So, this isn't really what I expected to be posting. But as you may recall, I was writing a one-shot for the buyer of the personalized RPG in the FGB auction. In addition to the version featuring her and Edward, she asked if I could do a BxE version as well, and I gladly agreed. Of course, her version is quite a bit more involved, but that is only right. She also generously agreed that I could post the BxE version for everyone, and here it is. I do apologize that you will have to suffer through another dominant Edward fantasy. But the next two will be Bellas . . .


Scene 5

Hail the Conquering Hero

My fantasies were starting to get a little more elaborate. Okay, more than just a little, perhaps. Even so, I still hadn't gotten even close to admitting to Bella how…motivated I was. I certainly didn't want her to think there was anything wrong with our sex life—far from it. The monster and I were deliriously happy. But every so often I would see something that would trigger an image in my head, and my imagination would go wild. So would my cock. And the monster's…

It was Bella's turn to choose, but she hadn't been quite as…proactive as I would have liked in that regard. And I didn't want to trouble her; after all, planning some of these scenes could be time consuming and she had plenty to do. So did I, but that didn't stop me from beginning to gather all the necessary accoutrements…

I watched her as she studied for our junior-year final exams. Since we would be going back to Forks soon, the timing seemed right for some games. And since Bella hadn't suggested any particular scene…well, let's just say although I was fine, the monster was getting edgy. Bella sat up and stretched, leisurely lifting her hands high above her head and arching her back, feeding right into my latest fantasy, and I inhaled sharply.

"What's wrong?" she asked with concern.

I tried to downplay it. "Not a thing," I responded innocently. The monster sat next to me with wide eyes.

"Why did you just gasp?"

"I, uh, well…you just have no idea how…beautiful and sexy you are," I responded, stating part of the truth, anyway.

"And…?" When I hesitated, she insisted, "I know you better than that, you sneak. What's on your mind?"

Wanting me to own up, the monster began prodding me with its finger. "Well, it's just that we're leaving for home soon, and, uh, Ihadthisfantasy…" I mumbled quickly. As her eyebrows rose and my face reddened, I retreated. "It's nothing—I know it's your turn to choose." Bella looked rather pleased, I must say, so I relaxed some.

"Actually, I already chose one, but thought the setting would be better back home," she admitted.

It was my turn to look pleased—and excited. The monster sat up in interest. "Oh?" we both pressed.

"Yes, and don't you ask about it, either. You'll have to wait to be surprised."

"Okay, I can wait. We can put mine off to some later date." I hoped my disappointment didn't show. The monster kicked me.

"Well…do we have to?" Bella inquired shyly. "Of course, that means I get to choose the next two…"

There was a reason this woman was my soul mate.

So I planned our exploits to take place a few days after finals were over. I got so excited as the materials for our…date arrived that I was starting to get an erection every time the doorbell rang. The monster stood sentry on the front porch, watching for each new delivery. I spent many hours setting up a spare bedroom, and I saw Bella stare at me more and more quizzically as large boxes continued to arrive and sounds of hammering could be heard from the room.

In order to get things exactly right, I decided to provide Bella with some of my thoughts and desires in writing. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I left her detailed instructions with respect to every particular of her appearance and demeanor; I mean, if I was going to do it, I might as well be thorough. I should have been embarrassed by all the effort I had taken, and I suppose I was, but it was distinctly colored by anticipation at this point.

On the appointed day, I was too excited to sit down, walking around with an erection half the time. I finally had to beat off, afraid I'd ejaculate on her the minute I saw her in costume, but even that precaution didn't seem to be having the desired effect. Eventually, I showed Bella to our new…theater of operations, and the monster and I went to change.

It took only a few minutes for me to don my costume, the sandals taking up the greatest amount of time. Then I nervously paced the hallway, occasionally stumbling over the monster, waiting for the knock that would signal her readiness. I was hard—once again—just imagining how Bella would look, positioned for me in accordance with my instructions. I perversely hoped she was anxious too, as that would only add to the atmosphere. And as always, a tiny part of me was terrified that at any second she would bolt from the room, screaming at me for being a pervert.

Hearing a sharp knock, I about jumped out of my skin. Waiting the pre-arranged minute or two, I slowly turned the knob and eased the door open, gasping noticeably when I saw her. My cock hardened to the point of pain, and it took all my willpower not to simply ravage her on the spot.

