Chapter 1: Beginning

Cally's point of view

I woke up to my alarm clock. It was 6 am. Good, I had plenty of time. I started getting ready for my day. Today I could start actually going to school. I had been wanting to for a while, but my brother wouldn't let me, okay that was too funny, me actually listening/obeying my brother. Ha like that would ever happen. The only reason I wasn't starting before now is that I knew he was worried about me. I continued brushing my teeth, I looked at my watch casually. I frantically looked at it again '8:35' School started half an hour ago. I quickly rinsed my mouth, through myself together and practically ran out the doo…but not before "You are so DEAD when I get home! SO DEAD!" I yelled to my brother. He always pulls things like this.

I ran into the class room, the teacher did not seem surprised to see me.

"Ah," she said "You must be "Calli-"

"Yeah, you can call me Cally" I said quickly. Sure I was cutting her off, but come on you would have too. My full name's kind of long so means that I had already interrupted the class, I did not want to disturb them further by letting the teacher announce my full name. BTW my full name is Callisthenes Rosaria-well you get it it's pretty long. " Sorry I'm late" I said sincerely "My brother reset my alarm clock this morning." I was afraid she'd freak and accuse me of lying or something, I am way to used to that. She then surprised me by smiling. You heard me right smiling. She then said with the utmost sympathy

"I understand, I had a younger brother growing up." Like I care- well she's just being nice

"No-mine's older." Trying to tell her she was wrong without actually saying your wrong wasn't easy - for me. Honestly I hate it when people assume things

"Oh-"Her voice trailed off for a second, I could tell she felt awkward "well you can have a seat by Sophie piper." She gestured to an open desk by a girl with brown hair. I sat down where she gestured and 'Sophie' introduced herself as I sat down just when the recess bell rang. She was the only person I knew so I hung out with her we talked, and believe it or not we like instantly became bffs, just like that. She also invited me to come to her house after school, I eagerly agreed - maybe too eagerly - but she didn't seem to mind the eagerness, in fact she seemed kinda eager too. Her perkiness kinda shocked me at first, my house is usually kinda gloomy, I mean me and my sister are lively, I think, but my brother, I don't know, something to do with being 21 and already losing both of his parents leaving him 'in charge' of us . After Dad died any happiness or excuse for happiness that seemed to be there left. He seemed to be all about destruction, depression, and vengeance now. It bugged me a lot.

We walked up to what I presumed to be Sophie's house. And she Introduced me to her family. Now I saw where she got her perkiness from. Her family introduced themselves as "Gwen, Sophie's mother" "Aggie, Sophie's Grandmother" "Dylan, her brother" and "Marnie, her sister" It was then that I put the pieces together. 'These were the Cromwells, which meant Sophie my new best friend, was a Cromwell, and our friendship would be short lived because I am a Kalabar and my brother, Cal, will kill me! Unless… He doesn't know…he doesn't have to know.'

"Cally, you okay?" Sophie asked me

"Yeah I'm fine. Just spaced out that's all." I replied 'Wait what how will Sophie react when she finds out my Dad… well…she also doesn't need find out either'

"So, Cally, do your parents know where you are?" 'Gwen' asked me. I thought about the last time I had to actually tell my parents where I was. Believe it or not, I missed those days.

"Umm…it depends on how much you think the dead sees. My parents have been gone for over 6 years." I saw everyone look sympathetic. I knew she was just watching out for me but I really wanted her to drop it.

"I know how you feel." Sophie started. I highly doubted she actually knew how I felt. I hated it when people pretended that they knew how someone else felt. Did she lose a parent? "I lost my Dad when I was 4." Okay, so maybe she did know slightly how I felt. I gave her a slight smile.

"Well, who takes care of you then?" 'Gwen' asked me. I should learn what to address her by and I so wish she would just drop it.

"My older brother."

"Wait. The one who reset your alarm this morning?" Sophie asked. I smiled

"Yeah. He is way irresponsible, I am basically in charge of our household." This is true, I mean its' Cal. He can be a major jerk too but I didn't mention that.

"Aren't you 14" Sophie asked me as if she thought she knew the answer, but wasn't sure.

"Yeah, but that's just how it has been after dad died. I don't ask him for permission for anything he doesn't care. Can we change the subject?" I really didn't want to talk about it.

"Of course. Hey Cally want to come up to my room?" Sophie asked me. Finally I can get out of this conversation.

"Sure" I stated without too much enthusiasm.

"Well, does he know where you are?" So much for dropping it.

"He doesn't really care."

"I would feel more comfortable if you told him, okay." She just wouldn't drop it. I was about to come up with an other excuse when, practically on cue, Cal called on my cell phone. I told him earlier that we needed to get cell phones cause I was going to mortal school and I couldn't Exactly be seen talking to a mirror aka witch's glass.

"Hello" I said into the bottom piece of my phone. I was still getting use to not seeing the person I was talking to.

"Yo. Cally where you?" I heard him say on the other end

"I am at my friend's house, may I stay." I wasn't really asking cause I never listen to him. Mostly 'asking' for 'Gwen'

"Yeah like you have a frien-" I didn't let him finish.

"Yeah, Thanks, see you when I get home." I hung up. Immediately I got a mind message.

'Cally how dare you' Cal sent me through magical mind messaging

'Leave me alone or else' I replied 'or else' wasn't really anything, just something to get him to shut up, Sure enough he did.

Sophie's Point of View

Our teacher informed us we would be having a new student today, she would be sitting by me. I was pretty excited at first, that is before she didn't show up. Maybe she's not coming anymore, bummer, I was hoping that she was from out-of town and wouldn't know about the strange things yet. People around here tend to over react, so maybe my house has shrunk a few times, that doesn't mean there is supernatural stuff going on, okay, maybe there is, I mean I am a witch, but come on, it's not that big of deal. As I was saying, the new girl may not be coming, I mean who is half an hour late… Okay she is apparently half an hour late, here she comes rushing through the door.

"Ah, you must be Calli-" Our teacher tried to say, but new girl cut her off.

"Yeah, you can call me Cally." what's the difference. "Sorry, I'm late. My brother reset my alarm clock this morning." Bad idea missy, no excuse classroom, read the bulletin bored. Our teacher though, did the strangest thing, she smiled, actually smiled, I did not believe it, she never smiled.

"I completely understand," This lady understanding? That is unlikely. "I had a younger brother growing up." Maybe she did once have a life.

"Umm actually-mine's older."

"Oh-" awkward ""well you can have a seat by Sophie piper." She then gestured to the desk in front of me.

We started talking during class and recess and some how, just clicked. I invited her over and she immediately agreed, I didn't quite expect that and I have to warn my folks about mortal in the house, but other then that it was cool. I hope Grandma's not home, it's always hard having mortals over when she's there .

We got home and great, Grandma was there. I introduced Cally to them all. Mom said how Cally should call her parents so they knew where she was and said her parents were dead. Mom was saying how Cally must have a guardian, Cally said it was her brother, and they went back and forth with this. I tried to throw in a few things but mom ignored me, and Cally was glad to answer a different question. Surprisingly her brother actually called, and seemed to agree to let her be here. I wonder why she was making such a big deal about it in the first place, I wish my mom was that easy