I sadly own nothing, other than my dear Claire, though even that is questionable. I got her name from Zooey Deschanel, her middle name being Claire.

"Mr. Bartlett, is it safe to assume you know why you're here?" Principle Nathan Gardner spoke to the boy sitting in the chair before him.

"I-" And before he could hardly speak a word, Mr. Gardner's secretary came in, rush with panic.

"Mr. Gardner, Mrs. Dagnon just quit!" The red-head spoke, urgently.

Mr. Gardner paused, "...What?"

"Allene Dagnon just quit, walked out of her class not ten minutes ago." Gardner looked from Charlie, to his secretary.


"Mrs. Dagnon is the art teacher, right?" Charlie asked, a certain hidden motive behind his words.

Gardner looked at him with suspicion, "Yes, why do you ask?"

Charlie crossed his legs, "My aunt, well she's not really my aunt she's just a good friend of my mother's, she just got back from studying art in Paris, I'm sure she'd be completely up for teaching the class."

Mr. Gardner was silent for a second, "Teaching degree?"

He nodded, "Yes, I'm sure she went to Brown."

"Great, get me her number and I'll call her later on today. All figured out, fantastic. Miss Jennings, get someone to watch the art class for the rest of today and hopefully we'll have a new teacher for tomorrow." Miss Jennings nodded and left quickly, he then turned to Charlie, "Now, on with you..."

Claire sat on the island in the kitchen; legs crossed, hands placed in her lap and her eyes closed, a serene look upon her face. Meditation. She sometimes hummed to keep her concentration and focus acute.

She suddenly heard heavy foot steps walking in on the tile floor.

"Good afternoon, Charlie."

"Hey, Aunt Claire. How was your day?"

Without opening her eyes, she began on explaining her day events.

"I woke up at around eight, walked to town and had about four cheeseburgers and two vanilla shakes. I bought a few new canvases, and some new paintbrushes. Walked back at around two and have be meditating since then. How about your day, Charlie, in public school now aren't you?" She opened one eyelid, glancing at him quickly before shutting it.

Charlie sat at a stool at the island, "Unfortunately. I got in trouble today for selling videos of my business partner, Murphy, beating the shit out of some kids. We even gave some proceeds to the kids though they still suspended me for three days."

Claire laughed quietly, "You always were a rebel with a cause."

Smiling, Charlie remembered something, "Oh, hey, the art teacher at my school quit today."

At this, Claire's eyes shot open, "Really?"

He nodded, "And I gave the principle your number, he said he'd call you in a bit concerning the details of the position."

Claire's smile got even brighter. She suddenly spoke in a warped New York accent with a motherly air about it, "Oh, bless ya dahlin', bless ya." She jumped off the counter and kissed his cheek, "What would I be without your cunning intellect and preparation?"

Laughing, Charlie shrugged, "Poor and lonely I purpose." Claire laughed, then she heard a ringing from her pocket. "Must be Principle Gardner now."

Claire pressed the call button, putting the phone up to her ear, "Hello?"

"Yes, hello, my name is Nathan Gardner and I'm calling concerning a position of the art teacher here at Western Summit High School."

"Yes, Charlie has informed me." She looked over at Charlie, who gave her a goofy smile and a thumbs up.

"If it is convenient for you, Mrs. Deschanel, you could run up to the high school and we can hold an interview, look over your transcripts, assume, the whole shebang. That is, if it is convenient and you are interested in the job."

"Oh, yes, very much so," glancing at the clock, it read three exact and she replied, "What do you say I meet you at the school around four or so?"

"Sounds great, Mrs. Deschanel, see you then."

"Thank you, sir, very much." Claire smiled a million dollar smile, she looked at Charlie, "I'm getting a job!"

Charlie hugged her, "Congratulations! See, what would you do without me?"

"I don't know, and I don't particularly want to know. I'm going to go wash up and you can show me off to the school. Thanks a million Charles."

After a forty-five minute shower, Claire printed out her resume and searched for proof of her degrees. Dressing in a pale blue and modest dress that was casual, though formal enough for an interview, she stepped outside, with her bag and purse in hand, she headed off to Western Summit High.