I had converted what would normally have been a small bedroom into an elaborate . . . den of iniquity. There were thin mattresses covering most of the floor, effectively turning the entire room into a large bed. They were disguised by richly woven cloth to look as exotic as possible. Likewise, the walls had material draped across them, barring most of one which was covered in large mirrors, and there were a multitude of various sized pillows in soft and shiny fabrics strewn everywhere. The only solid, hard thing in the room, besides my cock, was the floor to ceiling column in the center of the room I had managed to construct, even with my limited carpentry skills and the monster's helpful "assistance."

Bella looked perfect—utterly perfect. She had pinned her hair up, as I had asked her to. It just seemed more old-fashioned to me. And it exposed her neck, a definite plus. She was wearing long gold earrings that looked to be of an ancient design, procured by me at great expense. The costume looked better on Bella than in my wildest fantasies. It was Grecian in nature, simply two panels of flowing white fabric, wispy but not quite see-through, joined by a thin gold belt that rode low on her hips. The pieces were not attached together at the sides, but only held together by that thin golden band. The rear panel of fabric extended from her hips to her feet. The front panel was longer, extending upward far enough to cover her chest and drape over one shoulder. It was not attached to anything, so a simple tug of the fabric would effortlessly leave her naked above the waist. I smiled in anticipation of that event.

Even more arousing was the way she was waiting for me. I had procured play manacles, which Bella had been able to fasten around her wrists and, more importantly, attach the short chain joining them to a strong hook protruding from the column. So there she was, a vision of loveliness, looking like a princess from ancient times, her delicate arms manacled over her head, stretching out her body and leaving her vulnerable to my every whim. The feigned concern in her eyes and her visible trembling raised the moment to utter perfection. As a result, I felt I owed it to her to play my role with relish.

I strutted further into the room like the arrogant and powerful Roman Tribune I was supposed to be. The monster pulled out its sword, waving it to and fro before nearly tripping over it and cutting off a toe. Dismayed but undaunted, the sword disappeared, and the monster lifted its toga and waved its cock about instead.

Stopping to appreciate the view in front of me, I rested my hands on my hips and smirked while my eyes lazily trailed over Bella's body, now able to indulge myself by lingering wherever and for however long I liked. My smirk became a broad smile when I'd seen my fill, and I nodded slightly in approval.

"So you are my prize," I announced, my voice already gruffer than usual. "I am well pleased."

"I'm no prize!" Bella protested beautifully. "My father is a rich and important man, and I won't be treated this way."

Oh, thank God—she was really getting into it. My enthusiasm grew. "Your father is a conquered enemy of Rome, and you, my dear, are my prize for doing the conquering. You are now my property, to do with as I will."

"I won't…I refuse…" she began sputtering.

"Quiet! I can be indulgent, at first, make allowances for your . . . inexperience, but you must learn obedience. I have much better uses for that tongue of yours." I was really having some fun with this now.

When Bella began a fresh barrage of refusals, I cut her off with a warning. "Let me explain to you your choices. Should you displease me, you will be taken to the nearest brothel to service the enlisted men. The men I assign to take you there will undoubtedly enjoy your charms as they wish along the way. I suspect they will take the opportunity to make some extra money as well, by bending you over the wagon and whoring you out to any wretch with a coin. I assure you there will be no lack of loathsome creatures ready to degrade you in every way possible. When you arrive at the brothel, at the first sign of resistance they will simply strap you to a pallet where you will be used by a constant stream of common soldiers, day and night. Most of these men know nothing about sex outside of rape on the battlefield, so the fact that you are tied down will only enhance the attraction. And with your…allurements, I assure you that you will be quite popular, willing or no." I surprised myself with my own creativity here, not having planned any of this out. The monster began vigorously playing with itself, apparently aroused on by the scenario I just described. On a roll, I continued.

"Life with me, on the other hand, could be most pleasant for you. You will live here in my villa. You will be given every comfort and be waited upon. I will buy you jewelry to adorn your beauty, while your body shall become an adornment for my villa. You will be obedient and do whatever I ask, and I shall be patient while I teach you how to please me." My gaze traveled slowly over her body once again.

"Now, have you made your choice? Will you submit?" I demanded more harshly.

