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Chapter 1. A boy and a girl.

They looked like any young couple in love. The girl, no older than fifteen sat with her back to his chest. The boy, slightly older, yet still youthfull, had his legs spread and arms wrapped around her. They both wore matching expressions of bliss. Nothing about them would strike the passers by as unusual.

As an old man walked by their spot in the grass, the girl stffened. The boy, used to this reaction, tightened his grip on her and whispered quiet words of encouragement.

"Hold your breath, sweetheart."

He knew she was stuggling and it broke his heart. She was so young. Mere months into this new life. The boy was older and more controlled. He barely noticed the burn in the back of his throat anymore. Centuries of practice had reduced it to a pleasant tickle.

But the girl's throat burned fiercely and her body ached to spring and launch herself at the unsuspecting old man. She fought to find the will not to move. She knew it would hurt the boy if she harmed the old man. In the end, her love for the boy won from the ever present blood lust.

"Good girl." He whispered. "See, you can do this." He kissed her temple. She sighed in relief as the wind carried the man's scent away from them.

She turned in his arms and looked into his deep burgundy eyes. "When can we eat?" Her voice was low and soothing. Even when she was human, the sound had relaxed him.

"Soon, my love. I'm proud of you, you did wonderful today." He kissed her full red lips.

They soon got up and left their comfortable spot in the shadow. The park was nearly void of humans; which is why they were there in the first place. The boy knew it would be easier for her to face small amounts of humans at first. The old man had come closer to them than he had expected, not having seen the two predators in the shade.

They walked hand in hand at a leisurely human pace. They liked walking together; it brought them a sense of normality, made them feel slightly less inhuman than they were.

As they walked towards their hunting grounds, the boy thought of how he came to be here.


Edward Masen was born on the twentieth of June in the year 1705. His parents were simple, hardworking people who wanted the best for their only son. They educated him and raised him to be a well mannered gentleman. Edward was not all that happy though. Contrary to his parents, Edward was not a simple boy. He was analytical, self conscious, and slightly suicidal at times. He was a perfectionist who longed to make a difference. He wanted to do something; not just go through the motions. This is why in the year of 1722, just after his seventeenth birthday, Edward Masen had run away from home in search of something more than his life in Chicago had to offer.

But young Edward Masen didn't get very far. He barely made it out of the city before he was accosted by a woman. Edward noted that she was attractive. The strange, pale woman asked him if he was lost.

"No, just traveling, Ma'am" Came his reply.

Having been raised conservatively, Edward was shocked when the woman pushed him up against a wall with surprising strength. He attempted to push her back, he was not used to such forward behavior. But the woman was relentless and pressed her body into his.

"You are a special one." She had purred. "Tell me your name."

"E-Edward Masen, Ma'am." Her alarmingly close body was making him flustered. He was only a man after all.

The woman smiled, showing her abnormally white teeth. Edward shivered and once again attempted to remove the woman from his person. Not even noticing his struggles, the woman exposed his neck and cut through his pale, thin skin.

Edward Masen was never heard from again.


"Edward?" His angel's voice brought him back to the present. "Where did you go?"

"Just thinking, love." He murmured. "Come, you must feed." He pulled her towards the more dark parts of town and the girl eagerly followed.

The couple had an unusual way of hunting. Unlike most of their kind, they did not pick humans at random or made their choices based on the scent of prey. No, they only hunted the evil; murderers, rapists, child abusers, drug dealers. Everywhere they went, the crime rate would miraculously decrease. But they did not think themselves heroes or gods. They knew that they were neither. They simply chose to feed from humans who would not be missed. For they could not bring themselves to kill the innocent.


Three days after his encounter with the strange woman, Edward Masen woke from the fire. The woman introduced herself as Victoria and explained what he had become. Enraged by this woman's audacity, Edward had attacked her. She had experience on her side but Edward was a tall, strong young man, infuriated and determined to destroy this woman who took his life from him. She never stood a chance.

