I own nothing but Rio, Matt, Sky, Mary, Leo, Tree, Ash, Fang, Nyu, Fluffy, Snow, River, Sun, Leaf, Zoie, and the XWolves. This takes place ten years after the end of "A Dark Past Revealed".

Rio's POV:

"Rio! Time to get up!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs. Groaning, I rolled myself onto the floor, landing with a dull thud. Thank you misplaced clothing. "Rio, come on!" My mom yelled once more. "I'm coming!" I yelled out the door. Looking for some clean clothes, I almost tripped on something. Picking it uo, I saw that it was a pciture of me and Skycisk "Sky" the Hedgehog. Me and Sky were very close back then. Heh, we still are. She's my best friend, and the only one who'll really listen to me. Other than my parents, of course. If you're wondering, I'm Rio the Hedgehog. Only child of Dragonclaw "Dragon" Lake the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. My friends are Sky, then only child of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose the Hedgehog, Matthew the Hedge-Cat, son of Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat who is also my cousin, Leonidas "Leo" the Cat, oldest son of Ashfur "Ash" the Cat and Tree the Cat, and Mary the Echidna-Bat. I'm 15, Sky is 15, Matt's 15, Leo's 14, and Mary's the oldest of all five of us. She's 17. She said she stayed back so she could be with us. That didn't go too good with her parents.

"Rio, I swear to God. Get down here now!" Good old Dad. Never one to play around. I ran down the stairs, thanks to gaining my Mom's ablity to run so freaking fast. And I also got the power to turn myself into a dragon like she does. I looked at the clock... oh damn! It's almost 8! Crap!

"Gotta go! Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" I said running out the door. Okay, I know you're thinking I can just get to school by running or by using my wings, but A) the city now has speed limts for every creature that can run at sonic speed and B) I got grounded from flying because I almost made a plane crash. I ran as fast as I was allowed and in 3 minutes, I was at school. Ah, good old Station Square High. Crappy, but it's a good school.

"Hey! Rio!" I heard behind me. I turned around to find Sky looking at me. Smiling at her, I motioned for her to join me. "So, what's the news?" She asked. "The News" is just something me and my friends labeled what goes on in our lives. "Well, I slept in till almost eight." I said. She gave me a weird look then burst into laughter. Joining her, I almost cried. Almost.

"Yo! Don't leave me behind!" I heard Matt yell at us. Turning around, I saw the lilac-furred half hedgehog half cat running towards us. "Then why don't you call, ya idoit?" I yelled at him. Skidding to a stop, Matt glared at me. "Shut up! Mom took away my phone!" He muttered. Chuckling, I looked at my cousin. He has his dad's quills, chest fur and eyes, and everything else he got from his mom, such as the feline tail and his fur color. He trained his blue eyes on something me and Sky couldn't see.

"Is it your girlfriend, Matt?" Sky teased. Once more the two of us fell into uncontrolable laughter. See, Mary and Matt like each other. A lot more than friends. Catch my drift? Matt picked up a rock at threw it at me. It hit. I'm gonna have a bruise later. "What was that for?! We were kidding!" I yelled. To be honest, no one at school gives a flying crap about when me and my cousin argue. It happens, I think every other day. They normally last until lunch. I lunged at him, tackling him to the ground in an instant. Throwing me off him, Matt stood up at used his powers to pick up a pretty big rock and throw it at me.

"Hey hey hey! Knock it off!" I knew that voice! It was my aunt, Snow. Next to her was my other aunt, Leaf. "Aunt Snow, Aunt Leaf! What are you guys doing here?" Matt said dropping the rock. "We stopped by for a visit." Aunt Leaf said. Using her powers, Aunt Leaf brought up a root from a tree and lowered her self and Aunt Snow down to the ground. "Hey Snow! Hi Leaf!" Sky said. I ran up to them and hugged them. I don't get to see them that much. Me and Matt have an excuse! Unlike that plane thing.

"Hey!" We all saw a small dark grey lightish brownish cat running towards us. This was Leo. The only son of Ash and Tree. He has a new baby sister on the way. On his left (Leo's left) was Mary. She was carrying some kind a gem or emerald. It... was a Chaos Emerald! The red one to be exact. "Mary, your dad let you bring that to school?" I asked her. "No." "Your mom?" Matt asked. "Nu uh." She said. "She stole it." Leo said.

"We gotta go kids!" Aunt Leaf said. "But why?" Me and Matt whined. "Well, your grandparents need help around their house. We have to help them." Aunt Snow said before using her powers to lift Aunt Leaf and Her self into the air and away from us. Just after they left our eyesight, the bell rang. "Well guys, looks like another school day." Matt said.

"Well," I said, flashing a smirk. "Let's make the best outta today as possible!" With cheers of agreement from my friends, we ran into the school. Matt and Mary went to their homeroom, and me, Sky, and Leo went to ours. I have all my friends in all my classes. Thank God, or I might have gone insane. Me and Sky sit next to each other in homeroom, period 2, period 5, and period 7. Sucks, too, because I kinda like her. But that's a secret, so don't tell her!

It's gonna be another boring old school day. Oh well. At least my home life is way more exciting!

I just made this because.... well I wanted a story with all my OC children, showing us their home lives and school lives. I just really wanted to do this. Please don't hate me for working on aanything else. Please R&R! Also, I know the title's crappy! Don't judge a book by it's cover!