Bella nodded in resignation, which I found absolutely delightful. She hung her head and cast her eyes downward to show her subjugation. A lovely sight…

I approached her slowly, placing my finger under her chin to lift her face, and I gave her a soft kiss. "You will not regret it, my sweet." I smiled reassuringly. But we had done enough talking, and it was time to begin our fun.

I kissed her deeply, my tongue invading her mouth at will, dominating her senses, giving her an indication of what was to come. She whimpered helplessly once or twice, the sound traveling straight to my groin. When I disengaged, we were both breathing harder. I watched with appreciation as Bella's chest rose and fell enticingly. She really was magnificent. Was it too soon to simply…expose her? The monster gave me a painful dig with its elbow. Fuck it, I couldn't wait anymore either.

Watching her face, my hand rose to her shoulder with deliberate slowness, and I began to lightly pull on the flimsy fabric draped over it, seeking to reveal her body while building anticipation. After a moment or two of shifting the fabric, gravity took over, and the weight of the cloth in front became enough to continue the downward movement without my aid. When the last of it slipped over her shoulder and she stood half-naked before me, I audibly gulped in appreciation.

Unconsciously, I stepped backward in order to appreciate the picture in front of me all the more. I stared unabashedly at her fabulous breasts, the full globes of lovely white flesh that would fill my hands, their adorable pink nipples straining for attention, looking so enticingly vulnerable with her arms pinioned above her head. Her other curves became obvious as well: the dip of her waist, the swell of her hips on display above the belt that still held the rest of the costume in place. I hoped I wasn't drooling like the monster was.

I wrenched my eyes to her face and saw again her servile posture and downcast eyes, and more appealing, the charming pink tone that now colored her face, presumably in embarrassment but what could also be interpreted as shame, which played right into my fantasy. All in all, I couldn't have been happier. Or harder. The monster began removing its toga.

"You're perfect," I harshly uttered, and my sincerity could not be questioned. Bella's eyes flicked up to mine before she once again looked at the floor. I told myself it wasn't civilized to simply rush at her breasts, although I was itching to do so. Instead I approached her slowly once more, trailing my hands lightly up and down her sides, worshipping her feminine form. I mean, I did that for a few moments before each hand grasped a breast and began kneading the delectable flesh. Fiercely. A loud groan of satisfaction escaped me.

There was something kind of…lewd about just standing there, looking down on her face while my hands took their fill. No kissing, no sweet words—just seizing, just claiming, just indulging. My thumbs brushed across her nipples, eliciting a gasp from Bella. So naturally I couldn't resist provoking a more animated response. I captured the tender pink buds between my fingers and began squeezing and rolling them. Tightly. Exerting as much pressure as I could short of causing discomfort, letting her know who controlled her body now. I kept it up until her soft moans filled the air and her body began writhing with the pleasure of it. It was arousing as all fuck. The monster was bouncing up and down on a mattress, trying to get a better view.

As my hands continued their torment, I lowered my mouth to her ear and gruffly asked, "Now, if I release you from your chains, will you obey me?"

Bella nodded and moaned a yes. God help me, but I wanted more…docility from her.

"You will address me as…my Lord," I instructed in her ear, giving her nipples another pinch to make sure she was paying attention. That title had really turned me on last time; besides, I was saving master for another time.

"Yes…my Lord," Bella choked out, and now her body seemed to be straining towards mine.

"Very nice." I reached up, unfastened her hands, and proceeded to massage her arms for a few moments to get the blood flowing properly. After all, I wasn't an animal. Not completely, I mean. Then I stepped back, a look of expectation on my face, hoping she would respond appropriately.

"What is…my Lord's pleasure?" she asked in a beautifully humble manner.

My cock throbbed painfully at her words. So fucking perfect…

"First, you will remove my armor." I could have just worn a short toga or something, but I had really gotten into the costume thing, going for the whole Roman Tribune get-up. I instructed Bella on how to unfasten the pieces and lay them aside in a corner, out of the way. When she was done, I was left standing in just a short tunic, the uncomfortable state of my cock now obvious under the thin fabric. I thought I saw a smile threaten to erupt on Bella's face when she saw my condition.

