Last chapter! Sorry it's short but it is just an epilogue. More authors note at the end.

Chapter 20: Epilogue

Edward watched as Hohenheim re-arranged the mantel piece; by unspoken consent it was now full of pictures. The centre picture being the one of the whole family together, to one side were various pictures of from when Trisha was alive, from their wedding photo to the photo of the two young boys being read too, while sitting in her lap. On the other side of the main photo were new pictures, taken recently at Ed and Winry's graduation.

Winry was currently sitting beside Ed, curled up, resting her head on his shoulder and Hohenheim smiled fondly at them as he turned to look at them. Ed tried to scowl in return but found he couldn't get rid of the smile already there. He was happy, truly happy and it was all down to the blonde leaning on him.

"Don't be a stranger, brother," Al said looking around Ed's new dorm room. Ed cracked a grin.

"I dunno it'll be hard to find the time to call or email, I'll be out at parties every night, getting drunk, meeting girls," Ed suddenly imagined Winry hitting him, "and ignoring them completely," he added, "I guess I won't have time for my little brother anymore."

Al's eyes widened before narrowing to glare at his brother and punch his arm.

"Ow, we're back to this?" Ed moaned, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, of course I'll call."

"You better, I'm going to miss you brother." Al threw his arms around Ed and they hugged.

"Come on Alphonse, we need to go," Hohenheim said before patting Ed on the shoulder. "If you need anything son, let me know."

"Sure, see ya," Ed replied and the two turned to leave. As they reached the door Hohenheim turned back to his eldest son. "Your Mom would be so proud of you Edward. I am proud of you."

"Thanks," he replied quietly, then they were gone.

Sitting on the edge of his new bed Ed realised it was going to be odd without his brother beside him the whole time.

"Ow, I'll never drink again," Ed moaned from his place on the bathroom floor. "I hate college parties."

"You're the one challenging people to drinking games Ed," Winry replied before grabbing his hair back as he leant over the toilet again.

"Stupid college parties," he muttered when he was done.

"Oh like you never got drunk at any parties at home. Don't you remember Riza's party, the first one I went too?"

"Wasn't this bad," Ed mumbled. "I'm done know, I wanna crawl into my bed and die."

"You are so melodramatic when you're hung over," Winry sighed.

"How are you not hung over, you were at that party?" Ed complained.

"I didn't get drunk, a little tip I picked up from your brother."

"You're too loud."

"I'm whispering."


Winry deposited Ed in his bed and crept out the room, returning a little later.

"Where'd you go?" Ed asked, looking pathetic, curled up in his bed.

"Got you a miracle cure, black coffee and aspirin," Winry replied with a grin, passing said items to Ed.

"I don't deserve you."

"I know, now drink and swallow."

Winry pushed the door open to the coffee shop, instantly seeing Ed sitting near a window. She made her way over to the table returning the grin he gave her as he caught sight of her.

"Happy anniversary," she said leaning over and placing a quick kiss on his lips.

"You too," he replied, unable to wipe the happy smile off his face. "Two years since we started dating. Can you believe it?"

"No, what on earth possessed me to stay with you that long. I'm in college, I should be hooking up with a different guy every night," Winry said dramatically.

"Hey," Ed cried with a mock hurt look.

"Just kidding," Winry laughed. Stretching her hand across the table to Ed. Taking the offered hand, Ed brought it up to his lips and brushed a kiss across her knuckles.

"I really love you, you know," he said, gazing into her crystal blue eyes, a soft, blissful smile on his face. "Don't ever leave me."

Winry smiled back serenely. "I know. I'm not going anywhere because I love you Edward Elric, I want you, forever."


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Izumi Curtis and her husband Sig had just come to terms with their inability to have children when they found the lost and injured child by the railway tracks. When his parents couldn't be located and all the information that could be retrieved from the boy was that his name was Edward they had eagerly taken the boy in. Though they had never pretended to be Edward's parents he truly felt like their son.

When Edward was eleven years old his social worker told Izumi about a boy of twelve who had been taken away from abusive and drunk parents. The boy suffered from chronic nightmares, as Edward did, and consequently could not be found a suitable home. That was how Roy Mustang joined the Curtis family and so began Izumi's life of mediating fights and arguments between the two boys but then she was more than up for the challenge.