For You

Chapter One - Something More

Summary - All he needed was a little bit of love. He didn't realize that such a small gift would end up changing his life so drastically.

Dislaimer - Really? Must I? You know I don't own!

Warnings - boylove, swearing, cheating, hinted sex, Pedophelia, alcohol, smoking, lotsa good stuff.

Pairing - SaixAxel


Axel didn't realize he was looking for someone until he found him, huddled up next to the wall, just letting the music brush over him and the sights and smells absorb into his skin. Maybe it was the bright head of blue hair or the golden orbs that flashed in the dark that caught the redhead's attention, but by the time that he was moving across the dance floor, Axel was sure that he wanted to get to know this stranger. He noticed the 'X'-shaped scar on the man's nose as he neared and his interest peaked still higher.

"Hey there," he called above the beats that pounded around them. The blue-haired man gazed at him before forcing his eyes away, determined to say that the redhead was not talking to him. "Hey, babe, c'mon; look at me before you shoot me down." Once more, the blue-haired man gazed at the teen that was smirking up at him.

"You ... wouldn't be hollering at me, would you?"

Axel's smirk grew wider as he moved in closer to the man. "I am if you want me to be." How many times now had he managed to pick up a strange man at this club? It wasn't as though he was looking for something real. He just wanted someone to have some fun with. "Why don't we dance? C'mon, it'll be better than watching them all if you're the one having the fun."

Returning the smirk, the blue-haired man followed the teen, tentatively placing a hand on his hip while the redhead began to move to the beat. "Don't just stand there. Move. Dance. I don't want to be grinding against some lifeless hunk of flesh. Got it memorized?"

"How old are you, kid?" The words were hissed into the teen's ear and caused a shiver to run over his body. Despite the tone, Axel couldn't help but feel mildly insulted by the thought of this stranger thinking he was some wet-behind-the-ears punkass kid.

"Does it matter? I'm here, aren't I? That must mean that I'm old enough, right?"

"I don't trust you. If you were really eighteen, you wouldn't hesitate to tell me."

"C'mon, man. Don't ruin the mood. I'm just here to have fun. If you want me to, I'll go off and find someone more willing."

Axel heard the low groan that escaped the elder and his smirk was spreading ever further across his features. "Fine, kid. I'll let you get away with it for now, since you are obviously a fine catch."

"I'm glad you think of me as such."

"What's your name, kid?"

"Why, so that you can stop calling me kid?"

"Something like that."

"A-X-E-L. Axel. Commit it to memory. You might just be screaming it by the end of the night."

"Axel, eh? Something tells me you've been in this position before."

"Just a couple of times. So, big guy, I've told you my name. What do you go by?"

A soft chuckle hissed beside his ear and he pressed back into the touch. "My name? Saïx."

"Hmm, interesting. Sa-ïx. Commited."

The two danced for a while longer and Axel adored the feel of the heat rushing over his body. Saïx was still behind him, pressing their bodies together, making the teen moan lightly with the feeling of need prodding into his back.

"Hey, let's go get something to drink, 'kay?"

Axel gripped the elder man's hand, dragging him towards the bar and sidling onto a stool, pulling Saïx up next to him. "I'm going to guess that you're having some fun."

"A blast," Axel sighed happily, looking around for the bartender, a large grin on his lips. The excitement was contagious and soon Saïx was smirking at the teen as he searched for the man that would give him his drinks.

"You're too young for alcohol, aren't you?"

"Shh! No one has to know! I'm eighteen in six months! That's close enough."

Saïx stiffened, a chill visibly running over his body. Axel noticed this and turned to the elder man. "Everything okay?" The blue-haired man took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

"You're ... seventeen? You're a minor."

"Shh! Not so loud! I don't wanna be kicked out."

"And I don't want to go back to jail."

"Ooh, I've been partying with jailbait all night? Wicked. Too bad. I was really getting to like you, Saïx. You were starting to like me too, weren't you?"

Saïx turned away from the redhead, placing his elbows on the counter. "You've gotta be kidding me. A minor. Hell yeah, I've started to like ya, Axel."

"You ... remembered."


"Most of the dicks around here forget my name before the end of the first song. You remembered."

"Proof enough that you are hot?"

"Oh, I already knew that."

"Cocky to boot. What a winner you picked here, Saïx." Saïx buried his face in his hands before Axel moved closer to the man.

"Sorry to correct you, babe, but, technically, I picked you. Regret it?"

Saïx leaned into the feel of the younger, letting his eyes close. He could feel the erratic beating of the redhead's heart as he was pulled close to the teen's chest. With much self-restraint, Saïx forced himself to sit up straighter, no longer leaning on the boy.

"Sadly, I don't."

"Then why don't we get outta here. It's obvious the jerkwad doesn't feel like serving us right now."

"Sure, why not? It's not like I could get in trouble being seen with a minor."

"Good." Axel smirked, clearly hearing the sarcasm that laced the elder's voice, but choosing to ignore it. Gripping the man's hand, Axel pulled Saïx up from his seat, gliding over to the doors. "Hey, do you have a car? I got dropped off here."

"It's ... right over this way." Saïx felt a weird sense of anticipation bubbling up in his stomach. He opened the car door for the redhead, gaining a confused look from the younger. "Sorry for being so polite," he jeered, closing the door once the redhead was safely inside.

"Well, thanks. It's just ... most times when I get in with someone, they don't bother to even show me which car is theirs. All they want is to get in my pants."

"If it makes you feel any better, I don't need to get into your pants."

Axel faked a gasp as the elder put his car into reverse. "Oh no!" The redhead moved his hands up to his cheeks, mocking horror. "What are you planning on doing to me? You aren't going to kill such a sexy beast, are you?" In the semi-darkness that filled the car, Axel could see the smirk sliding onto the scarred man's features.

"Don't make me fall for you, Axel."

"From the looks of it, that's already happened."

"Are you always such a smooth-talker?"

"Only when someone catches my interest."

"I have it then?"

"Ooh, yeah. You're fine, Saï. I wanna see just how fine you are."

"So ... Then you ... You're the one that just wants in my pants?"

The duo were slipping through the city, the light from apartment buildings up above illuminating the two. Axel gazed with a puzzled expression at the driver, his eyebrows creasing in thought.

"That's not all you want, is it?"

"I want to get to know you better."

"That's different." Axel couldn't help the defeat that lined his voice as he turned to watch out through the window. He felt Saïx's hand move over to grip his bony knee and he couldn't help but shudder at the touch. It wasn't rough and needy like most of the men that he would encounter at the clubs. It held the prospect of being cared about. "How about we go back to my place, alright? Maybe you could get to know me better there."

"What, no first date?"

"The first date comes later."

A small squeeze of his knee and Axel felt his hopes soar. Maybe things could be different this time. "It's just down this street."


To Be Continued


I realized that it seems like a weird pairing, but, give it some time. I'm actually rather proud of this fic. :D And, yeah, in case you happen to be a regular, I think I'm giving up on the lyrics at the bottom because I am just too lazy. :D