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The doorbell had rung multiple times. Yumi was almost going to wonder why no one else had gotten it. Then she remembered: she was the only one home.

The girl groaned as the doorbell rang again. She dragged her tired body from the bed and began to make her way to the door.

It rang again.

"I'm coming!" shouted a tired and frustrated Yumi. She couldn't help the moan that escaped her when she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She was in her Happy Bunny pajamas and her hair was a total mess. It looked like a porcupine had grown on her head.

More banging resonated from a fist slamming into the door.

"Cut it out!" she hollered, raking her fingers through her hair to clean up the best she could. Something inside the girl just frankly didn't care. She was too tired to care. It was only seven in the morning and she didn't want to get up. It was a weekends for crying out loud! Who came around on a weekend at seven in the morning?

Yumi just wanted to sign for whatever this moron was delivering and go back to her room to curl up in bed. Today was not the day to mess with her. She wiped away a little drool from her face that had resided in the corner of her mouth for most of the night.

The door shook again with more banging.

The girl hurried a little faster. Her fingers found the doorknob and she threw open the door to see Ulrich standing there, panting like crazy. "XANA," he huffed, leaning against the doorframe. "Need you at the factory."

She stared at him, then at her clothes, then back to him. She was in front of Ulrich. In her hot pink Happy Bunny pajamas. The girl was utterly mortified.

Before she could even consider running back inside to change, Ulrich had her by the wrist and was dragging her through the streets at full speed.

"Ulrich, I'm gonna kill you," she snarled as she regained some sense of what was going on and set herself to run alongside the guy who had woken her up.

"Not if XANA does it first," he chuckled between panting breaths.

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