Disgusted with his new nature, Edward found a way to placate his raging guilt. He would never kill those who would be missed. Never would he touch a child or a woman expecting. Instead, Edward decided to prey on the evil. With his new ability to know others' minds, this would be easy.

Still, Edward refused to become a savage. As soon as he came to his senses, Edward resolved to learn to control his thirst. Just because he had to kill humans to survive didn't mean that he had to be reduced to an animal.

His upbringing somehow lingered and Edward forced himself to retain as much of his humanity as possible.


"This is our lucky night, angel." Edward told the girl. He had just heard the minds of four college boys. They had herded, raped and killed a young girl. She was not their first. "South-East; just passed the bridge."

The girl sniffed the air excitedly. She quickly caught the scent of the boys. Saturated with alcohol and other things. "Four?"

Edward merely nodded and led her towards their meal.

The boys were just about to leave the scene when they noticed a small girl lurking in the shadows. At first they were exited, thinking that she could make a nice desert. But when she took a step forward, they noticed her vibrant red eyes and amused smirk.

The girl, consumed by the thirst she had been denying, pounced on the first thing that moved. The other humans had frozen in the shock of seeing such a small girl attack their friend. While she fed, her mate made sure the others couldn't escape. Rendering two of them unconscious, Edward fed from the other human. He relished in the feel and taste of the warm liquid. Truly Edward had not been thirsty, having fed only two nights prior. But the girl could not take in the blood from four grown human males and it would be ridiculous to waste it, even if their taste left something to be desired.

After they both fed from two humans, they disposed of their bodies as well as the body of the poor human girl that had been violated. Edward covered her modesty and his mate smiled at him. He gently picked up the dead girl and located her purse. He quickly ran to the nearest police station and left her front of the morgue with her purse by her side.

On his way back to the alley, he ran into his mate. "All taken care of." She said.

"Good. Let's go home."


Isabella Swan was born in Phoenix, Arizona on September thirteenth 1995. Her mother Renee and father Charlie had married young and neither of them was ready to have a child. But said child had been conceived and was not magically going to disappear; no matter how much Renee wished it would.

Little Isabella was a slightly odd child. She never made friends and didn't speak unless absolutely unavoidable. She preferred to be on her own. Isabella read and drew while other children played outside.

When Isabella was eight, her mother overdosed on sleeping pills. Her father followed not long after.

By the time she was twelve, Isabella had lived in three different group homes and had been kicked out of five foster families. Other than her trust and commitment issues, Isabella was a normal, healthy girl. She liked to read and draw and once you got to know her she was the most lovely person you ever met. But Isabella never let anyone close enough to see that. She kept everyone at arms length. That changed however, when she met a young man with white skin, copper hair and red eyes.


Edward and Isabella entered their temporary home. This was their first home since Isabella had become immortal, unfortunately they would have to move every few months. Their unusual appearance combined with the disappearance of humans would eventually attract attention.

Isabella headed for the closet and pulled out a set of clean clothes, but instead of putting them on she placed them on the edge of their bed.

Edward, knowing that human girl's scent on him would bother his mate, stripped and turned on the shower. Not caring about the temperature of the water, he got in and reached for the soap. Isabella beat him to it and stood naked before him while she washed his body. Edward relaxed and enjoyed as she payed special attention to particular body parts. She picked up the shampoo and told him to get on his knees. Edward grinned and dropped to the floor. Isabella liked washing his hair, unfortunately their height difference didn't allow that unless he knelled in front of her. She massaged his scalp and lightly dragged her short fingernails over his skin, making him purr in satisfaction. Isabella giggled as he placed a light kiss on her stomach. She rinsed his hair and got up again. After Edward returned the favor, they dried off and headed to bed.


Wandering the Earth and killing human monsters quickly became boring. Edward thought he would lose his mind if he didn't find something useful to do soon. He was not entirely sure if his kind could go insane but he did not intend to find out.

