Ok, this is another out take for The Rain Season, which was my first fic. I had a few requests for this and decided to give it a go.

This was also written as part of the Fandom for Preemies, in benefit of March of Dimes.


November in Chicago. The very last of the autumn leaves were hanging on to their color, and the wind turned icier.

I pulled on my gloves, and headed out to the car. Edward had insisted on getting me something ultra safe, while he drove a car that was barely street legal. We had compromised on a smaller sportier SUV. I stepped into the car, and the door seemed to shut too loud in the quiet dark garage.

I pressed the button for the garage door, and backed out slowly. Rain pattered gently onto the windshield, and I turned the wipers on as I made my way to school.

Edward had left long before me. He had been working long hours at the shop recently, leaving early in the morning, and coming in late at night. I knew he was doing something he loved, but he seemed so tired when he came in. I missed him, and most nights he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I only vaguely felt his lips on my cheek when he left in the morning.

The day went by, my students filtered in and out of the door, like a constant tide. In most of my classes, we were watching a movie as a reward for getting through the book that the movie was based on. The students loved it because I allowed snacks in the classroom during the period.

The quiet was nice at first, but it also gave me a lot of time to think. My thoughts returned to Edward, and I worried that he was wearing himself down. He was doing something he loved, just like I was. We had been trying for a baby for the last six months, but hadn't been successful yet. I wondered if it was wearing him down as well.

It was Friday, maybe I could convince him to take the weekend off. When he came in tonight, we would need to have a talk.



I was so fucking tired. The only thing I had energy for was to light my cigarette and drive myself the fuck home. I maneuvered the car around the streets, avoiding stop lights, finding the quickest route home. When I pulled up in the drive, the lights were still on, which meant Bella was still up.

Closing the garage door behind me, I walked into the house, "Bella?"

"In here," she called from the kitchen.

I shuffled forward, my shoes scuffing the floor. I stopped to try to rub the rubber mark off of the tile, realizing I was so tired, I could barely pick up my feet. I yawned, and ran my hand through my hair.

The ceiling light lit the kitchen with white light, and Bella was waiting for me, leaning over the counter. She was flipping through a recipe book, her dark hair slightly falling forward.

She looked up when I walked in, "Hi baby."

I yawned again, rubbing the front of my t-shirt, "Hi sweetheart."

"Tired," she asked as she moved forward.

I nodded as she came closer, "Yeah. Just a little."

She took my hand, "C'mon. Let's get you upstairs to bed."

I blindly followed her, vaguely noticing she was wearing pajama pants with little pigs on her ass and a white t-shirt.

She helped me undress, and I fucking let her do most of it, noticing when she ran her hands up my chest, and I felt her lips linger at the ink on my chest. When I was down to my boxers, she pushed me towards the bed, and I fell in, laying on my side. She turned the light out and scrambled over me, pulling the covers up.

Bella tucked herself up against me, and I put an arm around her. Her hand settled on my chest, over my heart, and I rested my chin on the top of her head.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard her whisper softly, "I miss you."

But I was too far gone to ask her what she meant.


I opened my eyes, but the room was still dark. Bella was pressed up against me, her arms wrapped around me, her cheek against my naked chest. My hand was on her soft hip, and I squeezed gently, loving the way she felt underneath my hand.

She sighed, trying to move closer, "What time is it Edward?"

"Go back to sleep, it's way too fucking dark outside for it to be time to get up," I whispered.

"Kinda awake now anyways," she whispered back.

I could feel her warm breath against my skin, and her hand slid up my shoulder, moving to the back of my neck.



"What did you mean when you said you missed me?"

She was quiet for a moment before answering, "Well, you've just been working so much; I feel like I haven't seen you in awhile."

"You see me when I come in."

"I know," she shifted against me, trying to closer, "I just miss my husband."

"We're really fucking back logged right now-"

She stopped me with a finger over my lips, "Edward, you can't do it all. You can't be there twenty-four seven."

I exhaled and turned onto my back, Bella followed with me, "Tanya's been on me as well to take a break."

"See? When was the last time we really spent time together?"

I tried to think back, but couldn't honestly remember.

Bella answered my long pause, "You see?"

I yawned, "I'm sorry sweetheart."

She rubbed her cheek against my chest, "You don't have to be sorry. Go back to sleep baby. It's too early to talk about this right now."

I could feel myself fading as I struggled to answer her, "…'Kay."



I watched as Edward came down the stairs, his shirt off, wearing a pair of pajama pants, the black stars on his hips just peaking out of the waistband. He lit a cigarette at the bottom of the stairs and stalked off towards the kitchen sliding door.

