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Chapter 1 – I Dare You To!

It seems like it's been a while. Sense I've been out… I'm just not wanting to see my ex… he never laid a physical hand on me… he was just emotionally and verbally abusive… I seemed to have cut myself off from everyone…

I don't often go out in public for fear of my ex coming over and trying to "clarify his reasons" I just want that jerk to leave me alone… but the new years is almost over, and I'm going to have to go back to work at the hospital. Despite all that Ino asked me to help out in the flower shop today, so I guess I have no choice but to go. She is my friend after all, and I think she wants to just see how I'm doing… I hate making people worry… and I suppose I'm going to have to come out of hiding at some point…

"H-hey" are the only words that managed to leave my mouth when I entered the shop.

"Look," my best friend started to say, "We're all worried about you, and we all just want to make you happy again! And when I say 'all' of us, I mean all of us: me, Shikamaru, Temari, Karin, Suigetsu, Kiba, Naruto, Shino, Hinata, Neji… you get the point. We're all going to the beach house Naruto's family owns this weekend, there's a lot of rooms and we decided to to 'guy-girl' the arrangements since everyone wants to be with their significant other. There were only two people who didn't have an 'other half', and you were one… sooooo you'll just have to find out who the other is when you get there tomorrow!"

"Ino… I'm going… to kill you…"

"Now now Sakura, let's not let that temper of yours-"

"I'll give you a 5 second to get a head start…"

Ino ran to the back room and locked the door, knowing I was blistering mad at what she'd set up. She was notorious for playing matchmaker in the most obnoxious and obvious manner that made everyone uncomfortable, even the people uninvolved.

She set it up so I was sharing a room with a guy and on top of that right after I just broke up with my ex... Sora.

I decided that I ought to pay my friends back for making them worry after I shut myself up in seclusion for like, a week.

"Hey Sakura!"

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard Kiba running towards me waving with one hand and a surfboard in the other. He dropped the board down onto the sand and engulfed me in a strangling hug.

"Ki…ba… I… can't… breathe!..." were my words as he practically suffocated me.

"I'm not letting go until you hug me back!" he teased.

"Kiba she's passed out already!" Ino yelled at him, waving her fist.

"Really?" he let go to see my devious smirk.

"Got'cha!" and it was my turn to suffocate him!

"Glad to have you back" he said softly while rubbing my hair, messing it up.

"I'm glad to be back" I said looking up at him smiling, just like old times.

"You know, you shouldn't be out here without your sexy swim suit on" he said playfully scowling at me, "No un-sexiness allowed on this beach!"

"Then I guess you have to leave then!" Naruto teased as he jogged by us, putting his board up against the side of the house and shuffling inside.

Kiba just scowled where Naruto had just been, but let the snide comment pass. It was his family's beach house after all, and they were being nice enough to let all the hooligans use it for the weekend. I just smiled at him, then turned and ran into the beach house with my stuff to go get changed and join the others out on the beach.

"It's so nice out" were my words to Karin who was sitting next to me enjoying the sun as well, but she was staring at her boyfriend Suigetsu surfing the waves with Kiba and Neji.

"Sorry I'm late."

I froze… it couldn't be…

I turned around, it was

It was Sasuke… What am I going to do?! He's been my crush sense forever! And Ino told me that he probly wasn't coming! Oh she's going to die for this… sloooowly and paaaaaaainfully…

When I turned around, I saw him freeze and sort of, glare at me? I didn't recognize the look in his eyes, but he was definitely thinking something. Whether it was a good or bad thought, there was something stirring behind those onyx orbs of his.

"I think he liiiiiikes you" Karin purred, teasing me as he broke his gaze, turned around, and went towards the beach house to go put his stuff away.

A little later I saw him again with his surfboard headed out to surf with the other 3 boys out in the water.

I looked over and laughed to find Temari, Shikamaru, Naruto, and Hinata all making some kind of ridiculous sand fortress. I though we all might be too old for that, but apparently not.

