella of various costumes and taking her in a myriad of exotic positions while employing sexual implements of all descriptions. Would she let me tie her up? God, I hoped so. Oh, how about some scenario where I really could throw her over the hood of my car and fuck her senseless. Christ, that would be phenomenal. The monster produced a set of handcuffs and began jingling them at me.

I was rather appalled when she confessed her wishes. None of those wonderful things was in store for me this weekend, and I really just needed to be a good sport and play along—it was only fair, after all. And while the scenario Bella chose wasn't the most original, indeed, far from it, it was a classic and simple to pull off, requiring little in the way of props or costuming. Most importantly, since Bella seemed to be interested in pursuing the whole role playing game concept further, something I hadn't expected but was immensely pleased by, there was no way I was going to fuck it up.

So that's how I found myself in this idiotic position, standing on my own front porch wearing black trousers so short it looked like I was preparing for the nearest dam to break, showing several inches of white sock at each ankle before being swallowed up by black sneakers. This sophisticated ensemble was finished off by a hideous red polo shirt and a matching baseball cap that, for some bizarre reason, the local pizzeria made available for sale. They were flabbergasted when I actually bought one, having to blow years of dust off of the brim before sheepishly handing it over.

Now, were I a vain person, I suppose my one point of pride would be my hair. Not today. As though having hat head wasn't going to be bad enough, Bella had ordered me to apply some distasteful product and slick it back. Furthermore, apparently my "geek" costume couldn't be deemed complete without a pair of goofy horn-rimmed glasses. Oh yes, and let's not forget the pizza—double cheese and pepperoni—currently cooling in the box I held in my hands.

It was just too galling, playing the virginal teenage pizza delivery boy. Seriously, how could I be expected to portray someone so far removed from my own reality? I consoled myself with thoughts of the unspeakably filthy things I would require of Bella when it was next my turn.

We waited impatiently, the monster standing resolutely by my side, for more than a minute for the doorbell to be answered, but all feelings of disgruntlement at my own appearance evaporated when I saw her. Bella was apparently going for a mix somewhere between horny neglected housewife and French whore. Her hair was arranged atop her head, much as it had been for prom, but messier and definitely sluttier. She had applied unusually dark makeup around her eyes, giving them that whole heavy-lidded "bedroom" look. Her legs were covered in black hose of some sort, and over it all she wore a mid-thigh length silky kimono with a floral print. On her feet were black high heels with ankle straps, the ultimate "fuck me" shoes. As she stepped forward to open the door wider, the robe gaped a bit, allowing me a glimpse of extreme cleavage and a black lacy garment of which I couldn't wait to see more. Bella was immediately forgiven, and I took to my role with relish. The monster politely removed its cap.

"Pizza delivery," I announced unnecessarily, grateful I didn't squeak like a choirboy. "That'll be $12.50, ma'am."

"Well, aren't you adorable," Bella observed in a husky voice while her eyes raked my body. "Come right in."

She practically pulled me through the door, her proximity allowing me a whiff of that astounding fragrance that instantly reminded me of prom night. My cock, reminiscing as well, prepared to re-enact the events of that evening, beginning to noticeably tent the front of my pants. Well, it was all part of the act.

"Just put the pizza down over there, if you will," Bella requested, pointing to an out of the way table.

I relieved myself of the damn box before turning around and repeating in a shaky voice, "That'll be $12.50, ma'am."

Bella snickered softly before instructing me to take a seat on the couch. "I'll just get your money." She swayed across the room to where her purse laid on the floor, bending deeply at the waist and giving me a spectacular view of the . . . south.

Her robe rode up, revealing perfect twin mounds of supple white flesh and establishing beyond doubt the fact that Bella was wearing a minuscule thong. Her stockings, as indeed they were, extended two-thirds of the way up her thighs before ending in lacy tops, apparently held up by some sort of magical incantation. A cross between a groan and a curse escaped me as I devoured the view. My cock began thrumming with need, and my breathing accelerated noticeably.

Bella straightened and slowly approached me, actually carrying some money in her hand. "What's your name," she asked me.

"Eddie," I sputtered out like the greenest schoolboy. It was a nickname I despised, but it seemed appropriate for my character.

