Ok, so I was saving this outtake for after Easter, but I thought I would post it up after all the lovely reviews and responses I had when Rain Season finished.

This picks up after Edward and Bella have graduated university and moved to Chicago. If you can't remember from the epilogue, Edward opened up a business with Tanya there. This is well before Bella is pregnant!

Bewbie snuggles to lambie for being such a fuckawesome ficwife and having a crack at this for me, last minute.

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"Mother of Fuck!"

I had been under this car for the last fucking two hours, trying to adjust the sway bar. It wasn't quite sealing and I was getting shit all over me every time I touched it now. I slammed the wrench down just as I heard a pair of footsteps echo into the garage. The sign asked for keys to be deposited in the night box. It was after six, the door was clearly marked and we were fucking closed. I know Tanya would have locked up behind her.

Who the fuck would come in here?

I rolled out from underneath the black Jag and sat up. I was exhausted, the long hours we'd been putting in to get our business up and off the ground were finally starting to pay off. Tanya and I had gone over the books the other night and realized we were in the black for almost six months solid. We would be able to take more people on if this kept up.

The footsteps walked through the long garage and I wiped my forehead, swearing as I realized there was still grease on my arms.

"We're fucking closed!"

The footsteps stopped, "You mean you wouldn't open up for me?"


I smiled. She had been so patient after we moved, and had even found a job teaching English at one of the local high schools. I was so fucking proud of her.

Finally, she walked into my line of sight. My jaw fucking dropped.

Legs for miles in black fishnet and black satin stilettos. She wore a black trench coat that ended just above her knees, and had her hands in the pockets. Her dark hair was pulled back from her face. Her lips were red and her cheeks were flushed.

"I hope you don't mind that I stopped by. You weren't answering your phone. I called Tanya, and she said it was only you here."

I patted my pocket and realized my phone was probably in the office.

She licked her lips, and took her hands out of her pockets. She was wearing sheer black gloves, and I watched as she reached behind her towards her hair. As she did so, the coat rose a couple of inches and showed me more leg.

Please be naked. Please be fucking naked.

She took out the clip holding her hair back, and it fell in soft waves over her shoulders.

Oh shit.

She threw the clip at me and I caught it.

She bit her lip, staring directly at me as she undid the belt of the coat.

"I know you've been working so hard lately, baby. I know you're doing it for us. I just want you to know I love you, and I want to do for you."

I nodded, watching her fingers slowly undo the buttons holding the coat together.

She turned around, showing me her back and slowly lifted up the coat, showing me the backs of her thighs, the stockings ended there with little black ruffled garters. I saw a glimpse of ruffled panties before she put the coat down.

"Oh fuck, Bella."

She smiled at me, all sly and shit and then carefully removed her arms from the coat. She held it to her, still looking over her shoulder.

Then she let it drop to her feet. She was wearing a satin pink corset that laced up the back with black satin ribbon. I could see the hint of her skin peeking through the lacing. Her arms were covered to just over her elbow in lacy black gloves.


She turned around slowly, and I palmed my dick as it pulsed inside my jeans. I was wearing way too many fucking clothes.

She walked forward and I watched her legs move, her breasts confined inside the corset, ready to pop out at any given moment.

I stood up, as she walked towards me. I started to unzip the dark blue mechanic suit I was wearing. It was covered in grease and grime and so were my hands. I tried to wipe them on the front of the suit as she stalked towards me.

I wore a black VanHalen t shirt underneath, and she stopped in front of me while I struggled out of the sleeves I had rolled up. She topped right in front of me and I could see the very tops of her pink nipples as I looked down at her. Every time she drew in a breath, her breasts pressed tighter and I felt my cock leap.

Her hands went to the front of her corset and slowly undid the hooks. She opened it slowly, revealing a tiny black see through bra that barely covered her nipples. She squeezed her breasts together and I nearly lost my shit right there.

She put her hands behind her back and the bra slackened. She turned around and shook her ruffled ass at me, pressing it against me groin. Before I could grab her, she stepped away from me. She looked over her shoulder as she slowly slid one strap down and then the other before throwing the bra at me. I caught it and crushed the sheer material with my fingers.

She turned back around towards me, her gloved arms covering her breasts. I swallowed as she moved forward.

She ran one of her gloved fingers up my arm, over the dark grease on my tattoos.

"Wait, I'm covered in shit, just let me-"

"No way, Edward. Do not touch a fucking thing."

I raised an eyebrow at her, Bella rarely swore, and it was really fucking hot when she did. I glanced over at the desk that was behind us. The steel metal might be just the right height, but it was covered in tools and paper work.