Roughly thirty years after his transformation, Edward discovered the beauty that was music. He tried several instruments and found that the piano appealed to him the most. He enjoyed playing and simply liked the sound. For decades, he immersed himself in his music. First playing the music of others, later, composing his own pieces. He wrote them down, not for fear of forgetting them but because he would have some tangible proof of the work he did. It made him feel less useless.

But somehow he became depressed anyway. The repetitiveness of his life was suffocating and Edward was not sure if he wanted to continue living.

What little he knew about his nature included the fact that he could not die. Determined, Edward sought a way to end his existence.


Dawn came and Edward sat at the beautiful black piano that moved with him no matter where he lived. He played a song he had written decades ago, it was somber and slightly depressing but still beautiful.

Edward looked over to the bed. Isabella lay naked on top of the covers, looking freshly ravaged; which, admittedly, she was. She smiled at him and asked him to play something less morbid for her. He grinned and began playing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star with one hand.

"Funny, Edward."

"I'm a funny guy." He smiled.

It wasn't the first time they had spoken since going to bed, but they had better things to do than keeping conversation.

Edward got up from the bench and sprawled on the bed beside Isabella. He gathered her in his arms and couldn't keep the goofy grin off his face. She just made him so ridiculously happy.

As he held her, he looked around the sparsely furnished room. His eyes fell on yesterday's paper. They didn't really care about the news but they had to make sure no one was suspicious about the vanishing humans. He saw the date on the paper and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Isabella, always in tune with her mate, noticed his unhappy expression.

"We will have to move soon." His eighteenth century articulation sounded almost humorous combined with his sulking demeanor.

"I know, it's been nine weeks already." She sighed. Neither of them was happy with having to move but this was simply what they had to do to survive and live in peace.

Edward failed to end his life. He did everything he could think of. Consumed every poison he could get his hands on, threw himself from great heights, drowning; nothing worked. And since his skin was impenetrable, no weapon could end his life.

During the late eighteen hundreds Edward had decided to continue his education. Boredom and loneliness forced him to take some kind of action. School seemed like a good idea. Edward had been a fairly eager student and he knew that learning would be easier for him now so, why not?

He studied lots of subjects. Philosophy and literature being his favorites. It was difficult to attain a degree because it meant having to stay in one place for a reasonably long period of time, but he did it anyway. He wanted to have proof; to see that piece of paper and know that he had worked for it, that he deserved it.

The necessary human contact disgruntled him. He found it hard to converse with people and not answer their thoughts but focus on the spoken words. The fact that those two things were often different made things only more annoying.

"Where do you want to go?" Edward asked Isabella.

"I'm not sure."

"We could travel for a while." He said

"You mean not have a home?" The thought seemed oddly alluring to her.

"Yes. We could store our possessions somewhere and only take with us that what is absolutely necessary." He looked into her red eyes and saw the excitement there. "It will be something different. Though I am not sure how I feel about not changing clothes once in a while." He frowned and Isabella snorted.

"You don't sweat, Edward." She grinned at her silly mate.

"I'm aware, but still;" He was slightly embarrassed.

"Alright then;" She declared. "we'll be nomads for a while until we find a nice new home."

Edward merely nodded and proceeded the place kisses all over her exposed neck and chest. Isabella let out an unhappy sigh, causing his head to snap up in confusion. He was certain she liked this.

"What's wrong?"

"I wanted to go out tonight." She sighed.


"There is a concert a few miles away, it looked interesting." They both knew they would not be going to this concert. Being in an enclosed space filled with humans was simply too hard for Isabella. She was not yet controlled enough.

"Soon, sweetheart." Edward said.

"It sucks." He smiled at how twenty-first century she sounded.

"I know, but it will get better; and you're doing great." It had taken him years to get her kind of control.

Isabella pouted and stayed quiet. It was times like these that reminded him of how young she was at the time of her transformation. Even disregarding the fact that she was frozen, she was still very young, and always would be. Some people would consider her a child. Yet in other times and cultures she could have been married with a couple of children by now. Age, as Edward had come to know, was very relative.