"You guys want some help?" I offered chuckling

"Like hell we do!" Naruto snapped as he tried to keep a wall from falling while the sand was drizzling down.

I decided to give my professional opinion anyway, "Number one, the sand is dry so its crumbling. You need some water so it turns to a sort of mud. And second, don't make it slanted, because when it dries it will just fall over."

"Heh, I knew that" Naruto replied to my mini sand castle making lecture.

"Since when did you become an architect?" I heard a smug voice ask from behind me.

I turned around to come face Sasuke, who was wearing green swim trunks, leaning against his surf board that was stuck into the sand drinking a water bottle. Why did he have to be so goddamn hot with that smug look on his face?

"I never said I was…" I retorted with a "hmph!" earning a chuckle from Sasuke.

"Then what do you do?"

"You'll just have to find out."

"That's no fun."

"It is for me!" I said with an equally smug expression of my own.

"If I want to find out it won't be" he said returning the sass I was giving him.

Then he put a cap on the water bottle and pulled his surfboard from the sand, running back out into the waves.

"There hasn't been a day that's gone by while you were locked up that he didn't ask about you" my best friend said standing next to me, me not realizing she was there that quick.

"No, I doubt it. you just want me to hit on him."

"I'm telling the truth," she shook her head "It was so cute how he always asked 'any better?' each day he walked into the flower shop to browse around, only to get an answer for the one question. It was annoying to have him loitering and not buying anything, but it was worth it to have him ask about you."

"Get real Ino. He doesn't care about me like that."

"You're still his friend aren't you? And I thought it was cute. I wouldn't lie to you Sakura. I've got nothing to gain by doing that."

I just sighed at Ino thinking that she was joking. She always loved instigating these awkward 'do you like me?' games with people. It hardly ever turned out worse than awkward unrequited flirting, but still.

"I wish…" I mumbled under my breath.

"You wish for what?" I heard someone say as they plopped down next to me on the sand.

It was Sasuke.

"You gunna tell me or what?"

"Uh… nothing…" I muttered turning around blushing facing Ino who just winked at me.

Maybe she wasn't kidding?...

"Right. I know it had something to do with me, or your face wouldn't be so red."

A vein popped out the side of my head as I turned to give him an irritated look with a coiled fist ready to pound his madula-ablangada, "And what makes you say that?!"

"Because Ino has us sharing a room."

I looked at Ino who just smiled and gave me the peace sign.

"Wow…." I just huffed under my breath, not knowing what to say.

"I'm kidding. Well, about the way I made it sound. We are sharing a room, but I don't think it's that big of a deal."


He got up and headed back into the building when I realized the sun was setting and Naruto and Kiba, as well as Shikamaru, were all gathering wood for our beach side bonfire we always had every time we came to this place.

I just headed back into the building to go get in my beach clothes and out of my ridiculous swim suit.

When I walked into the room I saw Sasuke with his shirt off and reaching for a black one slung over the back of a chair. My nose almost bled at his hotness. It wasn't fair for someone to be framed and created so perfectly.

"You like what you see?" he asked, smirking at me.

"Uh… sorry, I'll just…" and I was about to walk out of the room awkwardly when I felt him grab my wrist, causing me to turn around and look at him.

"I only needed to put my shirt on, so the room is yours now" and he walked out towards the beach.

I decided to carefully select my pink magenta shots, with a light blue tank top, and my favorite white flip-flop sandals. I was too lazy to put my hair up so I just left it down. I walked out to the beach where everyone's jaw seemed to drop at me. It was just a little uncomfortable.

"Sorry, Sak. You just look amazingly good with your hair down like that" Kiba said to make me feel a little less awkward since he was staring.

He offered a seat in between him and Sasuke, which I took with a smile, despite Sasuke's glances to the side, constantly. It almost made me want to ask him if there was something on my face.

"I have an idea!" one of the three vivacious blond's yelled.

Coming from Temari…. It's definitely going to be bad for me.

