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"Abel's getting sprung today."

I snorted with laughter as I poured myself a cup of coffee, balancing my phone on my shoulder.

"Well there's an expression I'm gonna hear again in sixteen to eighteen years."

"You implying my grandbaby's gonna be a delinquent?" Mom asked sternly.

"Stands to reason. You're one, dad's one and Jax is one. If it looks like a –"

"Hold on, what are you? A saint?" She interrupted. I could hear her puffing on a cigarette and smiled.

"No, but I'm the only member of this family that hasn't been arrested for assault." I reminded her smugly.

"Only because that bitch you smacked around was too scared to press charges." Mom laughed.

"I have no idea what you're talking about but that whore deserved it. She had her scummy little hands down Juice's pants and wasn't taking no for an answer."

Mom laughed again and I could practically see the proud look on her face.

"What time?"

"Not til later. Doc's in surgery. Jax just left so I'm all alone. He tell you we had a fight about Tara last night?"

I froze, halfway between the door and the chair.

"No. What about?"

"Usual shit. He doesn't see that she's only here to get him back. Thinks it all in the past. I had to remind him that he was heartbroken when she left and I wasn't gonna let it happen again. You see her recently?"

My entire conversation with Tara flashed through my head and I winced. I was such a bitch. I had said what I needed to say but I had went about it in the wrong way.

"Nah, not in a few days." I lied. "Listen mom, call me when he's getting out and I'll come right over. I'm gonna get back to the mountain of paperwork I know you left me on purpose."

"You're better at filing than I am." She laughed before hanging up.

I chuckled quietly as I placed the phone back in the cradle. I tapped my fingers against the desk, staring down at the accounts book. The numbers meant nothing to me, they simply blurred before my eyes.

I had to apologise to Tara. I hadn't meant to offend her… well, I had. I just wanted her to know that she had to be careful about what happened with this Kohn guy. No one was going to look lightly on her getting the entire club into trouble. She came back for Jax and the last thing she needed was to be alienated by his entire family, all over some ex asshole.

Still, I cared about Tara. I always had. She was the closest thing to a sister, apart from Billie, I would ever get. In some ways, she was better than Billie. Billie and I were a lot alike, so much so that it often led to loud, screaming arguments filled with lots of swear words and biting remarks about things only the two of us know.

A few months before we started dating, Juice had walked in on one of these fights and had broken it up when he got in the middle and told Billie to back the fuck away from me. I had whirled on him, then, telling him not to get the in the middle and to never talk to my best friend like that. Billie had smiled and hugged me and the fight was over, leaving a confused and, I later found out, hurt Juice. He'd been trying to defend me and I'd turned my temper on him.

I smiled at the memory, remembering how glad I was that Billie had just laughed when I told her Juice and I were together. I'd been hoping that she would forgive him for the nasty way he spoke to her when we were fighting. She's simply shrugged and told me she was glad I had someone willing to defend me. She also suggested I warned him that the fights happened all the time and not to interfere next time, just in case he lost a vital bit of anatomy.

"Why are you giggling to yourself?"

I glanced up and smiled at Jax as he half sauntered, half limped into the office. He had a stack of paperwork in his hands and he dropped it on the table beside me.

"How's the leg?" I asked, pushing out a seat for him to sit in. He dropped and I could see the relief in his face. Like the rest of the family, Jax didn't like to show weakness. I had no doubt he'd been trying to hide the limp all day.

"Not bad. You hear about the kid?"

"Yeah, mom and I were just talking about what a little hellion he's gonna grow up to be." I grinned.

"Well if he's anything like his aunt." He teased and I smiled easily. "You gonna come to the hospital?"
"Wouldn't miss it." I assured him. He took a deep breath and nodded.

"You know I appreciate everything you and mom's doing, right? Getting the house ready and going to visit the kid."

I nodded and smiled. "We're happy to help, Jax. You know that."

"Yeah, I know."

My phone ringing cut off whatever he was about to say next and he shook his head as he stood, dropping a kiss on my hair before striding out. He met Juice at the door and they nodded at one another in a manly way that made me grin. Juice closed the door behind him and took the seat Jax had just left, nodding towards my still ringing phone.

"You gonna get that?"

I shook my head as the phone stopped ringing and set it aside. It had been an unknown number so if it was important, there'd be a message.

"I was thinking you and me could do something tonight." Juice pulled my feet onto his lap and slipped my flip flops off. I sighed in happiness as his fingers dug into the sore flesh around my heel and smiled at him.

"What did you have in mind?"

"We could maybe go to that Spanish place you like."

"The one outside Lodi?"


"Sounds like fun. Has to be after Abel's sprung though." I grinned at him as he lifted my feet up slightly and kissed my ankle softly.

"Awesome. I'll give you a ride home from here and then we'll head to the hospital and go from there."

I nodded and accepted the kiss he dropped on my lips, groaning slightly as he sucked my bottom lip between his teeth.