He had wondered though, if he should have changed Isabella at such a young age. She had not yet been fifteen. Her body nor her mind had fully grown. And yet he couldn't bring himself to regret doing it, even at times like these when she acted every bit like the angsty teenager she should be. He had had very little choice after all. His little angel was dying; and after becoming attached to her, he simply refused to let her go.

Part of him had felt strangely perverted, he was nearly three hundred years her senior after all. But, he had argued, he was only seventeen himself. In the end, his affection for her had driven any reluctance away.


The year was 2009 and Edward Masen wandered the streets during a cloudy afternoon. He was unsure as to where exactly he was but he couldn't bring himself to care.

The ever present loneliness and boredom had reached an all time high. Edward had come to realize that his existence was entirely futile. Pointless. There was simply no reason for him to walk this Earth. He couldn't even remember the last time he had a conversation with anyone.

He had never met any others of his kind, simply because he would always make a run for it when he heard inhuman thoughts. They rarely even knew he was there in the first place.

Edward knew surprisingly little about this immortal world he was part of. Sure, he had done some research, but it was mostly myth. Stupid, ridiculous myths that humans came up with either to make them feel safer or to juice it all up for novels of films. It had all been rather useless.

All that Edward did know about his kind was what he had learned himself: blood lust, speed, strength, red eyes, enhanced beauty, mind reading;

These were only a few of the changes that had occurred in him. Though he had come to the knowledge that the latter was not a part of the vampire canon. His ability to hear thoughts seemed to be wholly his. He was not sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Either way, Edward was miserable.

Around that same time, Isabella sat in a doctors office. Angela, her social worker sat next to her. They were anxiously awaiting Isabella's test results.

The girl had been feeling ill for a while. But being her ever brave self, she had kept it quiet. She never mentioned the headaches, the fatigue, the dizzy spells or the fact that she couldn't seem to keep any food down. Until she had fainted in the common room of her group home. The staff had been unable to wake her so an ambulance had been called.

Angela, having taken a special interest in the girl, had rushed to the hospital. She had been there when Isabella woke and forced her to tell the doctors every single one of her symptoms. With every word Isabella spoke, the doctor's frown deepened and Angela grew more and more anxious. They shared a look as Isabella told them she had been having trouble getting dressed in the morning. They were thinking the same thing. This is not good.

The doctor had admitted Isabella and arranged for her to have a private room. She was hooked up to an IV and several other things she would rather not be in contact with.

As she sat in the uncomfortable chair, wearing an even more uncomfortable hospital gown, Isabella became anxious. She did not like the way they were acting; as if she were about to die.

The thought startled her. Was she about to die? Isabella forced herself to really think about all the things her body had been telling her lately. She realized now that she had been in denial and that there was something seriously wrong with her.

The doctor sat in his leather chair on the other side of the desk and Angela took the girl's hand. As the doctor spoke, Isabella felt as though she had already knew. There was no surprise, no shock, no sadness; only acceptance.

"I'm very sorry; there's nothing we can do." The doctor finished. And he truly was sorry.

Angela wiped a tear and looked at Isabella who sat silently in her chair.

"How long?" The girl asked.

"Six weeks." Came the response.

Isabella nodded. "Thank you." She squeezed Angela's hand and left the office, wheeling the annoying pole that held the bags of fluids and medication they had been pumping into her. She walked out of the hospital and into the chilly October air. She didn't notice the boy until she walked into him.


Edward and Isabella packed their things quickly. They didn't have as many belongings as most humans. They split their things up in two categories. Some clothes and personal belongings they would take with them as well as things they would need in the human world like ID's. The remaining things like his piano, furniture, books, music, and of course his precious car, would go into storage.

They were in Oregon at the moment and had decided that they would head South and just see where they'd end up.

Edward and Isabella both grabbed one bag and locked the storage container.

