NOTE: This is just a quick fic for Fuji Syusuke's birthday. I do not own any of these characters. Enjoy.

Icing on the Cake

"Happy birthday!"

Fuji Syusuke stared at the group of Seigaku tennis players. Blinking a few times, he turned and walked towards the door.

"Ah! Wait, Fuji-senpai, where are you going?" Momoshiro grabbed onto his arm. "You can't leave your own birthday party."

"Today isn't my birthday," Fuji pulled himself and pulled out his cell phone. Placing it in Momoshiro's face, he pointed to the date. "It's the 28th; my birthday doesn't come this year."

"You can still celebrate."

"If he leaves, that means more cake for us," Ryoma stuck his finger into the creamy icing and licked it off. "It's sweet."

Eiji smacked Ryoma's hand. "That isn't for you! Come on, Fuji, at least have a piece of cake!"

"No," Fuji crossed his arm as he saw Ryoma go for the cake again. He couldn't help but giggle at his childish act. "Echizen seems to be fine if he has the cake to himself anyways."

"Ochibi!" Eiji whined when he looked to see Ryoma once again licking the icing off his fingers. "No one's going to want to eat it after you've touched it so much."

Fuji continued to watch Ryoma try to use his tongue to make his fingers no longer sticky. The way he did so made Fuji not be able to look away.

"Hey, Echizen," Momoshiro placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. "Keep doing that; it's keeping Fuji-senpai from leaving."

"My fingers are just sticky," Ryoma sighed.

"I'm going," Fuji focused his attention on the floor.

"At least take your cake," Eiji, tripping over his own feet, rose the cake up and somehow managed to shove it right into Fuji's face. Regaining his balance, he pulled the plate away and laughed at the sight.

Ryoma moved towards the older boy and wiped his against Fuji's cheek. Placing his finger in his mouth, he smiled. "Still sweet."

"Echizen," taking his hand, Fuji took the cake from his face and flung it at Ryoma. Ryoma grabbed for the bowl of potato chips that rested on the table. Picking some up, he threw them at Fuji. Within seconds, everyone was tossing food all around.

"Should we try to stop them?" Oishi questioned as he backed himself towards the wall.

"No; let them have their fun. After all, this is Fuji's birthday party," Tezuka avoided the food fight by keeping himself in the back corner.

Even though his birthday doesn't come every year like most people's, it doesn't mean Fuji Syusuke shouldn't enjoy himself on the day closest to his birthday.

NOTE: My writing skills are horrible right now. I just really wanted to write Fuji a quick birthday fic (even though his actually date of birth doesn't come around this year). I had no idea what to write, but I forced myself to sit down and type this.

Thank you for reading~!