"Well, Eddie. I seem to be just a little short," she admitted, looking anything but dismayed by that. "I don't have enough money for a tip, but perhaps you'll let me make that up to you . . ." Reinforcing her meaning, she leaned towards me, putting a hand on each of my knees, offering me a spectacular view of her breasts as they threatened to leap with joy from the garment enclosing them. The monster's eyes were popping like a cartoon.

Now fully channeling the awkward virgin I was supposed to be, I licked my lips and audibly gulped. Bella's eyes drifted down to my cock, now playing its own role without a hint of stage fright. I nervously squeaked out, "That won't be necessary, ma'am."

Bella straightened up, the sides of her robe beginning to slip further apart. "I insist," she began. "You've been so . . . accommodating, delivering the pizza all this way. I simply must return the favor." She turned and walked a few feet away, slipping the robe off her shoulders and letting it fall teasingly off her fingertips onto a chair. She put her hands on her hips, and looking provocatively over her shoulder, directed a flirtatious expression at me.

Where so far I had only been given a small preview, I was now looking at the main event. Bella wore a strapless black corset, tightly laced down the back (and how she managed that on her own, I'll never know). The thong fully exposed her luscious buttocks, making my fingers involuntarily flex with the craving to grab and knead them savagely. She turned to face me, and now I couldn't suppress the gasp that escaped me.

The corset pushed her breasts up and together, yet the cups barely covered her nipples. The front of her thong consisted of a whisper of fabric, not fully concealing the promised delights within. Her thigh high stockings left an entrancing band of pale skin exposed, emphasizing her feminine curves. As my eyes darted between her breasts and her crotch, she slowly approached me, hands on her hips, radiating sexual power. I no longer even felt a hint of complaint at Bella's choice of fantasy. The monster toppled off of the couch.

She stood before me for a moment, hands on her hips, gazing at me seductively while I gaped like a goldfish. "Do you like what you see, Eddie?" she teased.

I nodded dumbly, fascinated by the precarious position of her breasts in that strapless contraption. Exposure seemed imminent, and I began silently willing the fabric to give way.

Bella ran her hands slowly over her body, from her thighs, over her ass, coming around front again to her belly, and finally fondling her own breasts for a moment before returning to rest on her waist. I watched, mesmerized, and swore I could feel the mass suicide of half of my brain cells. Oddly, the more sexual confidence she exuded, the more nervous I became.

Bella seemed to insinuate herself onto my lap, straddling my legs, removing the baseball cap and tossing it on the floor. The stupid eyeglasses immediately followed. She began running her fingers through my hair, which I fleetingly hoped wasn't too sticky. "Now, let me give you that tip, Eddie," she purred. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No ma'am." Shit, my voice was squeaky again, amusing Bella no end.

"You may call me Isabella," she said, surprising me at the use of her full name for this sexually aggressive persona. "Well, it's hard for me to believe that all the girls aren't after you, but I'm going to show you what to do when you find one you like. And judging from what I see—"at this she smirked at my obvious erection "—you do like girls."

"Yes, ma'am—er, Isabella." Shit, I think I actually blushed.

Bella pried one of my hands loose from the sofa cushion it was clutching and lifted it to her chest, dragging my fingers across the swell of each breast. "Do you like this, Eddie? Do you like the way my skin feels?"

I nodded stupidly and energetically.

"Would you like to see my breasts?" she whispered invitingly.

"Oh God, yes," I blurted, feeling beads of sweat forming on my forehead. The monster hauled itself back onto the sofa, eyes wide, film rolling.

Bella trailed her hands delicately up her sides, hooked her fingers in the cups of her corset, and pulled them down, letting her breasts pop out with delightful abandon. The garment yet providing some support underneath, her beautiful breasts still protruded forward, her delicious pink nipples pointing rudely at me. I was sure they should be chastised for their impudence.

I licked my lips and stared as if they were the first breasts I had ever seen. Well, I mean, they were the first breasts I had ever seen, but this wasn't…oh hell, you know what I mean.

"You can touch them if you like, Eddie," Bella offered, placing her hands on her legs, seeming to indicate they were mine for the taking.

And suddenly, the true brilliance of this fantasy struck me. I was supposed to act just like an unsophisticated and inexperienced teenager. I could do whatever I wanted – satisfy whatever inclinations I might have. There was no need to look cool or be suave or impress Bella in any way or even please her for that matter. Bella was in control—she had all the sexual power here—so I could follow any whim, behave any way I liked. After all, I simply wasn't supposed to know any better. Bella had called central casting and ordered up a callow virgin, and that she would have.