"Remove my sandals," I ordered her next. And I enjoyed more than was right the reflection of her kneeling at my feet, her bare breasts swaying with her movements as she complied. After discarding them, she rose to her feet and looked at me, awaiting her next command. How fucking hot was that! The monster produced a palm leaf and began fanning itself.

Letting Bella tremble with uncertainty, I made myself comfortable, lying on some pillows and rearranging them to best advantage so I was facing the mirrored wall. Since I wanted her to feel the powerlessness of her position, she would be required to undress herself. Still, I enjoyed the look of trepidation on her face when I made my wishes known.

"Now, you may remove the rest of your clothing." I smiled at the prospect and waited patiently, her clear reluctance only adding to my enjoyment

She obviously couldn't bear to look at me as her shaking fingers slowly worked towards the belt that held the fabric to her body. After unfastening it, she hesitated a bit, and it wasn't until a growl began to escape me that she let the fabric drop. Gleefully, I fucked her with my eyes while leisurely taking in the sight of her glorious nude figure. The monster's eyes bugged out of its head as it panted like a thirsty dog.

"Lovely. Now, turn slowly in a circle so I can see all of my prize."

Bella was a beautiful bright red now, which God help me, I fucking loved. There had to be some twisted shit going on my psyche to make me enjoy this so much. Oh well, I'd worry about that another time. And I promised myself I would give her the opportunity to humiliate me on another occasion as much as she liked.

"You are perfect, my sweet," I stated when she had completed her circle. "Now, come here and kneel next to me. I want you to straddle me." I kept up a constant stream of instructions and encouragement until she was kneeling over me as I lay on the pillows, my head and upper back propped up and ready for the next step. With her legs spread wide on either side of my body, there was nothing to impede my view. But seeing her breasts, larger than life, positioned right in front of my face, I already knew where I was going next.

"I wish to suckle," I announced grandly. When Bella didn't move, I added, "Lean over, my love." And with just a slight adjustment I was suffocating in her glorious breasts as they begged for attention, which was fucking awesome. The monster licked its lips in readiness.

It required no effort on my part to simply suck one nipple into my mouth and begin the teasing. This is something I could easily do for hours, comfortably lying down, propped up with pillows. I employed every weapon at my command, swirling and laving with my tongue, lightly nibbling with my teeth, and rhythmically sucking with abandon, taking turns to attend to each nipple. Sometimes I would use both hands to knead her breast while I suckled, like I was milking her, singling each enticing orb out as if it was the only thing in my world. By the time I had finished taking my satisfaction in this way, Bella was sobbing, beyond thought, rubbing her body against mine, desperately seeking relief. Just where I wanted her…

In view of the humiliation I had been inflicting on her, it seemed only right that she receive a few orgasms before I did. So when her nipples were day-glo pink and ultra sensitive, as I wanted them, I told her to lift up her bum, and I slid my body downward, stopping when my mouth was perfectly positioned. Slipping my hands under her thighs, my fingers grabbed the supple curves of her ass and pulled forward, lodging her feminine flesh firmly in my mouth. Bella gasped and wriggled a bit, but I wasn't letting go.

I feasted with abandon. When the movement of her hips had the effect of thrusting her sex forward as she looked for greater contact, my tongue slowed to tease and torment, and I reached my hands up to roughly grab and knead her breasts, eliciting a low keening sounds from Bella. Concentrating on these most sensitive bits, I paced my efforts, looking to build her up slowly and increase the force of her orgasm to volcanic levels. Finally, when I could sense that release was imminent, my hands returned to her ass to prevent her escape from my continued attentions.

Bella came with a scream, involuntarily moving her hands to the sides of my head to keep me stationary for her climax. I found that most inviting and used the opportunity to attach myself more completely to her flesh, opening my mouth wider and building the pressure. And now came the part I really loved.

Of course, she tried to detach from me, crying out again and again as I continued to manipulate her sensitive folds with lips and tongue while holding her immobile against my mouth. The small movements she was able to make simply had the effect of increasing her own torment, but of course she failed to realize that in her desperation. Eventually, despair turned to renewed desire, a moment I lived for I found it so erotic. When that happened, I concentrated on her most sensitive spot, sucking and licking until she came again with an unholy wail.

