By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100-word drabble. Word: Shoulder. Dean has a pet or does he. Happy birthday drabbles.

Happy Birthday: Kiwiplasj who asked for drabbles where Dean gets a pet. She's looking for adorable fluff with twinges of humor. Anything from cute kittens to majestic dragons.

Disclaimer: Not the owner. Not, no way. Not, no how. Just not.

"Here, Baby." Dean clicked his tongue, patrolling Bobby's living room on all fours.

"Boy!" Bobby emerged from the kitchen. "'You lose your wits? Incase you hadn't noticed, the Impala's parked outside."

"Lost his guinea pig," Sam explained.

"Baby's gone!" Dean stood. "What the friggin' hell!"

"Dude, chill." Sam punched Dean's shoulder. "She probably got lonely and hooked up with a rat."

"Just help me find her!"

Sam followed Dean out the door.

Bobby smiled, pulling a plump, fur ball from his pocket. "Come on, Lola, Uncle Bobby will fix you a nice veggie salad whilst those two igits chase tail."