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Chapter 11. Worth the pain.

Nothing could have prepared her for the feelings running through her. It was like her whole perspective on the world had been altered. She felt, saw and heard so much more. From the way sunlight was reflected through the glass to the smell of dust and brick that permeated the house. She could hear birds singing and cars zooming by in the distance along with the steady whooshing sound of air being filtered by lungs.

Edward. It seemed like out of all things, Edward had changed the most. No, that wasn't right; Edward hadn't changed, she just saw him differently. His hair seemed brighter, his skin paler and oh so smooth. The red in his eyes was a more vibrant shade than she had ever seen. His scent, which had always been pleasing to her, now smelled even sweeter and when he spoke her name, his voice sounded like honey and caramel if there was such a sound.

The red, red eyes looked at her with equal amounts of worry and excitement. The need to be closer to him was met the instant she thought about moving. Her body was faster now and seemed more responsive to her brain. She felt like there was nothing she couldn't do.

Edward let out a very undignified squeak when Isabella's arms wound around him and squeezed him tightly. Obviously she had no clue hew strong she was. He hid a wince and attempted to gently extricate himself from her.

"How are you feeling?" He asked when he had her at arm's length.

She briefly thought over his question. "Good." She decided. "I feel good." She said, just to hear her voice again. That too had changed. She ran her hands down her new body, finding curves that hadn't been there before. Edward followed the movement of her hands, seemingly mesmerized.

Encouraged by the look in his eyes, she relocated her exploration to him. She had never realized just how beautiful he was. He no longer felt unyielding and cold, now, he was pleasantly supple and his temperature was just right. Undeterred by his odd look, she tore off his shirt for more thorough inspection. His chest was nicely toned but bulky or overly muscular. She found that his abs were particularly sensitive. Wanting to see more of him but realizing that taking his pants off was not a good idea, she stood back and looked up at him.

"Done?" His lips were twitching with the effort not to smile.

"Yes." The burn in the back of her throat demanded attention. She was ready to start her new life. "I think I need to hunt."



Her thirst was barely sated. The blood had been warm and wet but the taste left a lot to be desired. Her throat burned for human blood even now. Looking down and away from her companions, she felt shame. Carlisle studied her like she was a particularly interesting experiment; Emmett just looked curious and strangely eager. Edward cautiously approached her. She had not yet risen from her crouch. Isabella twitched but did not look at his face.

Would it always be this difficult? Would she always want human blood? Even after draining a large animal? She knew the answer to that question and she did not like it one bit.

"Isabella." Edward whispered and reached out to her. "Come." He coaxed gently. She mindlessly did as he told.

Was it worth it? Could she really do this? The burn flared up again, not at all diminished or abated, despite her full stomach.

She gritted her teeth in frustration and looked up at Edward. He must have seen the huger in her eyes because his face creased with concern and anxiety. The pain in his eyes made her blink. Her own discomfort faded and she focused on him entirely. To her surprise, Isabella found it easier to ignore the thirst as long as she was suitably distracted.

The next day, Alice and Jasper accompanied them for another hunting trip. Isabella had to push down the slight resentment. She didn't mind that Edward had to go with her but now she actually had two babysitters. Again, she returned unsatisfied but like last time, she concentrated on Edward to get through the crippling burning in her throat. According to Carlisle; unlike human blood which quieted the burn for several days, animal blood never completely did that. She was told that she would get used to it. And even if she never did, the look on Edward's face when she first managed to talk to human without attacking him made it all worth it.