With his back to me, I watched his shoulders flex, shivering the branches of the tree inked onto his skin. I never got tired of tracing those lines with my eyes, my fingers, my tongue.

I heard the glass door open after he disappeared from view, and I decided to join him. I set my coffee mug down and got up. Padding into the kitchen, I stepped softly up behind him, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Good morning," I kissed the middle of his back, and he reached around to pull me forward to his front.

Once I was facing him, his tired eyes smiled at me as he blew smoke towards the chilly morning air pouring from the open door.

"Morning, sweetheart."

"I have a surprise for you."

One of his eyebrows raised as he drew on his cigarette, "What kind of surprise?"

I smiled broader at him, "A good one. I booked us a hotel room in the city. And you and I are going to spend the weekend together."

His green eyes looked down at me, full of heat, "How long will it take to pack?"

"Not long, I don't plan on wearing much," I bit my lip, and gave him a look full of promise.

Edward took a final drag from his cigarette and flicked it out into the yard. Blowing the rest of his smoke outside, he looked at me with that one eyebrow cocked, his eyes knowing.

"Oh really, Mrs. Cullen. Why don't you plan on wearing much?"

I licked his nipple as my hands caressed the V of muscle that led into his pants, "Because I plan on being naked with you for most of the weekend."

The smile faded from his eyes as I cupped him over the soft cotton. His voice was smoky when he spoke, "Sounds like a fucking excellent plan to me. When do we leave?"

"Check in isn't until two. What will we do until then?"

He leaned down, and before I knew what he was doing, he flung me over his shoulder. I squealed, and grabbed onto the waistband of his pants. He shut the sliding door, and then smacked my bottom, making me shriek.

"I suppose I can think of something to fill the time."

I squirmed, but he held me steady and pinched me lightly, "Hey! No pinching!"

"There's gonna be more than fucking pinching, in a minute!"

I felt my heart beat pick up, and my blood flowed quicker in my veins, as my body reacted to his words and the promise in his voice.


"Hmmm, this is nice."

Water trickled as Edward raised his arm, running his hand along my arm that rested on the edge of the large tub. I sighed, closing my eyes, enjoying every sensation that ran through my body. The warm sudsy water around us, the wet skin of my back pressed against his chest. I felt his lips press against my temple, as his fingertips ran over my skin, deliciously raising goose bumps where they touched.

"Do you know what this reminds me of?"


"The first time we…you know. Remember, right after? We were in the bath…?"

"As if I could fucking forget." His hand moved up to my shoulder, and in my peripheral I could see the green flames of his forearm as he moved over my collarbone.

His voice was low in my ear, making me shiver, "You were so fucking beautiful."

I bit my lip as his hand moved under the surface, cupping my breast, squeezing. I could feel him against my bottom, hard, pressing into my back.

His hand traveled lower, making my stomach tighten in anticipation as his warm wet fingers, moved over my navel and down between my parted legs.

Sighing his name, his fingers delved between my slit and I tried not to move my hips as he found my clitoris. My head laid back against his chest, and I closed my eyes, giving myself over to the sensations of his circling fingers.

I felt his lips kiss my cheek, and his words melted me as he whispered them in my ear, "I want to watch you cum, and then I'm going to carry you from this bath and fuck you."

I gasped at his words, and felt liquid fire pulse through me, and this time, my hips couldn't resist bucking against his fingers. His teeth found my earlobe as his other hand moved under the water, cupping my other breast. I whimpered as his finger tweaked my nipple, and then his hand squeezed my breath as the fingers moving between my legs quickened their pace.

"Don't hold back, sweetheart. I want to fucking hear you let go."

That deliciously familiar feeling tightened in my belly, my body tensed, and my hands made fists under the water. I could hear myself panting, until finally the sensations built until it was almost too much, and I was floating, sighing in Edward's arms as I settled in his arms.

We lay there for a little bit, until we stirred and finally got out. Drying each other, our hands circled over the other's naked skin, until the towels dropped. Then it was his hands cupping my breasts again, and it was my fingernails scratching up his bicep lightly.

Edward's lips found mine, our teeth clashed, as he kissed me roughly. I was still floaty when we got out of the bath, still glowing from his fingers between my legs. But now, my body was awake and alive again, and I wanted to go again. His hands were in my hair, freeing it from where I had loosely tied it up, and he held my head, his fingers tangled in my hair. Pressing myself against him, I reached down and wrapped my hand around his hard cock.

He growled into my mouth as his tongue pressed against mine. His hands cupped my bottom, squeezing. As my knee rose to his hip, I tried to align our bodies, which was an impossibility as Edward was taller than me.

