"Shh, shhh. You're ok, I got you, it's ok." over and over as his hands moved up and down her back, his face buried in her hair, quit words whispering across her ears. Jake just sat down where he was, pulling her down with him onto his lap, holding her tight, hands never stopping, whispers never stopping.

Her fingers scrabbled against his back, in his shirt, desperately trying to get a hold, a hold on something. Anything to keep her from losing it completely, from slipping off the edge, into the darkness. Although, how much worse could it really get? She didn't let herself even complete the thought. She knew, over and over again, that thought led to unpleasant surprises. It could always get worse.

Not, not, not thinking about that. Think about here, now, Jake. Jake. Warm. Safe. Sun.

She shuddered out one last gasping shaking sob and buried her head into the soft skin of his neck, breathing deeply, and rubbing her tears away.

"Hmmm, Jakeā€¦" her hands quieting, sliding instead of scrabbling, holding instead of clutching. Appreciation felt so much better than raw desperation. She needed him, and sometimes it frustrated her, infuriated her, but even if she resented the need, she always wanted him. Treasured his company. Her Jake. He always helped her put things back together when they fell to pieces.

She hummed in contentment, exhausted from her tears, and blissfully, peacefully empty, at least for this brief moment, letting herself relax against him.

"C'mon sleeping beauty, let's find somewhere a little more comfortable than the garage floor for naptime." She could hear the smirk, feel the twinkle in his eyes as the mood lightened.

She curled one lazy arm around his neck as he shifted his hold on her and stood up, walking them inside the house, into his room, and finally flopping down onto his bed. He wrangled a pillow under his head as she wiggled into his side snagging a corner of the blanket.

She drifted off to sleep as he let out a rumble of quiet contentment and hummed tunelessly, still stroking her back and smiling. Always smiling.