And I still wasn't done. When her tremors had stopped, I released Bella but only long enough to give instructions. "Now, lie on your back and spread your legs for me—wide." Again, trepidation marked her features, but she did as I asked, eyeing me warily. When it became obvious I was going for the face-plant between her legs, she screeched Noooooo! and pulled her knees together, her hands taking a protective position, which pissed the hell out of the Roman Tribune in me. The monster waved its sword about again.

In a prescient moment I had attached a hook to the baseboard of each wall, and remembering this, I grabbed the shackles with a growl and closed them around her wrists. Moving various pillows aside, I found the nearest hook and attached the chain, preventing any further resistance, at least from her arms. God I wished I could immobilize her legs too, and I hoped that someday in the not too distant future Bella would let me really tie her up, preferable so she couldn't move an eyelash, offering me absolute control of her body and she, none at all. I figured the best way to assure that happening was to give her lots of orgasms today, so I refocused my attention. As it was, the sight of her arms restrained over her head was inspiring enough.

I wrapped my arms tightly around her thighs and spread her wide, causing Bella to tremble and moan in protest. Again, I went to work with my mouth, licking and sucking enthusiastically while Bella cried out and struggled against me. It was fuckhot. I showed her no mercy this time, never letting up until her body stiffened, using the scruff on my chin to introduce a new sensation at the moment of her release. By this time Bella was pleading for a rest, and being the benevolent Lord I was, I granted it to her. By which I mean, I was desperate for an orgasm of my own and decided it was time to get selfish. I threw off the tunic I was still wearing, hearing a squeal of protest when it landed on top of the monster as it hovered nearby, and went to work.

Wanting to take advantage of her arms being restrained, I moved over to the corner of the room where I had secreted a few items. Pulling out the body oil, which was both edible and tasty, I approached her quivering body with an evil look. Bella was spent, and didn't even open her lids to look at me until I had straddled her stomach and began pouring oil between her breasts, at which point consciousness seemed to return. Her eyes flew open and a quiet moan escaped her. I rubbed the oil generously between her breasts and then slowly stroked my cock a few times to lubricate it, while she watched enraptured. The monster grabbed the bottle of oil, sniffed it appreciatively, and lubed itself up.

Lowering my body, I slipped my cock between her breasts and pressed them together, encasing my length within her lovely firm flesh, making sure my fingers were positioned so that I could torture her nipples while I fucked her tits. I didn't even stop to wonder what she must think of this, so intent was I on pleasuring myself this way. I pinched her nipples with each thrust, sometimes making the pressure constant so she would find no relief. Bella's moans seem to indicate she was enjoying that, at least. And it felt as wonderful as I had imagined, and looked fucking hot as well, as I molded her flesh for my gratification. I wanted nothing more than to give her a pearl necklace, but decided there were better…receptacles for my spunk, so I reluctantly slowed and then stopped my movements.

As I rested, I enjoyed the sight before me—Bella, naked and chained, her expression seeming to convey her wonder at what might be in store for her next. Thinking perhaps a little tenderness might be in order before the next activity, I unfastened her hands from the manacles and grabbed a wipe (which, of course, I had secreted along with the other items), and gently cleaned the oil from her chest. Wanting to be extra thorough, I lowered myself over her body and used my tongue to lap it from her nipples, the poor abused dears.

Bella wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and it felt so good to have her touching me. I redirected my attention to her lovely mouth, sucking on her luscious lips before letting my tongue part them to explore further. I kissed her until we were both breathless, moving to her neck to tease and nip, loving the tiny shivers it evoked.

Bella giggled a little before saying, "That oil really does taste good."

I smiled wickedly, looking at her before responding, "I'm so glad you think so, because you're about to get some more." The monster stopped licking the oil from its fingers to learn what was coming next.

Disengaging, I looked around the room, wanting to get the set-up just right. I piled some pillows up against the corner of a wall, providing seating at the desired height. I spread my legs in what could only be described as a lewd manner and told Bella to come to me, crooking my finger at her. In a moment of pure perfection, Bella crawled over to me on her hands and knees and kneeled between my thighs before bowing her head a bit. I was sure I had never been so turned on before.

I had guessed right on the pillows too, because her mouth was positioned just right. "Now, lick me clean," I directed in a guttural whisper. My cock jumped in delighted anticipation as Bella leaned forward and her mouth approached with agonizing slowness. The little tease…

And oh my God, it was fucking wonderful, the way she lapped at me so enthusiastically, nibbling now and again to make me groan and jerk. Without any prompting, she began sucking on my balls, one at a time, and I thought I would die with the satisfaction of it. It also made further delay impossible though, because I needed release more than oxygen now.