They had dressed comfortably, knowing it would be a while before they could clean up again. Edward wore jeans – which was very OOC for him – combined with a snug fitting navy blue t-shirt. There was no need for a jacket since they would be staying out of the public eye. Edward looked down at himself and frowned, causing Isabella to giggle. She wore a pair of jeans that looked like they were painted onto her long legs with a red v-neck t-shirt and black converse. Isabella knew that Edward did not like to dress in jeans and a t-shirt. He was more of a slacks-and-button-down man or even a suit if he could get away with it. But Isabella didn't care. Her man looked good in anything; and even better in nothing.

Isabella slung the strap of her messenger bag over her shoulder and Edward did the same with the larger duffel bag. The bags were so light, they would not bother them at all while running.

They walked slowly to the nearest trees and flashed each other a grin before speeding off hand in hand.


"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Isabella exclaimed as she ran into someone. She noted that the someone must work out.

Edward looked down at the girl and smiled involuntary, his dark mood completely forgotten. "I apologize Miss;" He was very formal. "Are you alright?" He looked into her deep brown eyes and saw them widen. He realize a moment too late that his eyes were dark red and that the average human did not respond well to this. He averted his eyes as she openly stared at him.

Isabella had never seen such a beautiful boy before. He was very tall and had a nice build. His hair was a very bright, shiny copper; it was sort of messy but in a good way. He was extremely pale, though she could not be very judgmental in that area considering her own complexion. His facial features were those of an angel. She never expected to see such a face, apart from in Heaven perhaps. But it was his eyes that caught her attention. Not because of their dark red color, but because they held so much pain and sadness.

Isabella wanted to help the beautiful boy; to take his pain away and make him happy. She vowed that she would spend her last days on Earth taking his sorrow away.

Edward noticed the girl's ogling and used the distraction to look more closely at her. She was tiny; the top of her head just barely reached his shoulder. She was pale and had soft, delicate features; high wide cheekbones, a small nose and full lips. He noticed the shadows under her brown eyes. He looked at her attire now and knew that she was a patient in the hospital they stood in front of. She did not look healthy.

Just as Edward was about to ask her again if she was okay, Isabella started swaying on her legs. Edward caught her just before she hit the ground. Both were startled by the contact. Edward because he had not touched any human without feeding for centuries and Bella because the boy's cold body felt somehow comforting.

He place her on a bench near the hospital entrance. He noticed the various medications she was receiving and felt uncharacteristically worried for this little girl.

She had not taken her eyes off him once and it unnerved him. The thought almost made him laugh. The vampire was scared of the dying little human.

He asked her if he should take her inside but she declined.

"There is noting they can do for me in there." Edward was surprised by how pleasant her voice sounded and only now realized that this strange little creature didn't have thoughts. Well, not ones that he could hear.

Edward didn't speak. He was unable to think of something to say, yet he did not want to leave. He felt strangely comfortable in her presence.

Isabella shivered and Edward realized that she must be cold. He looked at her thin gown and wondered if humans needed more protection than that. A deep ingrained instinct to protect females had him shrugging out of his unnecessary jacket and carefully placing around her frail shoulders.

Isabella was glad the boy had sat beside her. She liked looking at him and just enjoyed his company, even if he didn't speak. She looked deeply into his eyes and blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"You're sad."

Edward looked at her, baffled. He realized she was right.

"Yes." His voice was low and deep.

"Why aren't you with your family?" Surely such a nice boy would have people who loved him.

"I don't have a family." He had no idea why he was telling this girl his sob story.

"Me either."

Edward looked up and saw the empty look on the girl's face.

"Where are they?" He asked softly.

"Dead." Her voice was bleak.

"Mine as well." He saw the labels on the IV and knew that she was very ill. Yet he did not pity the girl. He only felt a strange kinship. They were both broken and alone. For the first time in a long time, Edward found himself wanting something. He wanted her. He wanted to protect this odd little girl and make sure she was happy. In return he wanted her to make him happy.

"You are going to die." He whispered.

"Yes; soon."

Unthinkingly, he spoke. "Do you want to come with me?"


He shrugged. "Anywhere you want to go."

Edward got up and held out his hand for her. She stared at for a few seconds and took it.