For You

Chapter Eightteen - Epilogue - Homecoming

"I don't feel like leaving this place today." Roxas sprawled out on the floor, solidifying the point that he didn't feel like moving.

"So we're just gonna hang out here all day?" Axel inquired, looking betweem his best friends.

"Well, I'm not really allowed to go home."

"And I don't feel like moving much either."

The four teens were littered around Saïx's living room; Demyx drumming beats on his lover's stomach while leaning against the couch, Zexion laying in the blonde's lap, Axel with one leg dangling over the edge of the couch, half slipping off of the furniture.

It was a week since the trial and Axel had yet to hear from his lover. He began to wonder if Saïx had really gotten the okay to come home. The trio assured him that he had, but again he was almost doubting it. Roxas noticed the sad expression on his best friend's face and reached his hand out, brushing his fingers across Axel's until the redhead looked over at him.

"He'll come home, promise."

"It's been a week."

"Well, maybe that Ansem dude was a jerk and decided to keep him an extra week. Here, let's just watch a movie. That'll take your mind off of it."

Axel narrowed his eyes at the blonde in speculation. "Depends. Who gets to choose the movie?"

Roxas smirked, shaking his head. "You can, I suppose. Just nothing ... gross."

"What would be gross?"

"No blood and gore, thanks."

Axel smirked, shifting his body to fall off the couch lazily, crawling over his blonde best friend to the television, putting a disc into the machine. He couldn't help the shudder that ran over his body as he moved back to lean against the couch, stretching his legs out over the blonde's stomach. Demyx and Zexion moved over to watch the movie, sitting closer to the redhead.

Still remembering the first time he had watched the movie, trapped up inside the blue-haired man's embrace, Axel was able to slip away into the memory, imagining the elder was still there holding him close.

"Your jacket fits me big."

Roxas jumped when he heard his phone begin to ring and Axel paused the movie so that the blonde could answer.

"Hey Mom."

The blue-haired man on the other end of the line smirked. "I'm guessing that means that Axel's still with you."

"Yeah, the four of us are still at Saïx's place. Why?"

"I'm heading out now."

"Is it okay if I stay a little longer?"

"You said Zexion was there?" The blonde could hear the nervous tone in the blue-haired man's voice and he bit his lip.

"Yeah. Is that okay?"

A sigh that was unheard to everyone but the two on the phone. "Yeah, I suppose. I'll be there in about an hour."

"Okay, fine. If you insist."

"You're allowed to stay after that, you know."

"I know, I know. Okay, love you too."

A soft chuckle. "See you soon, Roxas."

"Bye, Mom." Roxas rolled his eyes, hanging up. Axel looked at him expectantly. "Oh, she was just wondering if I was coming home for supper." The redhead nodded, pressing the play button as the blonde laid back once more, giving an unnoticed thumbs-up to the smiling duo beside the oblivious redhead.

The hour passed slowly for the trio that was waiting for the reunion, but Axel was oblivious to the brewing excitement. Movie having ended a while ago, Axel was up in the kitchen, getting lunch ready for the teens. The sound of a car pulling up in the driveway didn't even affect him as he started stirring the noodles in a pot. He didn't even question when Roxas shot to the door.

"C'mon, hurry, before it isn't a surprise anymore. I'll go get your stuff. Just go!" Roxas was out the door, shoving the blue-haired man towards the house.


"Go! He's been waiting for so long. Don't keep him waiting any longer."

Saïx sighed, biting his lip before moving through the door. He took his shoes off, wondering when Axel would realize that there was someone behind him. The redhead felt a soft draft brushing by his feet and he turned to close the door that he assumed Roxas had left open on his mad dash for freedom. When he turned, his body froze, his jaw dropping, tears popping into his eyes. Saïx just stood there, smiling, wondering when the redhead would break from his trance and come running to him.

"Y-You're .. You're back."

"For you."