So my hands reached up and grabbed her breasts, none too gently, the way I wanted to the first time I'd seen them but had been afraid to. I squeezed them roughly, repeatedly, enjoying the feeling of her flesh molding to my hands, groaning in deep satisfaction. I attacked her nipples next, first pinching then tugging on them, fucking fascinated by both my movements and Bella's reactions. I had to admit, it really was fun pretending to be a sexual clod, not really teasing Bella so much as myself, playing with her like she was a living sex doll. Surprisingly, though, Bella seemed to be enjoying my crude techniques. Her hips began undulating a bit, her body looking for friction it wasn't positioned to receive. I could have used a little friction myself. The monster, not waiting on either of us, was stroking its own bad self.

Breathing hard, I watched my hands as they toyed with her flesh. Bella lifted a hand, removing one of mine from her breast and placing it on the exposed skin of her thigh. Then she cupped her own breast, leaned forward, and teased my lips with the hardened peak, demanding, "Suckle me."

I groaned and clamped my mouth around her nipple, sucking hard, making sloppy noises while swirling my tongue around and around, excited by the responsive sounds Bella was starting to make. One hand continued plumping her other breast, rolling the nipple against my thumb. My free hand began rubbing the velvet skin of her thigh before creeping around to her ass, grabbing a handful of fleshy curve without invitation.

My lips found her other nipple, and once again I took it without reservation, pumping at it with my mouth while squeezing her breast. Apparently that was the right move, since Bella softly cried out and wove her hands into my hair, my head now locked into position, a completely unnecessary move since I wasn't going anywhere, but erotic beyond belief. She rocked her hips harder now, this time moving her body forward on my lap to make contact with me. When the heat of her center met my cock and she rubbed against me softly, my mouth disengaged involuntarily as my head fell back against the top of the couch.

"Oh God . . . nnnngh . . . oh fuck . . . ." I was unable to prevent the exclamations of delight from escaping and saw no need to do so. Why was the pleasure created by that small contact so intense? Bella kissed me roughly, her tongue invading my mouth, searching and conquering, and I ceded all control to her. My hands fell to her hips and caressed the velvety skin of her thighs before once again trailing back to cup her ass in my hands, letting my fingers explore its contours.

Bella's lips left my mouth and worked their way across my neck, towards my ear. She nibbled the lobe for a moment before whispering, "What would you like to do now, Eddie? Tell me. You can do anything you like, you know."

My already labored breath caught at her words, and I had to gulp some more air in to answer. "I want . . . I want to . . . touch you . . . ."

Bella slid her bottom away again, towards my knees, allowing me room to reach her, and I automatically moved my legs further apart, spreading her thighs for me even more. She leaned back, placing her hands on my knees behind her, once again to presenting herself for my whimsy. My cock lamented the loss of contact, seeming to reach for her, pulsing now for relief it appeared would be a deliciously long time in coming.

One hand slid slowly up her leg, reaching the bare skin of her upper thigh, before hesitantly cupping the mound of her sex. The practically invisible fabric of her thong was soaking wet, and I moaned again as did Bella.

She rocked a bit against my hand, whispering brokenly, "Do you see how wet you made me, Eddie?"

I searched her eyes out, silently pleading to remove even that small obstruction.

Bella understood immediately. "Well, then, get rid of it."

I fumbled for a moment before realizing there was only one way to eliminate the damn thing without gymnastic moves. I inserted my fingers down the front and gave a quick yank, comprehending almost immediately that the item was probably made for such treatment, it gave way so easily. I left the tiny piece of shredded fabric on the couch next to me, and the monster claimed it immediately, sniffing noisily.

And there she was, legs spread wide, exposed to me, offered up like a gift. So I continued to play the role of the sexually inexperienced dweeb and openly gaped at her. I mean, after all, what else would a nerd do? The monster produced a magnifying glass and stared right along with me.

It occurred to me that I never actually had studied her so boldly, and certainly not in the broad light of day, being far too embarrassed to engage in any such unworldly behavior in the past. No inhibition restrained me now, and I found myself utterly fascinated. So I began exploring, as if it really was the first time I had seen, er . . . it. And it occurred to me, that if I was really playing my role, at this point I would have pretty much no idea what to do. Even if I was the most dedicated nerd, I couldn't recall any health class with the subject matter: How to Get a Woman Off. The monster, still clutching the panties, shrugged.

