Title: Deserving Love
Author: gacktaddict1330
Genre: angst/romance
Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Ooc-ness that can be expected out of me by now.

Pairing: Sho/Kei
Summary: Kei's not feeding and Sho wants to know why. He finds a spot in the vampires' mind he didn't know existed

Notes: I was bored. What more needs to be said?.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!!!!!!!

"Kei why won't you feed?" Sho asked the prone figure by the window. When no answer cam he walked forward, kneeling beside the blonde.

"Please talk to me Kei."

"I don't deserve this." Was the simple answer. Sho looked into the vampires' moss coloured eyes and shivered; there was no life nor emotion visible. Just cold lifeless-ness.

"Kei you've got to be more specific." Sho pleaded, anything to get a response out of his partner.

"I don't deserve this life. This life with you is something none of my kind is to know. I'm blessed and I wish it were gone." Kei explained meeting Shos' warm ice coloured gaze.

"But Kei, you do deserve this life you carved for us. You've given me this life now you must share it with me." The much younger vampire said stubbornly.

"I could easily leave you. I could overpower you and leave." Kei threatened.

"Try it."

Within seconds Sho was pinned to the floor, the older man leaning over him. Raising up Sho licked the smaller mans' lips, shocking him.


"I love you. I want to spend this life with you." Sho explained. Kei starred at his much younger partner, love in his eyes.

"I love you too. I'll stay until I believe you are ready to go on without me."

"NO. it's until I decide I'm ready. If I allowed you to do things your way you would leave tomorrow. I won't have that. Not now, not ever." Sho snapped. Kei starred before sighing and laying down with the younger vampire still beneath him.



"My love is for forever, and eternity is not long enough to express it." Sho whispered. Kei smiled before his eyes slipped close.

Anyone ever notice all my oneshots and drabbles end with either sleeping or just waking up? xD