Axel couldn't contain his disbelief, amazement, or excitement any longer and found himself lunging at the blue-haired man, leaping into his awaiting arms. Pressing his nose into the crook of the elder's neck, he let the tears flow freely, ignoring the happy noises behind him when Zexion and Demyx came to watch the reunion. When his initial happiness had time to still, he moved away from the blue-haired man, allowing him into his own house. Then he stood with his arms crossed over his chest, glowering at his lover.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming home? I've been worried sick."

"I'm sorry, Axe. I know that you would have wanted to know, but, I wanted to surprise you."

"We've been planning this for a whole week, Axe! And you're much happier now than you would have been had you known he was coming." Demyx sighed happily, moving over to the stove to stir the pot, adding another box of noodles in to have enough for all five of them.

"You were all in on this?"

"Yup," Roxas groaned as he came through the door with two heavy bags in his arms. Saïx rushed forward, grabbing them away before the tiny teen collapsed beneath their weight.

"Was that really your mom calling earlier?"

Roxas smirked. "Not unless my mom got a sex change, dyed her hair, and was in jail."

Axel couldn't stay upset with the group of people around him as he helped Saïx bring the two bags to their room. When they got there, Saïx closed the door, moving towards the redhead. Axel stiffened when he felt hands on him, but quickly melted to the touch, turning in the embrace to capture Saïx's lips.

"I can't have you until tonight, though, Axe."

"Who cares? I've waited this long. I can wait until they all leave."


"And so you come here a lot?" Demyx asked loudly over the music. Axel smirked.

"I used to. Not anymore."

After lunch the group had just lounged around and Saïx had invited the trio to stay for supper. They now found themselves at Axel's favorite club. Roxas was the only one that didn't seem to be enjoying himself. Axel pulled him over to the wall for a moment, leaning down so that he could hear.

"What's the matter, kiddo?"

Roxas pouted. "I feel lonely."

"How the hell can you feel lonely? I can understand claustrophobic and horny, but, not lonely."

"Axe, look. You have Saïx. And Zexion and Demyx have each other. I've got nobody."

"Because you're stuck in a rut. Look." Axel pouted over to where a petite blonde girl was sitting, looking over in their direction.


"She's been staring at you the whole time."

"But ... She'd be, like, lesbian, wouldn't she? Because ... well, you know."

"Go talk to her. You never know. Most of the people here don't care, so long as they leave with someone."

Roxas shook his head. "No. I don't wanna be a whore."

"You don't have to be. Think, I met Saïx here."


"Just go see if she is into you. She's pretty, right? I'd bang her if she had a dick. Try her on for size."

"But, Axe-"

"No. Just go. If you want, I'll go see if she's into you and then you can make a few moves. But, I wouldn't suggest that. It would make you look like such a spineless kid."

Roxas huffed, pouting. "I don't want her."

"Why not?"

"She's not you!"

Axel sighed, placing his hand on the younger teen's shoulders, looking him in the eye. "Rox, listen, you've got to get over me, okay? I'm with Saï. I'm gonna be with Saï. You're my best friend and I do want you to be happy, but I'm happy now with Saï. I want you to try and open up to other people, okay? You were the one that has said for years that you aren't gay. I don't care if that was just a cover-up. That chick over there looks like she's really into you, she's hot, you're hot; you could even find yourself getting laid tonight. And if she doesn't turn your crank, try someone else. I can't be the only one. You'll find someone better. I know you will."

Roxas kept the pout on his lips and he was shaking. Axel leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together. "I'll still be here for you, bud. I'll catch you if you fall. But I want you to be happy with someone else, okay?"

The blonde sighed, forcing the tears that he wanted to shed away. "Okay. I'll ... I'll go talk to her. For you."

"That's the spirit."

"I love you, Axe."

"I know." Axel pulled the younger into a hug before pulling back. "Go get her."

Axel watched as Roxas moved towards the blonde girl and smiled when he sat down beside her. "What was that all about?" Saïx asked when Axel slid back into his embrace. Axel didn't respond as his body began moving to the beat.

The End

So Roxas got a happy ending too. :D I hope that you enjoyed it. :D And, I hope that it was only Dreamer that got confused with the phonecall.

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