I looked back at her and she was fucking stunning. My hands were around her waist, my mouth on hers, and her tongue warred with mine as I backed her up. I grabbed her ass, pulling her against me. She groaned as her back hit the bench. I was so hard, I didn't know if I could wait.

"I need you inside me, Edward."

"Fuck, you read my mind, turn around, sweetheart."

I pressed her front against the desk as I ground myself against her. I kissed her neck, biting her lightly and she pushed her ass against my suit, rubbing against my cock.

I grabbed a handful of her ruffled panties and yanked them down. My fingers stroked along her wet pussy as she moaned my name. Bella stuck her ass out further towards me, tossing her hair back and looking at me, her red lips a small O.

I pushed the rest of my mechanic suit down so that it pooled around my ankles. My boxers followed and I grabbed for my cock as it pushed up towards my stomach.

"Now, please, Edward."

I smacked her ass lightly, and she jumped, whimpering with need.

I guided myself in slowly and then grabbed her hips roughly. I withdrew and she moaned again, panting and then I thrust forward, filling her, and she cried out. Her pussy was so hot, and she squeezed me as I bent down and groaned in her ear

I withdrew again and then forward, the noises she was making driving me faster, deeper, harder.

She kept saying yes every time I buried myself deep and I felt my balls tingle, a curl in my abdomen and I knew I was close. I reached around her, finding her clit and stroked over her until I could feel her tightening around me, her hips shuddering as she pushed against me, begging for more.

I moved my hand back to her hip and squeezed, moving quicker, deeper, until she was crying out with her orgasm. It was so fucking intense and I came inside her before collapsing over her, panting. I leaned on my arms, still inside her and kissed her salty neck, sweaty from exertion.

"You ok, Mrs. Cullen?"

"Mmmm, more than ok, Mr. Cullen." When she purred like that it fucking did things to me. I withdrew and she sighed.

I toed out of my shoes and stepped out of my mechanic suit. Bella was leaning against the metal desk, watching me. I lunged for her, throwing her over my shoulder. She squealed as I slapped her naked ass.

"Edward, where are we going?"

"You'll see."

"Oh my God, you better not take me outside!"

"No fucking way. Nobody sees my fuckhot wife but me."

I walked through the adjoining office door and beelined for my door. I opened the door and stepped inside. Setting her back on her feet, she grabbed for my arms. When she had balanced herself, she went for my t-shirt and raised it over my head.

She ran her fingers over my tattoos, the fabric of her gloves felt funny, but my cock started to harden again as her lips latched onto my nipple, her teeth scraping against me as I hissed. She kissed my lion tattoo. We stumbled around the office as she stood on her tiptoes and I leaned down to kiss her. I palmed her breasts in my hands, my thumbs stroking over her nipples. She arched her back as her tongue moved with mine. Her gloved fingers cupped my balls and I pulled back and bit her lower lip gently.

I leaned down then and took one of her nipples in my mouth. She gasped while my tongue swirled around the hardened peak, her hands in my hair. I switched to the other while her hands wandered over my skin, up my arms, over my shoulders.

I lifted my head from her breasts and brushed my mouth over hers.

"The desk, Edward."

"What do you want, Bella."

"I want to fuck you on the desk."

Oh Shit.

I don't even know if I said that shit out loud or not, as I swiped the papers, and fuck knows whatever else off of my desk, hearing it scatter all over the floor. I climbed onto the desk, while she took off her shoes and threw them in the corner, narrowly missing a potted plant.

She took my hands and stepped up, her thighs straddling mine. She used one of her gloved hands to position me at her slick opening, and then sank down, her throaty moan filling the air around us.

"Oh God."

I held her hands as she began to move, her ass cheeks slapping down on my thighs. Her breasts bounced and I moved my hips with her. She slowed down, changing the movements of her hips and we groaned together. Her sighs and breathy whimpers were going to be the fucking death of me as I squeezed her hands, watching her.

Her hips started to twitch and she moved faster again, her hands leaving mine as she arched her back and cried out. I grabbed her hips again and caught her on the last wave, my growl meeting hers as I came inside her again. She collapsed onto my chest, panting, and I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her hair.

We lay like that for a while.

Finally she sighed and kissed my chest.

"How was your day?"

I laughed into her hair, "To be honest, probably one of the best fucking days I've ever had at work."

"Why's that?" she asked, and I could almost feel her smiling.

"Because my very dirty wife came by and screwed my brains out."

"Hm. That does sound like a nice day. Maybe she'll come by another time."

"She fucking better."


There will be no sequel, just random outtakes when I get the inspiration to write them. Thanks again for all the support on this story.