A sukisyo fanfic

Sequel to Honesty

"Listen to me Fujimori-kun. Listen and believe my words." "I will not listen to you." I was thirteen years old when I started answering back to Aizawa. Of course I was punished for it but I didn't care. "You are weak. Do not think you can stand up to me. Now lets try to get you to face your fear again." I was always drowned but I wouldn't be disheartened because I believed in hope and happiness. I told myself not to cry or give up. Despite the demon manifesting inside of me. Much worse was going to happen in the future. Are you ready to hear my side of the story? There is happiness at the end. My story focuses on my pain, torture and the darkness that hid inside of me. All caused by one man Aizawa.

At the age of seventeen I met the love of my life Sora Hashiba. After danger occured which resulted in me being thrown out of a window no less. Sora was the one who picked me up off the ground. He has been my rock and I am forever grateful. We have had our shares of ups and downs. The thing with the window and Aizawa being locked up had far from ended. This is my story of how we overcame this. I'll start from when we found Sei Hashiba our adopted son. We found Sei abandoned on the streets. It hurt my heart to see the cruelty of people. Of course I insisted on taking him in. Nobody knew who he was, not even Sei did. It seemed his memories had been erased.

We decided to name him Sei. It was odd that he looked exactly like Sora. But we didn't dwell on it. I felt like this child was just like me in a way. But he soon blossomed into a smiling child. He learned how to say our names and how to talk properly. He made friends in Ren Shiina and Fuuta Kitamura. They were nice boys too. Shiina acted just like me. Sei acted a lot like Sora did when he blossomed. It was like they were related. Sei is now around 12 years old. He is getting into the teenage strop stage. As I had to grow up quickly I didn't really throw strops but I do get irritated at Sora sometimes. But other times Sora can be really sweet and I know he didn't really mean to hurt me back then. And that is all in the past.

Sora and I were living a normal life before that all happened. We were married and happy. I was so overjoyed when Sora proposed to me. I had never been so happy in my life. Our wedding was so beautiful. I had never cried so much tears of joy since then. Sei, Sora and I were a happy family. But then something unexpected came up and we all ended up having to rely on one another...