Title; Finding A Way Into her heart.

Summary: Bella Cullen is away finishing up her modeling contract the summer before her senior year of high school starts. While Bella Is away her father Dr. Carlisle Cullen falls in love with the new comers in towns mother, Esme Masen. After falling in love Esme and her five 'adoptive' childeren move in with Dr. Cullen.

Carlisle is single because his wife/Bellas mother Tanya died when Bella was 14 years old, a year after they moved from Florida to forks. Bella and Carlisle never changed anything about their 8 bedroom house, Tanya had redecorated the house only one week before she died. Tanya died in a car accident , Bella lived.

In this story Bella isnt the shy quiet girl with low self-esteem and no backbone. Bella is almost inhumanly beautiful, pretty much perfect. She wears designers of course, since she is a model. She never feels insecure, shes smart, graceful, and voices her opinion no matter what other people think. Bella isnt pale in this story, shes got a light tan, that shes had since she was born. In this story Bella is half white half puerto rican. I decided to make Tanya puerto rican and Carlisle still white. Bella speaks good spanish and of course english. Bella has long dark brown hair that falls to the small of her back, and instead of brown eyes she has her fathers peircing Blue eyes. She's the most wanted girl in school, all girls want to be her, shes the dance team captain, she was the queen at her junior prom. Shes the offical Queen B.

The couples in this story are:









To make things interesting: Edward, Alice, and Jasper's powers/abilities do not work on Bella. Edward doesnt lust for Bella's blood like he does in SM's book. Rose isnt the fridged bitch she usually is in storys, and she isnt vain, shes pretty much how Bella is in SM's books except the clumsy part, she doesnt think much highly of herself, she isnt shy though she has self esteem issues even if she had the vampire beauty. She also wasnt changed how she was in SM's books, Rose was changed because Edward met her as a human and they decided on it together. Also, Jessica and Lauren are Bella's friends, not the backstabing kind, yet they do get around. Bella doesnt hang out with them outside of school to often