Finding A Way Into Her Heart - Chapter Update .

Last time we left off, with Emmett and Bella in the tree with Scent Off, cheating . Let's see what happens next shall we?

Bella's Pov

When I choose this idea for a date, did I ever mention the fact that I may or may not be afraid of heights? I mean, don't get me wrong I'm not like officially afraid of heights, but being in a tree in the dark, where I can see nothing, because the trees are so thick, the moon isn't even shining through. Yeah I'm a wee-bit terrified.

"Babe, you have you calm down. If it's not your heart beat, then we will be tracked by your fear." Emmett muttered as he moved behind me holding me tighter to his large chest.

My fear? Oh that's right! Jasper can feel my emotions, damn vampires and their sneaky abilities. I wonder if Daddy has ability now that he has turned.

No! Don't think of daddy at time like this. You're supposed to be having fun, letting loose, opening up. Think of Daddy later, when you're alone.

"This sucks! How can I be stealthy when I'm so human that I attract everything? Emmett you have to get down there and shoot those bitches! I'll stay here!" I told him.

He looked a little sad and confused at the same time.

"Are you upset that you're human? And I can't go alone, we, are a team." He said holding me even tighter.

"How are we going to get around them when I can't move as fast as you?" I asked as I looked up at him.

I could barely see him, my eyes had adjusted thank goodness, and I wasn't looking around with my eyes wide open, blinking, like an idiot.

"Hop on, and let's go hunting." He said with a devilish whisper, causing me to giggle lightly to myself.

I hopped on closing my legs and arms tight around him, and then I gave him kiss on the cheek to let him know I was ready.

Without any indication that he was ready, he took off like a light, his hands behind him, holding my butt to keep me on, causing me to hold on even tighter.

"Don't hold me, take the guns and shoot as you see fit, I will hold on." I whispered to him causing him to shiver.

He followed my direction, quickly taking the paintball guns and keeping them aimed in front of him. I locked my ankles in front of him, it wasn't easy, he was so muscular but I did it.

We came across Edward and Rosalie first. Edward must have heard something from Emmett at the last second because once we came a yard away from them, he shouted for Rose to run, and she did.

Edward stayed back and took position aiming his gun from behind a tree, the first paintball nearly hit me in my face, but thank God I had well enough human reflexes that I could duck just in time for it to wiz right past me. The sound alone caused my adrenaline to pump in my blood even faster, causing me to let out some sort of war cry.

It was embarrassing really, but Emmett gave one of his own right after and charged faster and then launched himself into a tree. He made way past Edward and went toward the direction of Rosalie. By him doing that it caused Edward to think we were going for her and for him to race after us, once he was slightly in front of Emmett, since he was faster, Emmett pulled the trigger on both of our paintball guns, and hit him twice. Once, in the cheek, and the other in the ass.

I cried out in laughter causing Edward to curse and let out a frustrated growling hiss like noise. I won't lie it sort of freaked me out, but then I wondered what sort of noises I'd be able to make when I turned from human to vampire. I wonder how awesome my growl would be. So in true form, I let out a human growl and bared my teeth and yah'd Emmett like a horse to gain speed.

Rosalie seemed to have more self-preservation, and fight than Edward did. He was more worried about getting to her than to defend his self against our bullets, so he was an easy target. But she was a little trickier than him, staying in the trees and zipping around in such a way, maybe zig-zag, but I couldn't see it really. But Emmett seemed to almost have her, then curse when she got away or dodged one of our bullets.

"SHE'S GETTING AWAY, SHES GETTING AWAY!" I screamed in his ear causing him to groan from the pain I must have caused, but I didn't care.

I just wanted to win!

At the last second Emmett somehow held both guns in one hand and turned me around so we were facing each other while he was still running, with me wrapped around him.

"Okay actress, act hurt." He whispered in my ear, this time causing me to shiver from the delight of it.

I was confused why act hurt, and then it dawned on me. If I was hurt Rosalie would come to us, trying to help me. We had grown so close that it only made sense for her to want to help me. So that's exactly what I did, I screamed out in pain and agony, thinking of some sort of injury that would hurt me badly, and let it take over.

I screamed so loud that Emmett had to fight with himself not to react at anything but concern. He stopped running and held me to him as he dropped to the ground, cradling me to his body. I channeled all the hurt I could muster up and let it take over my body. Part of me wanted to laugh, the other part of me almost felt bad that I was deceiving my sister this way.

But I wanted to win more than anything else.

Rosalie as expected, slowly at first but when she saw my tears and the painful look in my eyes, she was hooked. Once she got close enough I took the gun from Emmett, and shot her.

The look on her face was hilarious, so hilarious I nearly pissed myself with happiness that it worked, and because I was so tickled by fooling a vampire.

"Bella." She whispered, hurt.

I grinned at her and winked, causing Emmett to chuckle deeply.

"All's fair in love and war, sister!" I said as I Emmett picked me up and took off once again.

"That was so hot, she came and BAM, she was out!" Emmett growled in my ear, smacking my ass lightly.