"Get back to work." I told him with a smirk. I was rewarded with one in return as he saluted me.

"Yes mam."

The phone continued to ring for the next hour and I continued to ignore it. I didn't answer unknown numbers. I never had and I didn't intend to start now.

I was curious about who was so desperate to get a hold of me, though, and every time the phone rang, I stared at the screen, as if it held the answer.

Eventually I got tired of the ringing and switched it to silent mode, glaring at it every time it lit up and vibrated across the table. The paperwork was done, the filing all caught up and I was now bored, reading a first edition copy of Great Expectations Juice had gotten me as a birthday gift. I wasn't sure where he got it, or how, but it was an amazing gift and I'd giving him the blow job of his life as thanks. Afterwards, when we lay hot and sweaty and tired on the kitchen floor, he'd sworn to get me first editions for the rest of his life.

Just as I put the book down to go out and grab a drink the door of the office slammed open. I looked up and glared at Sean before taking in his appearance.

His face was redder than I'd ever seen it before and he was sweating. His hands were clenched by his sides and he was breathing heavily.

"Sean, what's wrong?" I asked, on my feet and moving towards him. His angry glare stopped me before I reached him but I glanced over his shoulder at the empty garage. It must be lunch time. The guys would be out in the yard, eating and joking and talking. Or in the club house, having a lunch time beer.

"You fucking bitch of a mother threatened my mom." He told me. His voice was raised, but not overly so. He pushed the door closed behind him and turned to face me again.

"But you already knew that, right? That's why you've been ignoring my phone calls all fucking morning."

He took a step towards me and I took one backwards. I had never seen Sean so angry. While Billie and I fought all the time, Sean and I never did. He was too easy going to argue with anyone. Having never faced his rage, I didn't know how to act. How to respond. Truth be told, I was a little frightened of the man in front of me.

"Sean, you need to calm down and tell me what happened. What calls? From the unknown number?"

He didn't answer for a few seconds, just glared at me with such hate that I actually felt myself shiver a little.

"God, you and your fucking family walk around like you own this place. The club needs money? Just go to the woman who's supposed to be your best friend and ask her for it. Threaten her if she has the balls to ask for interest. Your bitch of a mom called mine a greedy whore."

His index finger was inches from my face, his breath smelt of garlic and pot and some sort of sweet liquor.

"Hey, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!" I tried to explain, pushing his finger out of the way but he just stepped closer.

"You people think you own this whole god damn town. My mom earned that money and you assholes don't get to ask for it. I don't give a fuck what you need if for. It's hers. It's not a fucking communal fund."

He was pulled away from me suddenly and I looked up to see Juice, holding something wrapped in a napkin. He had pushed Sean out of the way, stepping between us so that his back was to me. Protecting me.

"You got a problem with this club and it's business, you come to me."

Dad's voice was cool as he stepped into the office. Sean was still glaring, from me to dad to Juice and back and I still had no idea what was going on.

What did the club need money for and what the hell did it have to do with Luanne?

"You do not take it out on my daughter and you never speak to her that way. You never call my wife a bitch."

Sean just shook his head and turned to leave.

"You're all a bunch of assholes. We're supposed to be one big happy family, right? Families don't have hierarchies. Families don't threaten each other and they sure as hell don't treat each other the way Gemma just treated my mom."

He strode out of the club house and I winced as I heard the car squeal out of the yard. He shouldn't be driving in that state.

Dad and Juice were both looking at me and I stared back at them.

"What the fuck was that all about?" I asked flatly.

"Club needs money for the Irish." Dad told me after a brief pause. I nodded and gestured for him to go on. "Had the idea to ask Luanne for some. She's making enough out of her jizz business. Guess your mom wasn't very… delicate."

"Gee, dad, you think?"

I shook my head and turned my back on them both, not looking up until the door closed. I jumped as a warm hand settled on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry baby."

I let him pull me onto his lap. I didn't know who to be annoyed at. Mom for being… herself, I guess. Sean for taking it out on me? Or dad and the club for being in this predicament in the first place.

"You know when we were kids, the three of us swore this club would never come between us. No matter what happened, we swore. When Otto went away, they were pissed at me a little. Billie still hasn't fully gotten over it and every so often the resentment comes creeping out. Their dad's in jail and mine isn't."

I spoke softly, resting my head on Juice's shoulder as he stroked my hair back.

"I guess I was the only one who I actually meant it." I sighed. "If Sean is pissed, you can bet your ass Billie's worse."

"Not your fault, baby. Your dad's right. If they have a problem with what we do, then they can come and tell us. You're not a fucking punching bag for them every time something goes wrong. Otto knew what he signed up for when he patched in and Luanne knew when she became an old lady."

I nodded and continued to rest against him but my mind was spinning.

Both my best friends were pissed at me for something I had no control over. And I still didn't know what to do about Tara.

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