Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or the characters. They're all Stephenie Meyer's invention. I just love to incorporate them into the figments of my own imagination.

This story has been playing on in my mind for the past couple of years. Recently I've decided to properly put it in writing. To test it on an audience, I've decided to rewrite it as a fanfic. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

Common pairings. All human.

1. A high school girl at college

I hadn't even thought about what to wear. The bigger issue was how I would be able to go to the party in the first place. But Emmett had thought about that. What was the purpose of me having a room at his place if I wasn't going to use it? We would just hang out with a movie and I'd stay the night. Charlie and Renee didn't question our plans in the slightest.

So when Rosalie was inspecting the contents of my closet, I really had no idea what to wear. What does a high school girl wear to a college party? Certainly not what you'd wear to a club in Soho, but definitely not your everyday clothes.

'What kind of message to you want to send out?'

Uhm... not being seventeen of course!

'Can't we just keep it simple?'

Like jeans and a t-shirt. Skinny jeans and not too girlie t-shirt. V-neck with a nice belt?

'Fine,' Rosalie said, 'but I'm putting you in heels.'

I was supposed to look like I belonged at this party.

It was actually kind of exciting being at a college party. The only downside was that I didn't know anyone, and after a while I couldn't find Emmett and Rosalie anymore. Well, it's not like I expected them to babysit me. It was their night out too! And they had introduced me to some people, but I forgot their names just as soon as they walked away. Oh well, I didn't really mind hanging out by myself.

The party was pretty good and I was enjoying myself. Until some drunken guy thought it neccessary to not only spill both our drinks over me, but also run me over, landing me on top of the table full of cups. He made an attempt to get up and wipe me down, emphasizing the wiping part. I tried to push him off, but he was too heavy and drunk. Around me some people started laughing.

'Wow, Tyler, that's not what we meant by 'getting her a drink'!'

Hilarious. Now please, somebody help me? But they just stood there, laughing at their friend.

After what seemed like forever, but in reality only was about a minute, the drunk was being pulled off of me and launched out the door. Another guy walked up to me, and he looked angry.

'Guys like that should keep their hands off girls like you.'

Did he pull the other guy off?

'I'm so sorry,' he said, while helping me up, 'are you okay?'

I was at a loss for words, so I just nodded.

'We have to get you out of those wet clothes.'

How did he envision that happening? I lived nowhere near the party and didn't bring anything else. I also still couldn't form a coherent sentence. Taking charge, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the hallway, up the stairs. A few people started cheering. When we reached the bathroom he closed and locked the door.

'We have to rinse that top, otherwise it'll smell and stain.'

I just stood there. He couldn't expect me to take off my clothes and walk around in my bra the rest of the night. Could he? Apparently he was thinking the same thing, because he quickly removed his own shirt, handed it to me and turned around so I could change.

Of course his shirt was much to large for me, so I put a knot in it and rolled up the sleeves. While putting it on, I smelled his cologne. Armani Code. Delicious.

'Okay…', I whispered, and he turned around.

He looked at me and a beautiful smile lighted up his handsome features – how could I not have noticed that earlier?! He wasn't huge like my brother. Emmett really resembled grandpa McCarty in that way: big, brawny, all muscles, but also kind of like a big teddybear. This guy however... he was tall and lean but also muscular. He was wearing fitted dark jeans – not the baggy kind – that hugged his body in just the right places. His features were very symmetrical, but his smile was slightly crooked and his green eyes had this naughty sparkle in them. Wow. And then his hair: bronze, messy, and some of it fell in his face. How long did it take him to get it like that every day?

He raised one perfect eyebrow and looked at me questioningly. Oh, right, my top. He took it from my hands and started rinsing. All I could do was watch. Slightly dazzled, I admit.

'I haven't introduced myself, sorry. I'm Edward', he said.

I was still trying to find my composure. Answer him!

'Uhm… B-b-bella', I managed to say.

Great. I actually proved able to be an even bigger clutz than usual.