I had Bella lean her arms on my thighs and take my cock in her mouth. This allowed me to play with her breasts again and, more importantly, watch both sides of the action, since I had angled us so that our reflection gave me another point of view. I took turns watching her lips move up and down over my length while in the mirror I got a great shot of her ass, and could even see one hand as it squeezed her breast and tugged at her overly-sensitive nipple while Bella's head bobbed up and down. I was in fucking heaven… The monster gurgled with delight.

About to shoot off like a cannon, I couldn't keep myself from moving my hands to the side of her head and holding her steady while she finished me off, in what may have been the best orgasm in history. My shouts and curses as I filled her clever mouth probably made that clear though. I collapsed against the pillows and dragged Bella on top of me, holding her in my arms and planting small kisses here and there while basking in the post-orgasmic glow. She cuddled against me, which was cute as all hell. I just hoped she didn't think we were done here. Let's see, what will make me recover the fastest…

I was pretty sure teasing my new conquest would work wonders. And her teasing me wouldn't be a bad idea, either. So after a few minutes, I adjusted Bella's position so I could lie prone and gave her the next instruction. God I loved being in charge

"Get on all fours and straddle me," I instructed her.

"Now, turn around," I added. And a moment later, after she shifted, I was getting a front row view of my next target. Grabbing some stray pillows, I got us properly situated. "Now, use that talented mouth of yours to get me hard again, because I want to fuck you. And lower yourself down so I can feed on you at the same time."

No matter how long it had been since her last orgasm, she still had to be tender after three. So I took it easy on her at first, slowly sucking and licking. But I could tell from the way she was squirming against my mouth that it was difficult for her to endure such intimate contact yet again. Too bad… I wasn't going to let her come again like this anyway—I had another plan entirely.

It didn't take much for my cock to harden in her mouth, but I drew out our feasting anyway. I kept up the slow pace, using my fingers to spread and expose her further, planting small kisses and nibbles here and there, fucking her with my tongue, lightly caressing her intimate flesh with the stubble on my chin. Now, in spite of all the lovingly inflicted abuse she had already experienced, Bella was starting to buck her hips, needing to get more stimulation. I wasn't going to let that happen. The greater desperation she showed, the more she whimpered with need and strived for release, the slower I moved, only speeding up again when I felt her relax. Unfortunately, her frustration was starting to be exhibited by increased, almost frantic, licking and sucking on my cock, and if I didn't stop her now I'd be christening her tonsils again.

I rolled us over and lifted myself off of her, much to her dismay. Her hands involuntarily reached for me as if to bring me back to finish the job, and her expression told me that she was willing to beg, if necessary. Oh, but that wouldn't be required…

"On your knees, sweetheart," I rasped out. I pointed to a spot on the floor and ordered, "Kneel."

Now this was interesting. As instructed, Bella was kneeling, facing the mirror, and after a moment, I positioned her hands behind her back. Her hair had long since started loosening from its style, but it was still mostly up, just in a messier, sluttier way. She was breathing hard, causing her lovely breasts to move forcefully up and down, a very pretty sight indeed. Her sex was glistening, and a more inviting picture I had never seen. It was time for some fucking…

I sidled up behind her, also on my knees, and put my hands on the slight curve of her belly. "I want you to watch me," I whispered in her ear, and her eyes flew up from their downcast position. "I want you to watch my hands on this body and see that it belongs to me—that you belong to me. I control it—I can make it do whatever I want. Watch, now." The monster paid close attention.

I let my hands drift upward, gently cupping her breasts and kneading them lightly. "These delectable breasts are now my property," I continued in a guttural whisper. I will touch them and suckle them whenever I want—" and here I gave her nipples a soft pinching roll, eliciting a long groan "—and whether you moan in desire or protest, I shall do as I like." Man, I was really getting into this whole claiming thing.

One hand began edging lower on her body, very slowly, and I watched her eyes follow its path. I cupped her sex in my hand and delighted in the shudder that wracked her body, further evidence of my mastery over her. Even better was a moment later when she began to subtly spread her legs further apart, and I couldn't help acknowledging it.

