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Sadness In the Air

The moon has been covered by clouds as it pours rain in Matsumoto. No life is in sight on the streets. Every one has fallen asleep or working late shift. No vengeful spirits creeping at night, everything's peaceful at this moment. Everybody is at peace.

Well, almost everybody. There are two people that are not sleeping. There minds can't be put to rest, as if something is bothering them both. Sure enough, it's the only reason why they can't fall asleep.

It's three hours after midnight. It's now early Saturday morning. Takaya Ougi is laying on his bed with sadness on his face. Next to him is a girl snoring silently & mumbling; She must be dreaming. Takaya is thinking of what happened this week & how it happened. But above all things, what Takaya is thinking the most was no other than Naoe. One thing he knew was that he was happy with Naoe on his side. Then the next, he's not there. He looks at the sleeping girl. He felt weird. He never did something like that before. It was always Naoe looking at the sleeping Takaya on his side. Not anymore. Now Takaya is wondering if he regrets being on a relationship with a girl for the first time. He won't be able to fall asleep tonight. Not with tears falling off from his eyes.

Meanwhile, in his apartment, Naoe is sitting on his couch, drinking whiskey. He looks like a hot mess. He's also wondering what & how the week happened. Most of all, he couldn't believe what Takaya did to him. What Takaya did broke his heart into tiny pieces. Much like when Takaya wanted to commit suicide. That feeling was & still is unbearable for Naoe to handle. It's true what Naoe have said before; he never wants to see his Kagetora be with anyone else, ever. Does Naoe want to get his revenge or wait until Takaya & this new girl break up? Only time will tell, or whenever he comes up with a plan to slit them up. But for now, he drinks, smoke, & let his tears fall silently as all he could think about is Takaya.

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