But he knew what I wanted, he lifted me, cupping my backside, and grinding his cock against me. My hands lifted to grab a hold of him, to the back of his neck. I moaned as his cock connected with a sweet spot briefly. Wrapping my legs around his hips, we panted into each other's mouths as he broke the kiss to look into my eyes.

His eyes burned, those crystal green eyes of his were almost hidden behind his aroused pupils, and I bit his lower lip before sucking it into my mouth.

He carried me out of the bathroom, his voice low as he kissed my mouth harshly, bruising my lips.

Laying me on the turned down bed, he followed me, bracing himself on his arms as he continued to kiss me. I ground my hips against him, needing him inside.

He stopped kissing me to nibble his way down my neck to my breasts. He pinched one nipple while his mouth settled over the other pink crest. I felt his tongue before his teeth grazed my nipple, and I gasped. One of his hands moved between my legs, sliding easily between my folds.

"Fuck, you are so wet." He stood up fully, and my eyes darted down to his cock, and I licked my lips.

My eyes met his again, and his jaw ticked, and my whole body quivered in anticipation. I knew that look.

"Turn over, Bella."

I rolled over, flicking my hair over my shoulder, and looking behind me at him. Pushing my ass up towards him, he slapped my rounded flesh lightly. My nerves were already on fire, and the slight pleasure pain of the smack made me whimper.

I watched him wrap a hand around his cock, caressing my bottom, teasing me. Seeing his inked forearm flex as his large hand wrapped around his aroused dick only made my knees weak. He guided his cock towards my entrance, and I feel him graze it lightly, eliciting a groan from me. His hands were on my hips now, his fingers squeezing before he entered me, his skin smacking against mine as cried out at the full feeling of his cock inside me.

His rhythm was swift, and I matched him, pushing my hips against him. Our bodies met again and again as I closed my eyes. Again and again he slid in and out of me, his cock hitting a place inside me that made me moan every time he moved against it.

His fingers squeezed my hips harder, bring me closer to a precipice that my body wanted to be flung over the edge of.

He pressed into me again, and I had no way of containing myself any longer as my entire body wound itself until it exploded. I could feel myself clenching inside, and he drove home once more before he growled loudly, pulsing deeply inside me.

He pulled out of me, and his hands traced down my spine. He joined me on the bed, and he pulled me against his body, both of us slick and content.

"I love you, sweetheart."

His voice was hoarse, and sleepily I answered him, "I love you too, Edward."



Eight weeks later

I raised my head from the toilet, and felt another wave of nausea roll through my stomach.

Bacon. I could smell bacon, and it was like the air was coated with it, sliding greasy fingers up my nose and down my throat.

Edward must have made it before he went to work this morning. By the time I extracted my head from the toilet and got ready for school, I knew there was no way I could go anywhere near that kitchen.

School was even worse. The all around queasy feeling didn't leave until my classes were finished, which meant that I only felt better after the students were gone for the day. I was irritable and crampy, and I felt too sorry for myself to get up and eat anything, knowing it would just make me feel ill.

I knew I was coming down with something, but there was no way I could be off just now, grades were due for mid quarter right before Christmas break.

I was trying to concentrate on the papers in front of me, figuring if I could get them graded before I went home, I could lay in bed.

I looked up at a quiet knock on the open wooden door leading into my classroom. Mrs. Engel came in through the open doorway. She taught geometry in the classroom next to mine. Mrs Engel, or Ann as she always had to remind me, has been a teacher for more than thirty years, and was so nice when I first moved into the classroom next door.

"Can I come in, Bella?"

I put my pen down, "Of course. What's up?"

"I just wanted to make sure you're ok. You've been a little green lately."

"Oh! Yeah, I'm ok. I've just been really queasy the last few days," I stopped as yawn suddenly interrupted me, making my eyes water, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry."

Mrs Engel gave me a look, "How long have you been married?"

I blushed a little, "About five years. Why?"

Her eyes widened as if she was trying to point out the obvious to me, "And you feel really tired? Queasy during the day, maybe a little sick in the morning?"

I felt my brows draw together, "Yeah…is there something going around?"

Mrs Engel huffed and sat on the edge of one of the desks, "Tell me if I need to butt out, but could you be pregnant?"

All the color left my face, and a strange buzzing sound settled in my ears.

Edward and I had been trying, but it just seemed like a distant dream. Joy and fear mingled in my brain, and I was so tired I was at a loss as the idea settled in my brain.

The room swirled a little as I tried to think over the last few days, counting on my fingers and flipping through the dates.

I looked up at Mrs Engel and swallowed, "I think I need to go."

Standing up, I gathered the papers I was grading and put them in the tote I usually carried my school stuff in. A worried look crossed the older woman's face, "Are you sure? You look a little pale."