So while my fumbling and inexperienced fingers continued to explore the territory, searching for the Holy Grail as it were, Bella reached for one of my hands and positioned my fingers before beginning to move them to her best advantage. And when I had apparently established the correct rhythm, she directed me once again.

"Now, put a finger inside of me."

And so I did, bringing my other hand into the action, inserting first one, and after a moment, adding another, secretly thrilled at her responsiveness, her utter readiness for me. I had done that, even with my inept moves and dorky appearance—I had still made her want me. I kept fucking her with my fingers while my other hand continued in the manner instructed. And it occurred to me, once more, the beauty of our arrangement, that never again would I have to rely on guesswork or even luck to give pleasure to Bella, and while I hoped that hadn't been the point of this scenario, I still couldn't help being appreciative.

And best of all, perhaps, I had a front row seat to Bella's undoing. It hadn't taken long before her reactions had become more assertive. She was now moving forcefully, impaling herself on my fingers, helping speed the manipulation of her own flesh. Still leaning away, her hands resting on my knees to support her weight, I watched in utter fucking fascination. Her head was tilted back, as if she didn't have the strength to hold it upright. Her eyes were closed. Ragged breaths parted her lovely full lips, releasing longer and louder moans. Her enchanting breasts bounced in the most enticing way, making me regret that I only had two hands and fueling my determination to get my mouth back in on the fun.

"Lean forward," I pleaded.

She did as I asked, resting her forearms on the top of the couch on either side of my head, her breasts now gratifyingly suspended in my face, teasing me with each advance of her body. My hands continued their efforts unabated, while my mouth desperately sought one rosy peak. My lips clamped on, and I sucked forcefully, my own selfish desire apparently providing the impetus to push Bella over the brink.

With a choking groan, Bella came violently. She suddenly stilled, and I felt her inner muscles clamp around my fingers tightly, almost painfully. It was so fucking erotic I almost came with her, like the novice I was supposed to be. Bella collapsed against me with a contented sigh, and my hands moved to cup her luscious ass, seemingly to provide support, but more so I could caress the sinfully soft skin.

It had been such an engaging experience, paying such intense attention to Bella, learning the best way of pleasing her, that I had only vaguely been aware of my own needs. But with her release, my cock was suddenly of the emphatic opinion that its turn was due and began making its demands known in the most forceful way possible. Whether Bella sensed that or not I don't know, but as she continued to rest in my arms, her hand made its way to my groin, rubbing against me, both easing and aggravating my tension.

I thrust my hips forward, trying desperately to increase the pressure, almost frantic now for the stimulation. Upon hearing the savage groan that escaped me, Bella used her other hand to release the button my on pants and slowly unzip them. When she slipped her fingers inside my boxers to curl around my cock, I once again had to fight the urge to let go. Whether these role playing games actually heightened our senses or not wasn't clear, but it almost seemed I was reliving the first glorious time she touched me in the heat of passion. She energetically stroked my cock, sending delicious sensations throughout my body, rendering me almost helpless against her touch. It felt so wonderful I almost cried out in protest when she released me, even though it immediately became obvious that she was simply repositioning herself to increase the amount of pleasure she intended to bestow.

Bella knelt in front of me, silently urging me to lift my hips so she could remove my pants. I wasted not a moment in assisting her as she pulled my pants and boxers down to just below my knees. I took another nanosecond to tear the dreadful polo shirt off over my head. She eyed me like a greedy cat when she saw me exposed, sending another thrill pulsing through me. And when she looked at the size of my erection, she unconsciously licked her lips, causing an involuntary but eager spasm. Bella inched forward, leaning against my lower legs, still imprisoned by my pants. When she bent over me, effectively trapping me for her dastardly purposes, I found my inability to move strangely erotic.

Bella gave me one last seductive look before dipping her head and enclosing my cock in her mouth. I thought I might scream in relief and rapture, but managed to keep my incoherent vocalizations to a steady stream of curses and moans instead. My hands captured her breasts as she leaned over me, and I massaged the sweet flesh with enthusiasm. God, how I lamented the fact that I couldn't see her bare ass, her fabulous white skin accentuated by her black stockings and corset, as she bent over, pleasuring me beyond belief. I swore once again that our bedroom would be literally plastered with mirrors, the only rational thought I could manage.