"Let's play dare! Couples' style! The rules are simple. One couple dares another to do something. The only real rules are: No groping sense were on a public beach, and no going strait to the kissing stuff. You have to start out simple and get worse as the game goes on. That way it lasts longer." She smirked at me and Sasuke with a knowing look.

Then Ino decided to say, "Since you and Sasuke are the only single people here, you're a couple by default."

I just glared at her, and Sasuke just shrugged. If I could've burned holes through someone with my eyes, it would've been Ino at that moment in time. I can't remember the last time I felt this socially awkward and uncomfortable. It was even worse since I'd had so little social interaction with the outside world for probably months at least. The couples were Karin and Suigetsu, Kiba and Ino, Temari and Shikamaru, Naruto and Hinata, and Neji and Ten Ten. Then there was me and Sasuke…

Suigetsu gave a smug look at me and asked, "Why don't me and Karin dare someone first?" everyone just shrugged or nodded, not particularly caring.

Suigetsu whispered with Karin for a minute. Then they looked at us simultaneously, which made me sweat drop.

Karin said, "We dare Sakura to sit in Sasuke's lap. Simple enough, right?"

I just had a frightened expression on my face as I looked next to me to see Sasuke's legs spread apart and him saying "Hn." but I could tell he was blushing.

I scooted over to the space he'd made for me, but what I didn't expect was for him to wrap his arms around me too. Everyone's brows just raised at us. Since they knew Sasuke didn't have to do what he did, but everyone just shrugged and asked us to dare a couple. It was our turn from getting dared, and we couldn't dare a couple back until every couple had been dared once, so in other words we couldn't get back at Karin and Suigetsu.

I lifted my head up to Sasuke to whisper to him "I suck at these kinds of games sense my minds not in the gutter like the rest of them" earning me a smirk from him "so how about I pick the couple and you pick the dare?"

"Hn. I guess that works."

I pointed at Ino and Kiba then Sasuke said "We dare Kiba to say an inappropriate pick-up line to Ino, a really inappropriate pick-up line."

I just gasped at Sasuke, but then again, he is a boy, so I guess I have to cut him some slack. And it's payback at Ino, who was making me share a room with him for the weekend.

Kiba just turned red in the face when he thought of what to say and turned to Ino, "If I were a squirrel and you were a tree, would you let me bust a nut in your hole?" earning laughter from everyone.

Sasuke just smirked at me and I was satisfied that Ino had a nosebleed and was red in the face from embarrassment.

"I swear Haruno! before this night is over you'll have a nosebleed too! And it'll be worse then mine!"

I just smirked and replied, "I don't think that's possible."

Everyone went and Suigetsu was dared to give Karin a hickie, Temari was dared to give Shikamaru a breif lap dance, Ten-Ten was dared to sit in Neji's lap cow-girl style, and Naruto was dared to give Hinata a nose bleed, which didn't take much. Then he looked at us with a sinister glare and dared Sasuke to french kiss me.

"Seriously, dobe?" Sasuke asked unenthusiastically.

"Yeah teme! French kiss her! and make it worth watching." he added with a sheepish grin at Sasuke who only huffed and look away.

Only a few seconds later, I found myself facing him with my back on the sand, and him hovering over me supporting his body with his knees and his hands that pinned both my wrists to the sand. My head was close to the campfire and my feet faced the ocean.

"Just relax. It won't be that bad, Sak." he whispered in my ear while flicking it with his tongue, which made everyone's jaw drop.

Then he bent down and gave me a regular kiss as our eyes closed, and I stopped fighting, since he had me pinned in the sand. Stupid hotness. Just as I thought that was it, he waited for me to drop my guard and he stuck his tongue in my mouth forcefully, as everyone started hooting and hollering and whistling. I wasn't so enthusiastic to be violated because of a stupid game.

But surprisingly, he didn't do anything over the top while his tongue was in my mouth. He just did it for a few seconds, and then he broke the kiss, leaving me on the sand as he sat back up.

