A Series of O/S for the Fate/Love/Hope Trilogy

***This is an outtake from Fate Has Brought Us Here, the first story in my Fate/Love/ Hope Trilogy. It takes place right after chapter six. Please read Fate Has Brought Us Here (chapters 1-6), so this will make sense. Thanks!

***I can't seem to let go of the Trilogy, so I'm hoping by writing a series of o/s my itch will get scratched. Thanks to all of you who still continue to PM and review asking me to write a fourth installment.

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Bella's birthday weekend was amazing. I couldn't believe how close we had become in just two short days. She was so comfortable around me, and she seemed extremely relaxed in my home. I was happy, because I didn't want her to be a guest here. I wanted her to feel like this house was hers, and I hoped that someday, very soon, it would be. I knew I was getting ahead of myself, but I had been around a long time, long enough to know that what I was experiencing with Bella was special.

Bella came down the steps with her bag and smiled at me, but I noticed she wasn't as excited and happy as she had been all weekend. Something had changed. I hoped that I didn't push her too far last night, when we shared that intimate moment in my bedroom. I couldn't keep my hands off her, and I wanted to show her how much I wanted her. She needed to be valued and appreciated, and I wanted to do that for her.

"Bella?" I said, as I walked to her and took the bag from her shoulder. I placed it on the foyer floor. "Is everything okay?"

"Yes," she said. "I'm fine. I had such an incredible birthday. Thank you, Jasper, for doing this for me."

She was saying the words, but waves of disappointment were rolling off her. Had I forgotten something? Did I not make her birthday special enough?

I took her by the hand, leading her into the living room, and pulled her onto my lap as I sat on the couch. "Bella," I said, as I gently kissed her lips. "I can't turn my gift off, so that means I can feel everything you're feeling."

"I know," she smiled. "I had a wonderful time."

"I know that, but you're also disappointed. I know that my being an empath can be a burden for not just me, but for those around me as well. I'll do my best not to pry, but I'm just curious as to why you are so down. I really did try to make your birthday special, but you had so many rules on what I could and couldn't do."

She smiled. "Jasper, it was perfect. I haven't been this happy in years. I had the most amazing time with you this weekend, and if you're picking up disappointment from me, it's because I don't want it to end. I've been lonely for so long and …" she put her head down and I felt her embarrassment.

"You don't want to be separated from me," I finished for her.

She shook her head. "I know this is moving fast, and I don't expect you to want to be with me all the time, but I'm hoping that you'll still be around."

"You silly girl," I said, as I tilted her chin to look at me. "Do you think that I can be away from you, after what we experienced this weekend?"

She blushed.

"I don't just mean the physical connection. I'm becoming rather attached to you, emotionally. I've shared things with you in these past couple of weeks that I could never have told anyone else. I'm trying not to push you, Bella, but you're all I'll ever need."

She looked up at me and I felt her surprise over my words. I wanted to tell her that I needed her twenty four hours a day, and I wanted her to leave that little apartment of hers, and move in with me, but I didn't want to overwhelm her. She was already having a hard time believing that I needed and wanted her. I certainly had my work cut out for me, and I had my brother to thank for that.

"I'm feeling things for you that I never thought I could. I've been numb for so long, and ever since," she took a deep breath, and I felt her anxiety begin to creep up on her. She was thinking about Edward and the way he left her. She couldn't trust her feelings and that made me sad.

"You don't have to say his name. You just have to believe that I'm not him, and I won't hurt you. Things are moving fast, but I can feel what you are feeling for me. We don't have to discuss it until you're ready, but I will tell you that I reciprocate everything you are feeling and more."

I took her face between my hands and slowly kissed her trembling lips. The tears started to flow down her cheeks, but I didn't manipulate her emotions; she needed to feel this.

"Darlin," I smiled, as I slowly leaned in and kissed away those tears. "Do you understand that I'm not leaving you?"

She nodded in response and let out a huge sigh. I almost felt the weight being lifted from her shoulders. I knew she wanted to trust me, trust us, and I would do everything in my power to make sure she felt just how much I needed her. The 'I love you' was right at the tip of my tongue, but it wasn't the right time. She needed to trust me first.

She pressed her lips to mine and slowly opened her mouth. I took the invitation and deepened the kiss; I would never tire of her taste or the way her lips felt against mine. She was perfect for me and I wanted her with me always.

I ran my fingers through her long hair and pulled her closer to my body. The little noises she was making were driving me crazy, and I knew I had to stop this before I took it any further. As much as I wanted her, she wasn't ready.

I pulled away from her lips and she sighed in frustration. She placed her lips back on mine and picked up where we left off. I laughed into her mouth as I took her face in my hands, and pulled back to look in her eyes.

"I have something for you," I said.

She smirked and I felt her desire for me spike.

I shook my head and laughed. "Awfully feisty today, aren't you?"

"You make me feel this way," she smiled.

Soon, my gorgeous girl, very soon...

I lifted her off my lap and placed her on the couch. "I'll be right back," I said, and took off to my study. I was back with what I needed in seconds.

She laughed. "I'll never get used to vampire speed."

I sat down next to her and handed her the old hardback book I was holding.

She looked at me and I felt her confusion.

"This is my original copy of Gone with the Wind. Since the Civil War is what brought us together here in Alaska, I wanted you to have it."

She took the ancient, fragile book from my hands, and I felt her confusion slowly turn into realization. "When you say original?"

"Yes," I laughed. "I bought this in 1936, when it was first published." I was offering her a piece of my past, and I knew she understood. "It will probably fall apart, since I don't really read from it that often anymore."

"Jasper? This must mean a great deal to you, if you've kept it all these years. I can't accept it," she looked down at it, as she chewed on her bottom lip.

"I don't have much from my past, actually there is a great deal that I'd like to forget, but I did keep a few things, and I really want you to have this. I thought we could read from it at night, when I come to your apartment during the week."

She smiled. "I'd love to have this. I want any part of you that you want to give me."

"I want you to have all of me, darlin'," I kissed her soft, warm lips and knew I was creating my future.

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