Like the naïve virgin I was supposed to be, holding out against such physical bliss was ultimately impossible. I needed that release more than my next breath, and so I let myself go, coming with brutal force, my hands involuntarily tangling in Bella's hair, my hips thrusting without volition, my spunk charging into Bella's mouth with each new assault.

"Oh fuck . . . unnngh . . . so good . . ." I chanted as Bella finished me off. Maybe your last orgasm is always the best one, but I was pretty damn sure I'd remember that one for a long time. But then it didn't seem that Bella was going to let me forget, since she didn't stop. She licked up every drop and then kept at it, lapping at me, kissing me, caressing my balls, even after she had milked me dry and I'd gone soft. It soon became evident what she had in mind, and the fact that she didn't want to stop, desired me hard again at once, simply added to the already fierce desires of my 18 year old body.

So, I . . . complied, admirably and swiftly, and when my cock was once again hard enough to . . . hit a home run, Bella crawled atop me and, with excruciating slowness, eased herself onto my shaft. Once again in complete control, she kept a leisurely pace for a few minutes. Soon though, both her breathing and her movements accelerated, until she was riding me hard, fucking me for all she was worth.

Since this was the preferred position for car sex, we'd done this many, many times. But something was different this time. Bella was different. It seemed as if Isabella, the horny housewife, had taken to her role with relish, losing any inhibitions in the process. To see her now, gyrating on top of me, lacking any self-consciousness whatsoever, controlling both our movements, was exhilarating beyond belief. She leaned forward to position her body more advantageously, grabbing the top of the couch for additional leverage, her breasts now practically bouncing in my face, another big fucking turn on. And in spite of my recent incredible orgasm, I now had to fight to maintain, to keep from really embarrassing myself.

Still, I was almost disappointed when I started to observe Bella's "tells," the signs that she was close. I wanted us both to be able to go on like this for hours, it just felt so fucking wonderful. But even I was surprised by what pushed us both over the edge.

My head was tilted back against the couch, my heavy eyelids levered open enough to watch her titillating movements and the expression of concentrated pleasure that dominated her features. She grabbed both my hands, wove her fingers through each and brought them to rest on top of the sofa cushion on either side of my head. And that's when Bella opened her own eyes, gasping when she saw the look on my face. I don't know if my expression was one of love or tenderness or just overwhelming lust, but it compelled Bella to lower her head and invade my mouth with her tongue.

And an odd thing began to happen. I really did start to feel "used," like a sexual object. My lower legs were still tied up in my pants, my hips were pinned to the couch by the movement of her body, she held my hands still with her own, and now she had impaled my mouth with her tongue, effectively rendering me helpless. And in that instant, I unexpectedly found the sensation so erotic, to be the "boy toy" of this sexually powerful woman, to be utilized solely for the pleasure she could take, that I came with a ferocity that surprised even me, groaning into her mouth and pumping my release into Bella. And whether it was the pleasure of the kiss or the realization of her own power over me, she followed me into blissful oblivion.

We sat there for a short time, recovering at our leisure, before Bella jumped back into action, lifting herself suddenly from my lap.

"Well, thank you, Eddie, for your . . . efforts," she said with a laugh. "I hope you enjoyed your tip."

"Yes, ma'am, I sure did."

"I'm so glad," Bella murmured, as she wandered over to pick up her robe, draping it around herself once again. "Perhaps I'll call you again when I get . . . hungry."

"I'll be happy to bring you a . . . pizza at any time."

We stared at each other for a minute before I realized Bella was looking at me expectantly. I finally realized she wanted me to leave – to finish the fantasy. Flustered, I reached for my pants and rearranged myself before locating the polo shirt and throwing it on. I picked up my other "props," the glasses and my hat, and started heading for the door, ignoring the monster's attempts to drag me back.

Bella followed me to the door.

"Bye, Eddie," she called in a sweet voice.

I turned around, gave Bella a meaningful look, and drew on the eyeglasses, reassuming the nerd persona once again. I walked out the door, standing on the porch for a minute after it closed behind me. I was a little hungry myself—I wondered how long it would take to reheat that pizza?

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