Putting my coat on, I buttoned the buttons with shaking hands before shoving my icy fingers into my gloves.

"Oh yeah, I'll be fine!"

Moving out from behind the desk, I grabbed my purse and slung my tote over my shoulder. It felt like it weighed a million tons. The room started to sway, my mind raced, and I realized I probably had not eaten enough in the last few days. My tote fell from my shoulder, and I felt like I was moving in slow motion, my legs moving through air that seemed thicker than molasses.

The ringing in my ears got louder, and I could vaguely here Mrs Engel calling to me. I was floating, and then my head cracked against the floor before blackness took me away.



"Is this Edward Cullen?"

"Yes. Who's this?"

"Mr. Cullen, this is Mrs. Engel, I teach with Bella at the high school? You might want to make your way over to the hospital-"

"Jesus Christ! Is she ok? What the fuck happened to her?"

"She fainted and hit her head. The paramedics thought it would be best to take her to the hospital."

I could feel my body breaking out into a sweat, "I'm on my way, thanks."

I grabbed for my keys in my pocket, and didn't bother with my coat. Tanya's head poked up from the desk, "Where're you off to?"

"Bella fainted and hit her head, she's over at the hospital."

"Oh fuck, I'll hold the fort. Let me know how she is, and try to calm the fuck down, Edward. Do not have an accident or piss off the police on your way over there."

I didn't even say good bye as I flung myself out the front door to the shop and ran to the car. I was never so glad for Italian speed machines in my fucking life.

I sped through the city towards the hospital, and luckily found a close parking spot. Running through the blurry sleet, I flicked my finished cigarette butt towards the gutter and headed towards the entrance. My t-shirt was nearly soaked, and I tugged at it as I entered the hospital Emergency Room. The nurse behind the glass was wearing what looked like fucking Care Bears all over her shirt.

"I'm looking for Isabella Cullen. She came in after she fainted and hit her head." The words came out all fucking rushed and jumbled together.

The nurse checked her roster and gave me directions to where Bella was. My heart was in my mouth as I found my way towards the curtain where the nurse said Bella would be. She was sitting up in bed, her face pale, and a drip leading out of her arm.

She smiled weakly at me, "They said I was really dehydrated so they forced a drip on me."

"Fuck, sweetheart. What happened? Are you ok?" I moved to her side, my fingers moving over her cheek.

"I'm fine, just tired," she did that weak smile thing again, and my chest tightened.

"That teacher who phoned me said you hit your head," I said, looking her over for injuries.

"Yeah, you know me. I'm even klutzy when I'm semi-conscious."

We were interrupted by a female doctor who came in with a nurse trailing behind her. The nurse handed the female doctor a clipboard with some papers on it. She rattled off Bella's details to the doctor as the brunette doctor flipped through the paperwork.

Finally, the doctor looked up, and eyed Bella while the nurse fluttered around, checking Bella's pulse and fluids.

"Well, Mrs. Cullen, you seem to be fine after that bump on the head. A little dehydrated, we're going to keep you for a few more hours," the doctor turned to me, "And you are…?"

"I'm her husband, Edward Cullen."

"Aren't you a handsome thing? Bella is it alright with you if I go through your blood work results just now?"

Bella nodded and took my hand, squeezing my fingers almost too tightly with her cold ones. I looked at Bella in alarm as she stared intently at the doctor.

"Well, all the normal stuff, everything looks really good, and you're pregnant. I'd like you to stay another half hour and then you may go. We have some forms for you to fill in when you leave. The nurse will let you know."

Bella was now squeezing so fucking hard, I thought the bones were going to crack in my hand.

"I'm sorry doctor, what did you just say?" I gulped, not sure if I'd heard her correctly.

"Everything looks good and your wife can go home soon."

"Did you say she was preg-"

"Oh yes! And she's pregnant."

"Shut the fuck up."

The doctor blinked once at me, cleared her throat and tossed her hair over her shoulder, "Congratulations." With that, she handed the clipboard back to the nurse and flounced off. The nurse hurried away and drew the curtain behind her, giving us some privacy.

I turned back to Bella, whose eyes were excited, and sparkling with tears.

"Edward! We're going to have a baby," she hoarsely whispered, her hand moving to her abdomen.

"Holy fuck," I looked from Bella's face to her hands, and something fucking blew up inside me, and I grabbed Bella's face, my lips on hers, kissing her and wiping tears from her cheeks with my thumbs.

"We're going to be fucking awesome parents, Bella." I said against her lips.

She smiled, sniffling and whispered back, "I fucking know, right?"

I laughed, and wrapped my arms around my whole fucking world, my wife, and the mother of my child.

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