I held tighter to him, grinding myself into him causing him to curse.

"Fuck! Can we go home?" He whined as he ran past a double trunked tree.

"No way! We're going to win this shit, and then we can go home." I hissed to him, pulling his hair harshly.

"Jasper and Alice will not be easy to get. She has her visions, and Jasper is tactical, he was a warlord in his own right." He warned

That was something to consider. Alice had visions of things that weren't set in stone, choices people made, their choice caused a course, and this course caused a vision in which Alice could see.

"So we make no choices." I told him

He nodded and paused his running.

"And, what about Jasper?" He asked holding my face in his hands

"I think we could drive him crazy, fool with his emotions." I said as I pushed myself against him

And so it began. We started making up one moment, then fighting the next. It went on for what seemed like hours but was really maybe half an hour. It drew them out; Alice seemed to know what we were up to sort of, not until I unleashed tears on her and ran toward her crying.

"Don't do it! It's a trap!" Edward and Rosalie yelled as they came closer to us.

Those fuckers.

"She hit me!" I said pointing at Rosalie holding myself.

"And he tried to go after her knowing her little human legs couldn't out run him! He went against rules!" Emmett cried out pointing at Edward.

Both Rosalie looked so shocked that they didn't defend themselves causing Alice and Jasper to start arguing with them. I almost felt bad, under-minding the game, and cheating. I mean so we used Scent Off, but big deal, and we used their weaknesses against them, and fooling them. That isn't cheating per say.

"You were not supposed to go near her! We made a deal, take out Emmett and then let Bella take herself out!" Jasper growled

I gasped. I wasn't sure why for, I don't know if it was in surprise that they conspired against my human slowness, my love for wanting to win with Emmett or lose with Emmett. Or just because I didn't know they had it in them. I mean Jasper sure, he looked mischievous enough, but Edward? I wouldn't have thought he would do such a thing, but that is where I see my weakness could be; besides Emmett, of course.

So I shot Jasper in the ass, he didn't see THAT coming and neither did Alice when Emmett shot her in the neck.

"WE WIN, BITCHES!" I cried out

"Bella!" Alice whispered in shock and a little hurt, at least that's what it looked like by her emotional eyes that were pooling with moisture.

Shit, I made her cry! I'm so awful. I felt myself grow even more ashamed and hurt and sad, I burst out crying. Then I let out a wail and dropped to the ground in tears, my body rocking back and forth. The problem was, I felt awful sure, but I didn't feel ashamed or hurt or sad.

"Damn it, Jasper." I sobbed out my whole body shaking, causing everybody to look from him to me. "Stop pestering with my emotions you jackass. Take the loss like a man, not like a Yankee would have, had they lost." I sneered out with a sob.

Christ, snot just dripped from my nose. He's so going to pay for that.

"Okay enough man, she's sorry." Emmett snarled coming to pick me up and cradle me like a damn infant.

Slowly but surely my normal emotions came back to me, no longer being controlled.

"I'm so telling Esme when I talk to Daddy later, that you used your power on me!" I sang out

His look of surprise and fear mixed into one was enough to cause us all to burst out laughing.

Emmett's POV

In ten minutes, my Bella, is going to not only talk to her father for the first time since his change on Skype; which meant the first time she or even any of us has seen him since his change. I actually thought she would be reluctant to speak with him or even see him, what with all of the drama the two of them had going on. But I knew better, my girl was missing her father, and I knew damn sure that Carlisle was missing her like crazy.

"So do I initiate the first call or is daddy going to?" Bella asked

I chuckled because she actually was bouncing up down on her knees while in the computer chair. She looked so adorable. She had everything on the dining room table, which was massive, around her for easy access. I never knew somebody so small could eat so much junk food and drink so many energy drinks. She was set, in a good mood, smiling, and just damn happy, that I didn't have the balls to tell her that she shouldn't eat or drink it. She would only feel guilty about it later and complain about feeling bloated or whatever other girly shit girls complain about.

"Relax; you're like two seconds away from bouncing out of that chair and hurting yourself." I chuckled and kissed her head. "He should be sending you a Skype call any moment now." I snickered and sat down on the chair next to hers.

To be honest, I was just as excited as she was, I haven't seen Esme in a long time and the fact that Carlisle is vamped out now, and could possibly have a red tint to his eyes still, was exciting. Just admitting that he was a vampire already, made me feel the anticipation of Bella becoming one of us that much stronger. But that's another matter for another time to think about.

"Do you think he looks okay? What if I don't recognize him, Em?" Bella whispered as she clutched a twizzler tight into her hand.

I was wondering when she would freak out about that. To be honest, it was normal to worry. He was human going on his honey moon the last time he saw her, so seeing him again, looking completely differently yet the same would be a harsh change for her. Weather she took it well or not.

Before I could even respond her video call came through. With one last freaked out glance from me, she hit accept.

Carlisle looked good, nervous but good. He has a small shy smile on his face, and with my hearing I could hear my mother whispering to him that Bella loved him no matter how red his eyes were. Which to be honest weren't too red, they were changing slowly into the gold she and the rest of my family had.