"Wow… that was worth watching" Kiba snickered.

Sasuke just smiled and pulled me back into his lap with his arms around me, and everyone was just snickering or red in the face from the previous events.

"I can't believe you didn't get a nose bleed from that Haruno!" Ino screeched as she noticed that there was no red liquid coming out of my nose.

"Because I'm not that easy to turn on like you." I saucily replied.

Sasuke just gave me a smug smirk, as if to say 'yeah… sure…'

We quickly ended the game as people began to get more and more scary with their dares. Intimacy was one thing, but it was starting to get out of control with touch under clothes and several people began to feel uncomfortable.

"Sorry about earlier" I heard Sasuke grumble in my ear while I was still in his arms.

I just leaned my head back against his chest and sighed, "It's okay. It was part of the game, but why did you have to pin me down?!"

"Hn." he smirked.

"You know the game's over, right?" Kiba said teasingly as he handed me and Sasuke a beer.

"I know it is, but I'm too lazy to get up." I said, earning a smirk from Sasuke.

What was I doing anyway? Just lying there, in Sasuke's arms? It felt right though, and awkward at the same time. But the best part was, he didn't seem to mind.

"I was worried about you, while you isolated yourself. Mind if you talk to me later tonight about what happened?"

"Hn." I answered

"Sasuke and Sakura sitting in a tree."

I slowly turned my head to Ino who was singing a pre-school rhyme of embarrassing proportions, loud enough for everyone to hear.

She continued with, "K.I.S.S.I.N.G!"

"Ino I'll give you three seconds to get a head start…" I growled dangerously.

"First comes love!"


"Then comes Marriage!"


"Then comes baby in the baby carriage!"


I chased after her on the beach screaming, while she continued her annoying song, leaving Kiba and Sasuke in the dust with amused expressions.

"Well she hasn't lost her temper, that's for sure." Kiba smirked turning to Sasuke.

"Hn. She hasn't."

"When do you plan to make your move? It's obvious to most of us you like her. You know that game doesn't count right?"

Sasuke just rolled his eyes jokingly at Kiba, "Maybe. But it doesn't matter. I just need her to jump off the Sora boat first."

"I know what you mean. That's rough, buddy." Kiba mumbled in understanding as he shook his head from side to side then took a swig out of his beer.


I hit the sand close to the campfire where everyone was sitting and drinking their beers. Sasuke just smirked and commented, "Looks like you couldn't catch Ino."

I was mad that I couldn't, but I was so tired. I don't know where she got the energy! But then again, this is my first time out anywhere for weeks, so I guess it goes to show how I didn't exercise enough to keep up with her.

"I think I better take her up. What time is breakfast tomorrow?"

"Pretty late in the morning. We all plan on sleeping in." Naruto replied while he continued to roast his marshmallow over the fire.


Then all of a sudden I felt my mass being lifter off the sand. Sasuke was carrying me bridal style. As much as I was loving it, it was just a little too awkward. I couldn't help but blush, so I hid my from Sasuke's view. We walked up to the room we were sharing, and he set me down on the bed.

He faced me then said "I'm taking a shower first. Afterwards, we'll talk."

"Pft!" I hissed with my arms crossed.

I don't know why I owe anyone an explanation. Even if Sasuke was one of the only people to incessantly inquire about me, I shouldn't have to spill all my beans to him. I heard the bathroom door close and the shower turn on. I guess I better start thinking of something.

"Take a deep breath, Sak. It's not that hard. Just tell me what happened."

"Okay" I sighed and took a really deep breath, but forgot to let it out.

Sasuke pushed on my stomach a little, and the air I sucked in just exploded out, causing me to cough.

He started laughing saying, "You really need to learn to take a deep breath without killing yourself."

I just twitched at him then told him everything that had happened between Sora and I. Sora and Sasuke have both been my childhood friends, so it was hard telling him how his former best friend has turned into a real bastard. However it was nice knowing that he was on my side.

To Be Continued...