This is an announcement, not a chapter. This is important; please read. Thank you.

I am rewriting Tenderness. Because I am doing so, I will be abandoning this version of the story. However: I WILL NOT be taking this version down. I will leave it here for comparison. To those of you who are subscribed to this story (all 10 of you) my suggestion is you keep your eyes out for the new version (which should be up soon enough...I'm in the process of rewriting right now). Until then my sincerest apologies to those of you who enjoy this story for the inconvenience. And thank you for sticking with me through that wreck of a story.

"But 'Sandria," you say, "Why not just update the chapters for this version? Why make a whole new story for the repost?"

Good question readers. The answer is: because no one would go back and read the updated chapters if I did that and I want to make this a new and improved and MUCH better story. So rather than thinking of it as a reposted and edited version of "Tenderness", I'm thinking of this story as a whole new project (of which I don't have a name for yet; feel free to offer one).

Also, many thanks to my new beta: the R Sister (R.L. Sisters)! She made me realize how badly I had written this, pointed out my good points, and told me exactly what she thought. She is the best grammar-Nazi/writer/beta of all time! (And I do this because I know the multiple exclamation points annoy you :P )

Thank you for your time. - 'Sandria

The rewritten version is called "Poor Little Heart" Read it! THE PANTS COMMAND YOU!