"Bella!" Carlisle whispered his shy smile still in place.

Bella gasped and touched the screen of the Lap top, leaning forward closely, tears running down her face, she greeted him.

"Daddy, wow, look at you!" She let out a teary giggly that had me chuckle and Carlisle sighed in such relief.

"I miss you so much, princess. How are you, how is the recording going. Please, tell me everything I'm missing out on. I'm sorry I'm missing it." He choked out and went to touch his own screen but paused looking sheepish.

I listened on and on as they spoke to each other and over each other. She told him all about her recording and her dances, the scheduled band try-outs that I didn't even know she wanted to do. She told him she hired Rosalie and Alice as her PA and stylist. He raved and congratulated her on her spot on CSI, when she spoke about it, he even promised her to watch it when it aired.

I laughed so hard when he told me a bear ripped his pants off of him, his boxers included, and I'm sure if he were human he would be 60 shades of red. Bella giggled and laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair when he told her about breaking all the things he broke trying to get control of his strength. When he told her he was afraid of forgetting any human memory, including her mother, she cried and pressed her hand to the screen.

"Esme, she wouldn't let me forget." He nodded to Bella, "She told me story after story that I've told her in the past. Everything, princess, she wouldn't let me forget." He smiled off to the side where I knew Esme was sitting.

"Did it hurt; was it as painful as they said it was?" She asked as she clutched her redbull can too tightly causing it crush a little.

"It felt like every inch of me inside and out was being burned. I never a want to feel it ever again, but it was worth it. It was worth it to change, to be here forever with you, and with Esme. The others too of course, but you mostly. I love you princess. I'm so sorry if I've made you feel like you aren't as important anymore, I was selfish. Can you forgive your old man?" Carlisle whispered

He looked so pitiful.

Bella sighed and nodded towards him.

"I won't say I haven't been angry with you, dad. I've been so angry, and I feel so abandoned, I miss you so much and not having you here with me every step of the way, it hurts. But, I know that it would be selfish of me to ask you to wait on being with Esme, forever. You would resent me, or maybe you wouldn't, but you deserve to be so very happy. You were alone with only me, me after mom died. You stuck with me; you didn't move on, you didn't drown yourself in different women just to dull the pain, like most do. I may not always like Esme, I will always be a little jealous, especially when I told her not to come around and change our traditions, and she did. But I'm a grown up now, I realize where I'm selfish and I realize you need her too, that you have her too now, and it isn't just me. I love you daddy, I will always love you. I can forgive you, because you were only human, you still have your humanity. So just be here for me the best you can, and I will do the same. Open honesty, and time is all I want with you." She sniffled and wiped her face off quickly. "I get to have you forever, how many girls can say they get their father forever? I'm lucky." She nodded

Their conversation went on and on, I got bored so I left her and Carlisle to it, to watch the game and text my brothers and sisters.

They wanted to come over and see how it was going, the girls mostly, to show her a united front of support. I told them to leave her alone, and let her have this much needed time with Carlisle. Esme hasn't interrupted them; she just sat quietly by him, out of sight. I'm thankful for her silence, because Bella needed her dad's full attention.

Jasper asked if Bella told on him, I told him no, because she wouldn't rat her brother out. She loved him too much to do that, even though I sort of wish she did. Esme was a fierce mama bear, and would have had him by the ear in a second. He also told me that, he and Edward were going to visit Carlisle and Esme soon, in a weeks' time; to help him with everything from a man's point of view.

I already promised I wouldn't go. Bella is still human and she feels the pain of the pull now much more harshly than she did in the beginning. Plus, I doubt I will ever feel comfortable about leaving my mate, ever. After her distancing herself when she was down and out and pushing me away, I can't leave her.

Not only out of pain of being away, but of fear.

It was out of the fucking question. I love Esme, but I refuse to feel like I lost Bella again.

Just as Bella ended her conversation with her dad, Rosalie burst through the door looking like a wild protective sister, flew right passed me in the living room without so much as a wave. Rude.

"Rose, what's wrong? What happened?" Bella rushed out as Rose crushed her to her.

Rose sobbed and buried her head into Bella's hair.

Bella looked so scared and just patted her back gently.

"I wanted to be here for you. Edward tried to keep me away and with how everything was left between you and dad, I just, I couldn't let you go at it alone!" She growled out at first but whispered as she untucked herself from Bella to look at her.

Bella smiled and hugged her all over again with a giggle.

I threw my hands in the air and rolled my eyes.

Fucking women man, emotional, and crazy.

"I'm alright, really. Thanks for coming to check on me, but everything was great. I even told him openly and honestly how I felt, the good and the bad!" Bella gushed with a smile on her face.

I rolled my eyes again, and sent a text to Jasper and Edward, telling them to just come on over.

The girls left me on my own, neither of them speaking or noticing me as they left to Bella's work out room. Giggling and talking over each other.

Oh man! I was going to be left alone with all three of them, in two weeks.