Opposite Teams for the Family

"YEAH!" Alice screamed in the living room. "Canada just won gold!" She came running into the kitchen, flinging her arms around my waist, making me nearly drop my popcorn.

I looked down at her, shocked. "Why are you happy that Canada won?"

She smiled. "Sidney Crosby."

I shook my head. "You know he does play for the Pittsburgh Penguins."


"So? What do you mean so?"

"He is from Canada. He is from the Maritimes."

"He still plays for the Penguins."

Alice stamped her foot, and turned away from me. "I don't care. He still won the game for Canada, and I am happy for him."

I sighed. "Okay, fine you can be happy that Crosby won the game." I grabbed her arm, and dragged her back to the living room to watch the post-game stuff. Together we sat on the couch, and stuffed our faces with popcorn.

After we finished the popcorn ,and I had reached over and put it on the coffee table, Alice leaned up against me with her head on my shoulder. I smiled and put an arm around her. A few minutes later, I realized that Alice had fallen asleep. I smiled, and gently moved my sister so she was laying down on the couch with her head leaning against my chest.


I looked down at my sister. "Yeah?"

"Sidney is still the best."