"Yes, that's right—this body knows what it wants. Open for me." And her legs eased apart some more while my fingers began wantonly dancing over her feminine flesh. When her eyes closed and her head fell back against my chest, I stopped my movements, waiting until her eyelids slowly rose. "You must watch, love," I reminded her with an innocent kiss on her cheek.

It hadn't been part of my plan to make Bella come again, at least not right now, but I was getting so turned on watching my hands have their way with her while I compelled her to watch that I couldn't seem to stop. Maybe I owed her one more, considering the way I planned to use her body next—like a fucking animal. Or an animal fucking, corrected the monster.

So I began moving with more purpose, squeezing her voluptuous breasts, each in turn, lightly trailing my fingers across her succulent nipples, dark rose now from my never-ending…worship of them. The manipulation of my fingers on her sex became more deliberate, and delight filled me when Bella began to thrust a bit with her hips, her body betraying her in spite of her groans of objection. I watched, enthralled, the wanton movements of her torso evidencing the increasing tension, even while she appeared to internally struggle against her inevitable downfall. And when she came on my fingers, her sobs ringing out and filling the room, I noticed the look of smug triumph on my face. And the monster's.

I pulled one of my hands in front of me and curled my fingers around her wrists, continuing to tease her a few moments longer with my other hand, leering at the involuntary wiggling of her body as she tried to avoid my attentions and reveling in her helplessness. Okay, so I had some control issues…

Releasing her wrists, I grabbed her hands and brought them to rest against the mirrored wall, presenting another truly inspiring sight. Bella was leaning forward now, her breasts enticingly swaying with her deep breaths, so of course, I had to fondle them a bit more. Her ass seemed to push into my groin then, and if she was trying to divert my attention elsewhere, it was working. Fluid leaked from my rigid cock like it was crying for attention.

"Arch your back more, love," I whispered, my voice so rough with need I hardly recognized it.

With a few slight adjustments, Bella was perfectly positioned for me. I tried not to just slam myself inside her. I really did. I mean, I went as slow as I could under the circumstances. Still, I couldn't hide the smile when I saw her jerk as I inserted my iron-hard cock and filled her up…and up. Now would…come the real challenge—trying to hold on while I plowed into her. The monster began obscenely thrusting its hips.

I did my best to make it last. I lightly held onto her hips while I began insistently thrusting into Bella. I took turns watching my cock disappear deep inside her and re-emerge, her tight walls mercilessly stroking my length, before returning to the image in the mirror and lecherously gazing at her breasts shamelessly bouncing around from the force of my assault. It was so fucking erotic I had to close my eyes now and again against the tantalizing sights before me or be completely done in. The best fuck-fantasies I'd ever had paled in comparison.

I couldn't help thinking about doing this again and again, surrounded by mirrors next time, perhaps with Bella restrained somehow. I was so going to have to improve my carpentry skills and come up with something truly imaginative to hold her captive, immobilized and powerless, allowing me to position her body to suit my every fancy. And with that image in my brain I ruthlessly grabbed at her luscious ass to hold her still while I began franticly pumping into her, my loud grunts and hoarse cries making me sound like the animal I had become.

Afterwards, I was too spent to be embarrassed, as I undoubtedly should have been by my brutish behavior. Collapsing on a heap of pillows, I had only enough strength to pull Bella's body close to my own while trying to catch my breath. My hand found a length of fabric and pulled it over us, although whether her shivering meant she was cold or not was highly questionable. The monster, having donned its toga and a headdress of olive leaves, reclined on some pillows and toasted Bella with a golden chalice of wine.

It seemed we both drifted off for a while. Of course, I awoke with a hard on. But I had regained at least enough sense to realize that further activities were out of the question if Bella was going to be able to sit tomorrow. So I willed my cock into obedience and woke Bella up with some sweet kisses on her shoulder. The monster freely kissed the other one.

Bella stretched her arms over her head, arching her back and giving a contented sigh, and the slippery fabric began easing away from her chest. Oh, no. I quickly lunged for the satin and made sure she stayed covered. I couldn't be held accountable for my actions if I saw her fabulous breasts again.

"You should probably get dressed unless you want to be attacked again," I suggested.

Bella gave a disbelieving laugh. "You are insatiable."

The monster removed its plumed helmet and took a deep bow.

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